49 Up

49 Up

49 Up is the seventh film in a series of landmark documentaries that began 42 years ago when UK-based Granada's World in Action team, inspired by the Jesuit maxim "Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man," interviewed a diverse group of seven-year-old children from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Michael Apted, a researcher for the original film, has returned to interview the "children" every seven years since, at ages 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and now again at age 49.In this latest chapter, more life-changing decisions are revealed, more shocking announcements made and more of the original group take part than ever before, speaking out on a variety of subjects including love, marriage, career, class and prejudice.

In 1964, to explore the adage "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man," World in Action filmed seven-year-olds. Every seven years, Michael Apted visits them. At 49, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah T (kr) wrote: the women in this movie have had way too much plastic surgery. and the acting is subpar at best.

bill s (ag) wrote: Great looking dinosaurs but that's it in this FF clunker.

Nataa L (ru) wrote: "Three Times" is a visual masterpiece, even though I fell asleep numerous times (more than three times as a matter of fact). There are some truly innovative cool things in there that I have never seen before. I just wished that I did not have to restart watching it over and over more than three times.

Jon L (fr) wrote: i forgot all about this.... fuck you usher.

Michael T (es) wrote: Glossy, big-budget French thriller, done in the Hollywood style; entertaining, for what it's worth.

Will D (gb) wrote: Good-hearted and amusing toilet humour, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Usman A (it) wrote: This movie is amazing, I don't understand why it has a 56% on here. The plot is very good, so is casting, and so is the ambient music. The movie ranges from very serious scenes, to more comedic scenes, and even romantic scenes. Although these things are expected from a Bollywood movie, this was an instant classic. Additionally it was rated as a good movie by my father, which is very very rare.

Peder S (it) wrote: It had potential to be a solid cult classic film, but Tonya Roberts in the lead was just painful to watch, she couldn't act all, the supporting cast was decent, especially the camera man, but they couldn't overcome the lead.

Tim R (it) wrote: A wicked deconsrution of the upper class and their penchant for empty venality. Funny, disturbing, nasty, filmed with the jaundice eye of a true cynic.Not to be missed by Bunuel fans...

Larry C (it) wrote: I waited literally 41 years for this movie. It is very disappointing. It is one of my favorite books which I have completed 4 times.

Ola G (us) wrote: A Spanish journalist, Roberto Torres (Dougray Scott), is trying to mend his relation with his dying father, Manolo Torres (Wes Bentley), who took part in the Spanish Civil War. Roberto discovers through his investigations that his father was a close childhood friend of Josemara Escriv (Charlie Cox), a candidate for sainthood, with whom he had a complicated relationship. Manolo became a soldier during the Spanish Civil War and became obsessed with a beautiful Hungarian revolutionary, Ildiko (Olga Kurylenko). She rejected him and gave herself to a brave militia leader named Oriol. Manolo became jealous and took a path of betrayal which he has suffered from his whole life. This event ultimately reveals the importance and timeless power of forgiveness for Manolo...Roland Joffs "There Be Dragons" explores themes such as betrayal, forgiveness, friendship, and finding the meaning of life in everyday life during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. "Reconciliation matters" is the main take away message that Joffe expects from the viewers. Life, he said, is an opportunity to love: "It's a choice, and in making that decision you become free. You do not become free when you hate. The weird thing is when you really love, you feel it like a breath of freedom, you think 'Oh my God, I've chosen this, and it's beautiful'." He emphasized that Christianity is about love and the teaching of St. Josemaria "encourages a spiritual relationship with God in 'very simple things', in cooking a meal, being with one's family, or even having a fight." Joff states that this is "a film about what it means to be a saint in this day and age." The title refers to its theme exploring the unknown territories of hatred, guilt, and forgiveness, said the producer Ignacio G. Sancha. "There be dragons" is a shorter version of the phrase "here there be dragons" from the Latin hic sunt dracones, an ancient way of denoting in maps a place where there is danger, or an unknown place, a place to be explored. Roland Joff has given us the fantastic "The Mission" and the equally great "The Killing Fields", and therefore it pains me to see this overdramatised and theatrically overacted piece of film from the same man. With a great backdrop of the horrific Spanish Civil War, Joff manages to transform "There Be Dragons" to an almost comiclike mish mash with sloppy direction and sloppy acting despite the fact that he obviously had a great budget. Sometimes you almost believe the movie has been dubbed as well... With an estimated budget of $36,000,000, during its opening weekend the film collected $705,537 at the US box office, compared to $1,251,124 in Spain, the film is considered a box office flop. Critics generally praised the film's production values but panned Joff's screenplay and direction. I disliked this movie from scene one and nothing came to its rescue during the running time. I would love to see a proper historical movie in spanish focused on the Spanish Civil War.

Randy Y (ca) wrote: Very good comedy that stands the test of time. Murphy & Acroyd flawlessly carry the movie.

Justin B (de) wrote: An uncomfortable mix of over the-the-top violence and twee romance; all stitched together with unnecessary Jason Bourne bad guy exposition. Unfortunately miss-marketed as another Pineapple Express. If anything; this has the rare likeable performances of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart; not only that, they're chemistry together is remarkable.