5 Branded Women

5 Branded Women

Yugoslav partisans grimly crop the hair of a village quintet of women believed to have consorted with the occupational Nazis. Four, for various reasons, have indeed - and their seducer is a lone, swaggering sergeant whom the partisans briskly emasculate. Escorted out of town by the sheepish Nazis, the forlorn ladies link up, patriotically and romantically, with a band of tough mountain guerrillas. Written by alfiehitchie

Yugoslav partisans grimly crop the hair of a village quintet of women believed to have consorted with the occupational Nazis. Four, for various reasons, have indeed - and their seducer is a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric S (jp) wrote: It's taken me a long time to sit down and watch. But I'm glad I finally did. It's just horrible.

Kyle J (us) wrote: A very interesting dark tale of a father and his relationship with his daughter.

Joseph W (gb) wrote: I did not know what to expect before watching this film, but I was pleasantly surprised by it! Such an amazing story that went very deep in the events of the civil rights movement. It was upsetting, but I enjoyed it overall! Perfect casting choices as well.

Michael N (mx) wrote: Cringeworthy but with a few terrific moments and some great performances. I think the problem is mostly with the direction. It's as flat as can be.

Mike N (nl) wrote: I hate being negative, but this just was not good.

Gabe C (au) wrote: Why did I watch this?

Walter M (jp) wrote: "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai Du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" takes place over the course of three days in the life of Jeanne Dielman(Delphine Seyrig), a middle-aged widow who spends her days cleaning, cooking, running errands and having sex with men for money in her apartment. She welcomes him, takes his coat and hat and they go into her bedroom. Sometime later, they emerge without a hair out of place and money is exchanged. Such is the routine(she also looks after a neighbor's baby from time to time)that she has followed for so long that that the days blur into each other. Her teenaged son Sylvain(Jan Decorte) asks if it is Tuesday. No, Wednesday. She gives some thought to making her life more interesting, but only in regards to dinner. So, that's not why she has sex with the men. She badly needs the money since her and her son had to move to a smaller apartment when her husband died six years ago. But with the second man(Jacques Doniol-Valcroze), she puts on makeup before hand and her hair is a mess afterwards when she is unusually flustered. "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai Du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" is not a riveting movie in the conventional sense. The editing certainly helps with the pacing, as my attention only wandered a couple of times(mostly during the morning scenes) and I am glad I did not watch this in a theatre. The directorial style is observational of details, with no closeups in close quarters by a stationary camera, of a woman who spends her life caring for others, doing nothing for herself(she does not turn on the radio during the day) and having little conversation with others. When the Allies liberated Belgium in World War II, the women were not liberated themselves, this compelling character portrait being the result.

Brenda S (it) wrote: A charming romantic comedy with a bit of magic. Love every second of it.

Gregory W (au) wrote: brings the funny if u like slap stick

Watts Up M (nl) wrote: This movies shows that the series didnt die after Seed Of Chucky. Curse Of Chucky is a big step up from the last two movies!

Tim F (fr) wrote: 20 minute rule-watched it for 20 minutes and it was not worth continuing.

Maximiliano D (fr) wrote: A great American crime film. It takes the true story of the infamous Zodiac Killer and creates a narrative around it. The film's three part storytelling was both suspenseful and dynamic. The entire cast gave a great effort and made the experience all the more enjoyable. David Fincher's style was slightly tweaked to fit the time period, but it still is very much his film.

Luke H (ru) wrote: Watch the Dirty Harry Movies, all are much better than this.