7 Pecados Rurais

7 Pecados Rurais

In "7 Pecados Rurais", Quim and Zé go to Lisbon to collect two distant cousins ​​who want to revive a crazy last summer in Curral de Moinas. Along the way they bump into a flock of sheep and die.

In "7 Pecados Rurais", Quim and Zé go to Lisbon to collect two distant cousins ​​who want to revive a crazy last summer in Curral de Moinas. Along the way they bump into a flock of sheep and die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sheila s (de) wrote: MR. COOL it is a very good movie

Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Some of the effects may look a bit dated now but this is still a great werewolf story and an entertaining enough horror film. It follows the story of TV journalist, Karen White (played by Dee Wallace), who has been on the trail of a homicidal murderer. After an attempt to snare the psychopath goes wrong, Dee and her husband take respite at "The Colony", a kind of hippie commune run by therapist Dr. Waggner. However, all is not as it seems at the retreat and Karen, her partner and a couple of her colleagues uncover a dark secret with some pretty horrifying outcomes. There's a less than subtle sexual thread to the movie which permeates much of the action. Generally the effects are good for the time although we do, I feel, linger longer on the animatronic transformations than is really credible. Indeed there are a few scenes where, rather than staring in disbelief as various characters sprout hairs, slobber and grow huge fangs and claws, the protagonists would be better served to run like hell....and they'd probably make over the county boarder before the changes are complete. Once we have got through the metamorphoses and we have fully-fledged werewolves, they are amongst some of the best on film and certainly up to that point in the history of the genre. Director Joe Dante puts in some nice touches that reference directly and indirectly the old Universal Lon Chaney movie of the 1940s. Later he went on to direct Gremlins and you can really see how his style was developing here. There are also a few darkly comic moments that lighten a sometimes clunky and cliched script. There's a nice supporting cast in the form of the cuddly Patrick MacNee, rather portly Slim Pickens, vampy Elisabeth Brooks and 80s macho-man Christopher Stone. This movie is what it is and doesn't pretend to be anything sophisticated. It has been surpassed by slicker production methods and CGI effects but retains a good atmospheric feel and is a great, late-night genre piece to be enjoyed in the early hours on a chilly night.

Dean E (nl) wrote: What a star combo...

Olivia R (ru) wrote: best movie ever made in the history of movies about sports

Gaddiel H (es) wrote: This movie was brilliant ! I had it in my que on Netflix and had bypassed it a few times ... I am usually drawn to foreign films and this was more then I expected ! I definitely have to add this lil gem to my collection of films. If I had to grade this movie it gets an A I LOVE IT AND WILL WATCH IT AGAIN TONIGHT!

Paul Z (br) wrote: How does one visualize the diaries of unfilmed people who are no longer living? Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman employ actors to read, as if in a playwrights' initiative, the records of the tortured souls buried by time and the formal writings of human history. At first, I thought the story was somehow cheapened by this technique, but upon reflection, I see the power of its subjectivity. As a freshman in high school, I saw a documentary in a history class about "The Rape of Nanking" in 1937, which truly stunned me with its depictions of the utmost brutality and heartless destruction that went on when the Japanese invaded. That was one thing. Another was seeing this film, which not only interweaves stock footage and photographs on par with those of the Holocaust, but features Chinese survivors who tell their stories, their overwhelmingly horrific stories. And as for the survivors who can't speak for themselves, actors speak their very words for them. In a sense, that is one of the more essential aspects of what actors do: Identify.It's not often that I connect on a personal level with historical accounts of atrocity. I hear of Jews, gays and gypsies being cooked alive, gassed, starved and other such things and I can only recognize the horror and be disturbed by indefensible fright and indescribable shock that I see in a victim's eyes, for instance. The story of Nanking from the mouths of these people seems to me like a whole new world of terror. It is thus evidenced that human beings are capable of the most unspeakable cruelty and insurmountable venom. Perhaps it's that German and Japanese culture have a history of thinking very uniformly, whereas Americans, in spite of how cruel and despicable we've been throughout our history, have a record of being torn by internal struggles. This documentary glimpses the other side of the coin: Are human beings capable of surviving their experience with the same unspeakable cruelty and insurmountable venom?Maybe the reason I felt at first as if the film was deterred by the artifice of actors could be because the most riveting moments are all interviews with real Chinese survivors. The most arresting moments by far are the unexpected interviews with Japanese who were in the army during the Sino Japanese War committing the atrocities. At least one of them chuckles at a recollection.

Marc L (fr) wrote: A mille lieux des pitreries habituelles d'Eric & Ramzy, Steak est un veritable Ovni. Avec son univers particulier, ses clins d'oeil interessants, son originalite et son excellente B.O., le film suscite la curiosite, voir l'interet. Pas specialement drole, Steak est en revanche extremement decale...sans doute trop pour qu'on puisse parler d'une veritable reussite.

Rey K (gb) wrote: Love it. Love the series and love the movies!

Jota B (it) wrote: It's like a teen comedy featuring lollypops and pink umbrellas. Fun characters and a somewhat interesting plot. It's a manga come to life, and probably worth a watch if you're into that kind of thing.

Bill K (kr) wrote: Travolta did a good job acting in it. But it is hard to make that maggot look good.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: This may come from the director of "The Exorcist," so people classify it as a horror film, but don't expect a boogeyman to jump out and go "boo!" or a machete wielding maniac to hack up a few horny teenagers. No, this horror is the absolute worst kind of horror that any human being, in or outside the cinema, can experience: psychological. The mind can imagine horrors worse than any monster or movie maniac. The basic plot is this: an abused waitress living in a hole in the wall motel in Oklahoma opens her door to a nice guy drifter. What starts out as a meet-cute between a traumatized woman (her son went missing years ago and her abusive ex is out on parole) and a sensitive man soon descends into a chaotic madness that has them (and us) questioning the very fabric of reality. It's such a fantastically terrifying journey that you won't believe how it all ends. I normally don't care for Ashley Judd, but she plays her character, a damaged soul who hides her pain and loneliness behind a mixture of drugs, booze, and sarcasm, to absolute perfection. Michael Shannon is so intense every second he's on screen, you can't take your eyes off him. Suave jazz singer and Broadway star Harry Connick Jr successfully transforms himself into a low down, white trash, woman beating sumbitch. The minimalist direction of Friedkin really amplifies the mounting tension and unbearable agony of the story. So, as long as you're not going into this horror movie expecting a gory slasher flick or any of the usual business, you will be pleasantly surprised and left quite scared.

MF J (gb) wrote: This is one of the most incredibly film i have ever seen. Completely different from any mainstream work usually produced, this is the work of someone who has a lot to say but choses the most unusual, poetic, raw & violent ways to do so. Uncompromising, beautiful, lyrical, filled with biblical themes, El Topo is not a film, it's a journey through the mind of an incredibly talented, tormented & underrated film-maker. Anyone out there wanting to enlarge their film culture need to give it a go.... This is at first hard to fathom but it'll grow on you and most of it's visual work will stick with you for a long time ... a unique masterpiece.

Michael (br) wrote: a great older movie that seems newer than it is - a blind man abducts a model and things get real freaky - great movie

Tim D (nl) wrote: Not an overly bad film, has a couple of little scares along the way but nothing really scary. I found it to be quite predictable in places and nothing really surprised me. It's worth a watch if you like your ghost films

Michael T (kr) wrote: Meandering, sometimes brilliant, definitely a product of its time.

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: An all-star cast of who's who before they became famous. While the story is a bit slow the nostalgia of better days is enough to appeal to the viewer and the cast easily makes the movie a fun way to spend 2 hours.