$50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story

$50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story

When Ross is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six weeks to live, his newly engaged older brother Seth offers to spend his $50,000 wedding fund on a final trip of a lifetime. Their plans are complicated when Ross invites a call girl to join the group and Seth’s uptight fiancée insists on tagging along. This raucous road trip comedy features hip-hop star Asher Roth.

When Ross is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six weeks to live, his newly engaged older brother Seth offers to spend his $50,000 wedding fund on a final trip of a lifetime. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin A (ca) wrote: That's so gross, also that story was describing about stupid plot.

Hardeep P (ru) wrote: As independent films go this film is brilliant, filmed in the ghetto's of Dongule JA. The film company wanted to keep the community involved in the movie. This movie is loaded with killer punch lines and hilarious one liners. This film is worth a watch just for the cameo from Ninjaman Desmond Ballentine.

Catrina S (kr) wrote: Ethnic Cleaning.........smh................

Jc T (ca) wrote: Space Jam is known to be everyone's favorite back in the 90's, but to the early 2000's lead to some disappointment to the film. The film should've been added more sequences than it should be. The movie would've been always good if it was all animated. The only thing that deserves some good things is the music (such as Seal - Fly like an Eagle, R. Kelly - I Believe I can Fly, Monica - For You I Will, etc.) and the new character, Lola Bunny. (Lola Bunny was nice being introduced to us, but not judging the way she looks, her personality is inappropriate to young audiences.)

Robyn N (mx) wrote: "Citizen X" tells the unbelievable true story of the most prolific serial killer in the history of the former Soviet Union, Andrei Chikatilo. A predator who whose body count continued to rise as the result of intractable Communist Party leaders--who patently refused to accept that such a monster could not exist within the communist system, merely a Western phenomenon. To witness its unfolding is disheartening to be sure, but it's also consistently engrossing, at times even riveting. A farmer is plowing his field when he notices a face staring up at him from a shallow grave. This is how the movie introduces us to one of one of Russia's first documented--and prolific serial killers, Andrei Chikatilo (Jeffrey DeMunn). The first body is delivered to Viktor Burakov (Stephen Rea) ("The Crying Game"), the new forensics expert for the region. Burakov quickly determines that while the body was found in a field, the person died in the forest. He immediately orders his assistant, Federenko, to search the forest for evidence. Although Fedrenko protests it's already after 5 pm, Viktor demands he go anyway. Four hours later, the assistant returns with seven more bodies--all children. Fighting an uphill battle against the Soviet establishment, two men--a forensic pathologist Viktor Burakov, and Colonel Mikhail Fetisov (Donald Sutherland)-persevere in the pursuit of the most notorious serial killer in the history of the Soviet Union. Together, they form as a formidable detective team, risking their own standing in society and their positions to see justice served. Another fascinating aspect of the film is the genesis, or refinement of, forensics' in the Soviet Union. Watching the progression of professionalism is most satisfying because of Burakov's and the Colonel's tireless efforts. Additionally, for the first time in the history of the Soviet Union, Burakov calls upon a psychiatrist Dr. Alexandr Bukhanovsky (Max Von Sydow), to create a psychological profile of the serial killer to narrow done list of suspects. While Dr. Bukhanovsky's role is minor, his input into the film is powerful--finally unlocking the dark secrets held inside Andrei Chikatilo. Stephen Rea is superb, and Sutherland's performance us equally as powerful. In fact, Sutherland's was recognized as such, winning both an Emmy (the film was made for cable television) and a Golden Globe for his portrayal. Directed and written by Chris Gerolmo, whose screenwriting credits include 1988's "Mississippi Burning," --"Citizen X" is never showy or melodramatic. Gerolmo takes great care to show the emotional toll taken on his two unlikely heroes. Shot on location in Hungary, which serves as an indistinguishable backdrop to Russia--with its dilapidated buildings and infrastructure, "Citizen X" can rightfully take its place along side the very best the genre has to offer. Remarkably well made film about the true story of Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. First-rate cast assembled for this cable TV movie (HBO). This is not just a exceptional addition to the serail killer genre, this is an extraordinary film--and truly ahead of it's time for made for TV movies.

Yng Y (jp) wrote: if not for the slight melancholy aimlessness, it is only interesting to watch for some kink voyeurism, the main reason that this film ever existed.

Melissa W (kr) wrote: Educational, at best. Some very good moments, but, overall, a lopsided story (only the last third of the plot is interesting and relevant).

AsHy (au) wrote: i havent seen the movie but the book is awsome i got it like 5 months ago and read it 3 times already

Annie B (jp) wrote: Great story. Well acted. Horrible ending. Can't have everything I guess.

Sameer K (it) wrote: Not nearly as bad as everyone says. But still pretty bad. The first mistake was believing that Taylor Kitsch could be a leading man. He cannot. If there were a better lead actor, this movie might have been a hit. Of course, all of its story elements and stylistics have been copied by films like Star Wars, so it's hard to tell if it would truly ever resonate with audiences who already know its imitators.

Austin G (ag) wrote: Rock-em Sock-em Robots with an excellent story line.