5 Rifles

5 Rifles

Film starring Rakesh Khanna, Rajesh Khanna and Ambika Johar

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Scott N (br) wrote: Best Bigfoot movie I've seen yet. It is fun and it does entertain with a good story. That being said, like pretty much every horror movie, the characters act completely irrational at times. For some reason they do things that make bad situations worse. I will never understand why writers do that. I have a shotgun with a handful of shells. Hmmm..... Let's fire all of them into the air so I have nothing left to defend myself with....SERIOUSLY?????????....REALLY??????

Russ V (br) wrote: Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe is a pretty solid TV movie, that while it does not compare to the brilliance of the show, is definitely worth a watch for Burn Notice fans (and Bruce Campbell fans).

Joshua L (au) wrote: the acting is so0o0o0o0o bad

Patrick K (ca) wrote: This is a film that has been ripped for years since its release which put me off but its actually a really nice and grown up Kevin Smith film as Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck) is at the top of his game. A Manhattan music publicist Ollie has just married the love of his life and has a child on the way. It's a perfect life that is tragically upended when he suddenly finds himself a single father unqualified for his new role. Before long Ollie's big city lifestyle clashes head on with fatherhood. After losing his job, he's forced to move back in with his father in the New Jersey suburb where he was raised. With the help of a beautiful young friend who opens him up to love again and a daughter who gives him the courage to keep going he begins to realize that sometimes you have to forget about what you thought you were and just accept who you are.

Chris T (au) wrote: Damian Lau must be one of the most underrated actors in Hong Kong Cinema. His performance is so perfect; I can't believe how underrated this movie is.

Kyle A (kr) wrote: In this film, Mink Stole steps out of Divine's shadow and glistens like the star she is. It also gave John Waters the benefit of showing he wasn't dependent on having Divine in a film, for the first time.Mink Stole should've been the lead role of more dark comedic films, but unfortunately this work of cinematic "trash" (meant in the best possible way!) stands alone.I love this movie, and show it to people who aren't quite ready for something as obscene as Pink Flamingos, but still want to see John Waters at his best.

Ian E (kr) wrote: "Ali" does not delve deep or incisive enough into the life of its title character like it should, but it benefits from Will Smith's impressive performance where he excels at his role naturally and charismatic.

Mad M (ru) wrote: The black stain on the Rocky series. Worst film by far. Morrison came nowhere close to filling Stallone's shoes and took up too much screen time.