Shane, a Jersey boy with big dreams, crosses the river in hopes of finding a more exciting life at Studio 54. When Steve Rubell, the mastermind behind the infamous disco, plucks Shane from the sea of faces clamoring to get inside his club, Shane not only gets his foot in the door, but lands a coveted job behind the bar – and a front-row seat at the most legendary party on the planet.

An anthology film retelling the story of the famous Studio 54, a hot disco hangout for the social elite of New York. The movie follows several characters at once, some of whom are in desperate straits and on the verge of crashing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alvin Y (es) wrote: This is for me an exhausting and quite a very historical Historical war drama about the Chinese Japanese war or the rape of Nanking as they call it here. Though the movie doesn't tell you exactly what started this war and how many casualties and so on, but then it tells you a very heroic yet tragic story that I'm sure that was never told before. Bale is not in his Oscar level role as a "priest" and that's not something wrong isn't it. I would've seen more story from out of that town at least or maybe tell you at the end the legacy or impact of this war to today, something like that, don't worry on the 140 minutes of the film, you will feel moved to what these people have done. I know I should give this film a rating of lower that I'm giving it right now, and that's the kind of movie fan I am.

Steve W (it) wrote: Good acting but a little cliche in parts. I also didn't care for the documentary style of filming.

Andy P (nl) wrote: A bleak, uncompromising and ultimately very depressing social drama which may be hard to stomach, but even harder to turn away from.

Paul T (au) wrote: Surprisingly above average and fairly gory Sci-Fi Channel movie. The plot (experimental DNA substance splashes onto man, who turns into giant man-eating mosquito, wants to mate with a scientist who got splashed with a smaller amount) is silly but enough to get the ball rolling. The movie never outstays its welcome, and unlike most of these direct to DVD/cable movies doesn't spend half its time following unlikeable characters instead of the gory action.Not high art, but a decently entertaining watch.

Nicole G (us) wrote: omg! i love greenday i really want to watch this!

Anuradha I (fr) wrote: erm..a bad take on sabrina! :O

Tim M (ca) wrote: This very heartbreaking, emotional road movie interwoven with Shakespeare is all the more haunting with River Phoenix's stellar performance.

Mary S (mx) wrote: Kinda cute, a little slow, BAD '80s clothes and hair! :o)

Rich F (br) wrote: Not lost much of its original appeal - effects now look very ropey

Jesper M (us) wrote: 4 out of 5 (english dub, 94 mins)

Joe V (nl) wrote: If there absolutely positively had to be another Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, without Paul Newman or Robert Redford then this belated follow-up is actually pretty good.

Susan L (es) wrote: Loved great for any age

Vicente G (ru) wrote: I'm getting to old for this sh*t.

Sarah A (ag) wrote: I liked this, liked the main character. Such an odd character, it was really neat to see Sean Penn play him. Many humorous moments. Not crystal clear story-telling, but that's okay and gives the viewer more to contemplate.