6 Plots

6 Plots

A group of tech-savvy teens stream their wild party online. But when Brie (Alice Darling) wakes up, she’s all alone. A sinister smiley message tells her that her friends are each trapped in separate boxes. They’ve all got their phones, but if anyone attempts to call the police or their parents, the penalty will be deadly.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:6 Plots 2012 full movies, 6 Plots torrents movie

Everyone's primal fears of death and how horribly it can play out in your own mind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sree K (us) wrote: title: manmadhan ambutagline: time pass entertainerscript: madhan and nisha are going to get married. madhan doubts nisha of her relations with her costars. this results in a breakup. nisha leaves for paris to forget the things. meanwhile madhan hires mannar to spy on nisha. when nisha finds out? what will happen?execution: the story is straight forward. no need of confusions. but the director has failed in the 2nd half to connect well. first half moves well. interval scene is appealing. post interval is good for 10 minutes. after wards things go very wild and crazy and movie ends blindly. direction: k.s ravikumar has done a good role. acting is very well controlled by all. neat direction by him.screenplay: screenplay seems dragged in 1st half and seconf half is better.average screenplay.casting: kamal hassan is perfect. madhavan is good. trisha is apt. rest characters are well etched. overall everyone get an opportunity to display their talent on screen.music: DSP gives 2 peppy numbers. one song is emotional and romantic.background score: not much of background here. just perfect re-recording.cinematography: cinematography is excellent. locales are beautifully shot.cruise sequences are well cammed. cinematography is really nice.editing: not much of a story to edit well. but the song in which things go reverse is perfectly edited. cgi/ production values: too much invested. nearly 40 crores. this would be the biggest trouble for the producer and financier. entertainment value: 2nd half is entertaining. rest where it is a drama told in a serious cum funny way.final analysis: the movie is ok type. we can watch once for kamal hassan.rating: 2.5/5

Tyler H (fr) wrote: Part supernatural horror and part teen slasher, the two mixed really well together too! I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I thought the story was cool, and it kept me guessing until the very end, good ending too. 3.5/5

Piglitt W (au) wrote: The great animation mixed with classical music makes a near perfect film, it can show so much emotion with so little to show. Not exactly for children but it can be viewed by them, it's just that kids likely prefer a flowing narrative. I love though, and with out a doubt I'll see it many more times in the future.

Staush P (fr) wrote: Not even good on a funny cheesy level.

Jessica H (es) wrote: Herbie may seem to be hiding out in retirment, but there is still a lot of life im that little bug.

Cindy V (mx) wrote: when the prologue starts with a smattering of disjointed and disturbing images, then the film has nowhere to go but up, right? a bit dull, and I technically didn't finish since I fell asleep towards the end.

Margs d (fr) wrote: i like this movie, you better watch this

Tyler A (fr) wrote: it's no menace or boyz and comes across real Gotti sumtimes like a 90s gangsta rap video. but solid flick Ice T pulls it off as a street wise cop and Chris Rock is real as Pookie the basehead

Maria Z (jp) wrote: You have the wrong poster. It's the one from 1975.

Michael G (de) wrote: Considering the talent involved (Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor directed by John Huston?) Reflections in a Golden Eye is a colossal waste of anything you can ever think of, including the time I put into watching it. The story is creepy, dull, moronic and completely fucking pointless. Lobotomize Tennessee Williams, stick him in front of a typewriter and on a good day this is what you'd end up with. There was not one character I didn't want to take a baseball bat to out of utter disappointment. It's like Huston filmed more of a movie, lost a good chunk of it and just half-assed this together or some nervous studio executives took the wheel. Between Robert Forster's naked horseback rides and Julie Harris' little Philipino manservant who made Liberace look like John Wayne. Some of the cinematography was nice, as was Taylor's body double's ass but there was just too much the audience wasn't let in on storywise to make me clap at the end. Avoid at all costs!!!