Six friends plan for a trek to an undisclosed mountain in the Western Ghats.

Six friends plan for a trek to an undisclosed mountain in Western ghats. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean F (au) wrote: Greta Gerwig and at, at times funny, supporting cast are pretty much all this movie have going for it.While it's great to see Gerwig moving into leading roles, it's a shame she found her first in this self indulgent, focus-less, story. It's hard to believe the life decisions her character, Lola, makes. She basically plays that one person we all know who's life is a series of well documented, self inflicted nonsense and who constantly whines about it.The movie even lacked the interesting shots and 'something different' aspect that these indie films usually rely on as their saving grace.Following the great work she has done before and after this in her career, we can permit her this slip up.

Christopher B (au) wrote: See my Saw 3 review.

Brian F (it) wrote: A British comedy that has a unique visual style that gets old as the movie goes on.

Guido S (fr) wrote: Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan try to rob a church in order to get money for their debt, like just about every Friday movie. However, the money isn't there and they get locked in with some of the followers who try to turn them around. This just wasn't very funny and had none of he hilarity of the Friday movies. It got extremely preachy towards the later half which only makes it much more unbearable.

JeanPaul F (mx) wrote: This script is so laughable. Why do I keep watching shlock like this?

Joseph H (jp) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Torion O (ca) wrote: Emotional family movie.

bill s (kr) wrote: The last movie I watched at my all time favorite movie theater before it closed was not really the best way to go out.

Sam B (ca) wrote: What a wonderful way to tell a true story, had a crush on her gotta admit.

Cody W (ru) wrote: Even in the most awkward moments of it's great story, Murmur of the Heart never loses it's French charm.

Alex T (jp) wrote: I personally prefer the one act play by Tennessee Williams, one of the finest American playwrights. But this version at times seems to miss the point. Since it was made in 1959 the subject matter of homosexuality was very taboo and they had to dance around the themes, thus the movie loses some of its impact. There are also very strong performances by all the actors in this very important piece of gay cinema. Worth anybodies time to check it out.

Eliabeth G (it) wrote: I failed to get sucked into this plot, but the music and dancing were spectacular. It also features an all Black cast making it unique for its time.

Jordon J (au) wrote: Just downright awful. I say SKIP IT!!!

Alexandra G (gb) wrote: a very nice film !! The story of a football player could sound a bit dumb at first, but honestly, there is more to it. A great sentimental depth , with the picture of Sheffield struggling miners, and the problems of alcohol and betting (not to mention the fate of the brother , which broke my heart ). I liked it very much !

KARLA E (es) wrote: I found it quiet enchanting. Maybe it's just having a crush now, but I couldn't stop staring..

Geoff J (nl) wrote: horror comedy thats neither scary or funny, or particularly engaging.