6 Days Dark

6 Days Dark

It was said in ancient Israel that insanity was a result of a disturbances of the mind caused by supernatural forces or an angry God, as a punishment for sins or failure to follow the commandments.

The story of Tanja| a young woman who has an affair with a rich man| only for his vengeful wife to put a gypsy curse on her. Tanja is forced to suffer nightmarish
encounters for six days and six nights| at the end of which she will confront an evil entity dating back to the Nazi occupation of Serbia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily B (ca) wrote: Weird... but amusing. I really liked the ending- "Poppa?"" Mamma?"

Dennis L (fr) wrote: One of Terry Gilliam's bestThere is a zero theorem in math but it has nothing to do with the zero theorem of this movie. Here the zero theorem is an idea that leads to the end of the universe via a black whole gobbling everything up. I believe. At any rate the science here is just window dressing. What counts is the ever quirky sets and wandering story line made entertaining by some fine acting and surprising twists and revelations in the inimitable Terry Gilliam style.I was particularly mesmerized by Mlanie Thierry who plays Bainsley, a stylish hooker with a hankering for older men (QED). She is after partially mad scientist Oohen Leth played with a steely estrangement by Christoph Waltz. I also liked Lucas Hedges' Bob who slyly wisecracks his way amid the clutter and chaos. Yes, the infamous Terry Gilliam clutter is in full evidence, white pigeons, screens on their sides, clashing art work on the walls, dark staircases, weird people, electric (?) cables the size of fire hoses, rats, bizarre costumes and much, much more. And of course the thousand and one sight gags. The one I liked best (and we see it two or three times) comes to us through Oohen Leth's computer screen. It's a certain kind of Website displaying Mlanie Thierry with a strategically placed heart-shaped sign reading "Enter Here." (You have to see it to get the joke or have a saucy imagination.)Matt Damon has a cameo as "Management," "Bob's" all powerful father. Yes, there are some corporate jokes throughout as well as science gone amuck hilarity or attempted hilarity. I think this is one of Gilliam's best but it is the performances by the actors that really carry this and perhaps that's a good thing in a Terry Gilliam movie. --Dennis Littrell, author of the movie review book, "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote"

Ashley L (us) wrote: the first movie was pretty good so.. yea. anddd DR.COX FROM SCRUBS IS IN IT!=)

Jacob B (ca) wrote: It has its moments (particularly during its action sequences/race scenes) but 2 Fast 2 Furious's uneven tone and pacing make this the weakest entry in The Fast and the Furious franchise to date.

Hrant B (mx) wrote: A good war movie, not great but the turmoil a soldier goes through to keep a sane mind after coming home from a treacherous war. I had not known that Damon was in this movie. He played a better role than the other actors, but overall it was a good movie.

Kevin R (br) wrote: There's a disease growing in here Brubaker is the new warden for a southern prison. Before he joins the prison as the warden, he allows himself to be administered into the prison as a supposed inmate. He quickly identifies areas for development within the prison and then identifies himself to the prison staff as the new warden. Brubaker moves forward with making changes at the prison and quickly receives pushback from the good old boys. Can Brubaker really make a difference? "Do you know what I'd like to do to her?" "Yeah, I know what you'd like to do." "You're wrong. I just want to talk." Stuart Rosenberg, director of The Pope of Greenwich Village, The Amityville Horror (1979), Love and Bullets, and Murder Inc, delivers Brubaker. The storyline for this picture is interesting and compelling. The characters are well presented and Robert Redford delivers an outstanding performance as Brubaker. Aside from Redford, the cast includes Morgan Freeman, David Keith, Jane Alexander, and Val Avery. "I'm getting ready to be angry with him. I'm getting ready to be real angry." Brubaker is a film that fascinated me based on the cast and plot. The storyline was interesting and well delivered and the fact this was a true story was even more fascinating. While the acting and plot carried this film, this picture was also well paced despite having a run time over 120 minutes. I recommend giving this movie a shot. "You start wars and let other people fight them." Grade: B+

Keenan S (ag) wrote: While I prefer Dirty Harry slightly, this sequel is almost as good as the original classic. Everything that I loved about Dirty Harry was present in this ass-kicking sequel: great acting, hilarious humor, a well-written plot, and kick-ass action scenes that were never once boring. Like I said, it's not as good as its predecessor, it's still a damn fine that is worthy of being called a sequel. However, it clearly needs more love and attention since it seems so few people have seen it. If you love a good action film, you must see this one too.

Nick I (ca) wrote: What is there not to love about Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes in this light-hearted comedy that just makes you want to believe in miracles

Shamylla v (jp) wrote: I love this movie. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. It teaches me about lfe and about love.

Vuk S (fr) wrote: A cute little Pixar short dealing with, what probably many people think is a pretty creepy subject: alien abduction. At times it seemed a little disturbing, but nevertheless everything was shown in a funny and optimistic way. I'd very much like to see a full feature.

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: What a nauseating film. Can I even call it that? Ten minutes in, and I had a legit headache. I see what they tried to do, and it felt very video game like. However, maybe this illustrates, that as much as I love the story in games, the plots are actually terrible for cinema, hence why there aren't many/any good video game movies.