7 Days

7 Days

"Seven Days in Heaven" covers the 7 days of the Taoist morning ritual after the death of Lin Guo Yuan (Po Tai). The movie examines the effects of his death on his children, nephew, and sister-in-law ...

A doctor seeks revenge by kidnapping, torturing and killing the man who raped and murdered his young daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jussi M (es) wrote: Labrasta karannut super-anakonda Romanian karpaateilla. Aivan luokatonta menoa kaikin puolin!

Qaiser S (nl) wrote: Vital is a surrealistic, absurd and abstract piece of art. The acting is pretty good, Asano did very well, as usual, and Nami Tsukamoto performed her role wonderfully well too. The music is nice, the plot is very " different ", and the cinematography is excellent. A bit slow-paced though. A must for Shinya Tsukamoto fans =)

Chris S (nl) wrote: Its so bad its funny. Literally its funny

Don S (jp) wrote: About half as good as the first. Started strong, but was totally played out by the time it went "Hollywood". And what's with Lisa Kudrow? Just terrible acting. So bad, in fact, that I wondered why she was even in it. Take out her character and you miss absolutely nothing! And the guy playing the film director? Holy cow was he terrible! The two of them were just painful to watch. Take my advice, just re-watch Analyze This.

Alex A (kr) wrote: didn't he cut off his ear????

wild willie n (br) wrote: hmmmmm look at the cast in this. Three the Hard Way should have been top tier blaxploitation. Instead what we get here is just ok. Williamson is the best of the lot (big surprise...) and is involved in my favourite sequence in the flick (a car chase and subsequent foot chase/shootout around a Detroit water plant). This movie let me down bigtime but hey, maybe i just need to give it another shot down the line. As of now thou, this is no BUCKTOWN, COFFY, or SHAFT.

Richard L (gb) wrote: 'Shock Treatment' is a 1981 comedy musical directed by Jim Sharman. It is very often mistaken as the sequel to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', but in truth, this film actually is not the sequel at all to that film. 'Shock Treatment' actually did start out production as an actual sequel to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', but that idea was scrapped when most of the original cast could not return to reprise their roles and other problems arose. After those difficulties, they decided to make a completely different film with the two main characters from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' in a completely different movie world. The film does feature a few characters and many actors from that movie, but it is still not meant to be a sequel at all. When the film came out, audiences were not capable of understanding the film at all because reality TV was very little known at the time. This can be seen because the film was far too ahead of its time. 'Shock Treatment' is a highly entertaining film. The film, on a whole, is very humorous. The songs by Richard O'Brien are great, entertaining, and highly memorable. I mainly loved the songs "Shock Treatment", "Little Black Dress", "Lullaby", and "Look What I Did to My Id." The great performances given by Jessica Harper, Cliff De Young, Barry Humphries, Richard O'Brien, and Patricia Quinn are highly entertaining because of the energy they give off in their roles. The film also does well in making most of the characters and settings look as if they arrived straight out of the 1950's. I also loved many of the lines of dialogue in the film. Overall, 'Shock Treatment' is a highly underrated, comedic, and entertaining film that has many great songs.

Pansy P (it) wrote: Richard Harris & Rachel Roberts finest hour . A Very gritty british ?Kitchen sink? drama. We, the British were one of the forerunners in making very honest, hard hitting films that stirred our consciousness about some very sensitive subjects for the day.

Julien G (es) wrote: Pourquoi braquer une banque a 11 alors qu'on peut le faire a 3?

Kimberly A (fr) wrote: I'm not a fan of romance movies in general. Yet, this one is great simply for making fun of those moments... when you see it you'll know.Also, the music is well used... almost a character itself

Heather M (gb) wrote: I hate mobster movies.

Sarah P (es) wrote: This is my favorite sport movie! Simply just moving, showing that if you don't give up, you'll find what your looking for.

Daniel M (it) wrote: The tiny mouse exploring the huge world surrounding it emphasizes with the adults here, and maybe the little ones are the ones to love exploring it along with it.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Lame Sauce, I Remember I Saw This @ The Movies...