Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.

Film is a sad story about the illness but told in the style of humor. It is about a young man and sad changes in his life tbecause of cancer. His extraordinary energy to live is a meaningful lesson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


50/50 torrent reviews

Vasco M (jp) wrote: While Brainiac is done some justice in this movie, it is so full of illogical and fallacious stunts and events that it bogs the film down to a joke.

Brad S (ru) wrote: The thing I find most interesting about this movie is the reviews. In a fairly universal chorus Errol Morris is described as a master documentarian (which is true) who is stuck with an elusive and crafty primary subject in Donald Rumsfeld (which also happens to true). The films reviewers go to great lengths to praise Morris but are not as friendly with Rumsfeld. They describe Rumsfeld as unrepentant, a sociopath, soulless, etc., etc. So the reviewers kind of expose their own agenda - they're clearly looking for tears, sorrow, and ultimately an apology. Anything short of Rumsfeld begging for his life is a failure. I'm sure I would agree with most of the critics that Iraq war was a colossal failure - both morally and strategically. But here's the news flash - Donald Rumsfeld doesn't agree. One should never forget Rumsfeld's underlying premiss (a premiss that Morris didn't to a great job of addressing) and that is that the Iraq war was justified. Any means necessary to unseat Saddam is acceptable. Anything that happens after that is colleratal damage to Rumsfeld. He would say "sure there was torture, sure there where mistakes, but that's the cost of war. War is unpredictable, but at the end of the day Saddam is gone and Iraq was freed" Debating Rumsfeld on points of torture, solider misconduct is pointless - he's starting from a different place than the rest of us. So while I disagree with him profoundly I'm not sure he's a sociopath. The documentary shouldn't be watched to get an apology - you won't get one. But if you're curious about the man it's quite insightful.

Marta R (fr) wrote: I would hate to live like this... again, eye-opening to see how other cultures are...

Cliff H (jp) wrote: Clearly staged scenes aside,pondering on how they accomplished such stark realism throughout is something that makes this film worth watching. Harmony Korine probably had a boner watching this.

Maria V (ca) wrote: sad it's based on true events the life of some human being in manipulation. mass up life. sad dead.

Christopher B (es) wrote: A pretty good first half meanders off till all there's left is to tie up a couple of loose strings and end it quickly. Excellent source material (and vintage costumes that would make any posters worthy to frame) could have easily been made into two movies. Instead, several early scenes are too brief and towards the end the plot just seems lost. With one more hero making an entrance in the final minute - and I didn't notice any foreshadowing of him either.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Hendrix J (kr) wrote: cougars reeeeeeeeeeeeeow

Peter O (gb) wrote: Terrible Seagal movie...I'm sorry. I'm a fan but this one sucked

Christy M (fr) wrote: Scary if u dislike heights.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this as a kid and I still enjoy it now. It's animation is fun, the live action scenes work and the voice acting is great. It's a rather underrated film and should be given a look at more often.

Chris B (mx) wrote: Wonderland has some great performances from it's cast, especially Val Kilmer as John Holmes the famous and troubled porn star. That's about the only good thing I can find in the film though as nearly everything else is convoluted and sloppy. The script is based on a real life murdercase involving the star, but there is little artistic value or connection on the part of the viewer with any of the characters. There is literally no one in the film you care for or want to root for and then circumstances don't allow for any real happy ending for any of them either. The story is overly-violent, overly-stylized and overly sleazy in it's world of drugs, debauchery, and violence in which it's characters live and die in.

Jorge O (ru) wrote: Great film and story. Based on three generations of mexicans. Great cast. Sad drama

Johnny B (it) wrote: Actually not a bad movie, just poorly executed. If you wanna see Chuck Norris dropkick Satan, this is your flick.

Faith L (ru) wrote: Eliza was so cute in this movie... it was the first one that she ever played in when she was 11 years old!

Shawn W (it) wrote: Mediocre film based on a Neil Simon play about drafted soldiers at a boot camp to prepare for combat in World War II. Lags in spots, particularly the long scene at the brothel with Broderick droning on.

Bruno D (es) wrote: When Zach Snyder wasn't a half bad director he made pretty great movies such as the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Great movie and is one of the better remakes.

Rorshach S (fr) wrote: Nicholson and Black give top performances, but the film's message is ultimately too crude to sympathize with.

Quentin K (jp) wrote: Classic Italian comedy with wonderful charismatic lead actors hamming up a excellent script. Very funny but dark in places and with a 20 year span that allows the characters to really develop. Highly recommended!

Steve M (fr) wrote: When business magnate Simon Dayton is found dead inside his locked office moments after police detective Sam Street (Withers) saw him standing at the window, reknowned private James Lee Wong (Karloff) joins forces with the homicide squad to interpert the only clues found at the scene--tiny fragments of delicate glass. When Dayton's business partners start dying under equally mysterious circumstances, and sinister agents of foreign powers start appearing in the shadows, Wong and Street have to race against time to prevent more murders, including, possibly, their own. "Mr. Wong, Detective" is a fast-paced, well-scripted complex mystery with lots of twists, turns, and misdirections. The array of suspects and the way suspicion moves on and off them, the way motives come into focus and blur again, the clever way the murder weapon is triggered, and the way Wong ultimately unmasks the very clever murderer, all add up to a mystery movie that deserves more attention than it gets. Another element that adds to the film's quality is the acting. Boris Karloff is excellent as Wong, playing a more subdued and refined character than in just about any other role he played before or after, with Wong's sarcastic, stereortypical "oriental politeness" in the face of the bad guys adding flavor to the character and comedy to the film. Grant Withers as Street is likewise excellent in his part, shining particularly brightly in the scenes with Maxine Jennings, who brings effective comic relief to the picture as his feisty girlfriend, Myra. The supporting cast and co-stars also all turn in top-quality performances. "Mr. Wong, Detective" is a film well worth the time a fan of 1930s mysteries should devote to watching it. It's a great kick-off for an excellent series. Mr. Wong, Detective Starring: Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, John St. Polis, Maxine Jennings, Lucien Prival, and Evelyn Brent Director: William Nigh