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50-50 torrent reviews

Naadhira A (ag) wrote: Really interesting portrayal of Portugese culture in Goa and the role of tourist

Paul D (us) wrote: It's never a fully convincing make-up job to convince you that none of the characters would twig Albert is a women, but at the same time Glen Close does a really good job with the character and it's much more about the trials and tribulations of survival and the psychological effects of the situation that are coming to the fore.

James T (de) wrote: a really good document about a great film

Cris S (us) wrote: this should be rotten 0%....is all i could say

Ratih A (br) wrote: This is the kind of movie that is so simple in story, great performance, and fun. But needs more story and character development.

Eloy G (gb) wrote: This isn't a new movie. Came out years ago.

Hamed K (gb) wrote: Nauseating, the weakest dance movie I've ever seen

Lisa K (gb) wrote: Another example of fine french cinema. Great acting, witty dialogue, alot of fun:)

Robert I (us) wrote: I really like Steven Seagal against my better judgment, but this film came after his peak with "Exit Wounds" and it shows. He's overweight and the film is just badly written and directed. Nonetheless, got an evening to kill? Bring it on.

Jimbo F (au) wrote: Just finished watching this again on netflix. And let me tell you this. Where as this is not the Godfather, I would put this up against any other Mafia movie like Goodfellas out there. Fantastic.

Sebastin M (ca) wrote: just brilliant. In every way.

Khaled M (es) wrote: Strange film about gods, mother earth, son of earth, disembowelment with weird visualizes.

Matthew V (br) wrote: A comedy about two criminals who go the straight and narrow path by pulling off one more heist only to be cornered in the one place they never expected-a convent. The film is full of laughs and hilarious gags. Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane are hilarious and completely outragous all the while donning not just one costume but three. There aren't any confusing plot twists or turns. Instead it keeps it simple yet all the while keeping the viewer interested in finding out what happens next. Combine that with the witty and quick dialogue and you have a small yet extremely satisfying comedy.

Jon E (nl) wrote: This feature is Ralph Bakshi's masterpiece.Coonskin is a sort-of Goodfellas meets Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss Song.It's the sort of film that demonstrates that black people are as capable of forming a fascist movement the same way as whites are.I'd recommend this movie (if you're 18+ that is)

Donna A (ag) wrote: It was okay, but the book was better. Patty Duke tends to overact, but that may have been intentional for the character. Too bad Sharon Tate's career was cut short; she was a breath of fresh air in this movie. Not bad. Not great.

Bruce B (gb) wrote: Another film from the weird cinema collection and this one is actually pretty good. About some gangsters getting out of prison back in the forties and a millionaire has put out a bounty on Hitler's head, one million dollars which the 3 gangsters tend to collect. Made during war time to build up the sprit back home, lots of war propaganda, good story line. Worth 3 1/2 stars

Shawn S (de) wrote: The slow buildup of tension as the paranormal activity increases in intensity is excellent. Katie Featherston is pretty good too.

Scott M (nl) wrote: "Our god is an Indian, who turns into a werewolf."