7 soles

7 soles


A man called "The Black" is hired to smuggle a group of undocumented migrants into the United States. He wants to quit the smuggling business and claims this is his last trip. His superiors, now suspicious, send Gavilan, a younger smuggler, to keep an eye on him. During the troubled crossing, the smugglers fight and eventually lose part of their human cargo. "The Black" escapes from his former associates but also needs to ecape from the Border Patrol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mandy C (au) wrote: You know it's a great match when you find movie with perfectly matching and cute couple, loads of humour and laughter, and of course a teasing and sexy manhwa added all together.While I enjoyed how the movie's humour as well as the relationship build up, what impresses and made the movie stood out was how cleverly the director mix and matches the scenes with manhwa especially when it comes to the more explicit content, which gives a sharp contrast to the real life casts who are more matured, toned down and funny. A definite refreshing perspective from the overly done and predictable romantic comedy available out there.

Benjamin (gb) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first but it was very watchable just to see the sexy Rider Strong again as he is totally smokin..

Noname (it) wrote: A pretty decent movie but i have seen more stronger / powerful movies before with more emotional. Story is about a young boy back in the 80s england and his new so called "friends" / gangs.. The boy did a great acting i must say and overall the movie are worth seeing to those who like movies like "american history x" etc..

Ricardo Junior S (jp) wrote: "Urban Legends" series takes a new - and still bad - turn with this straight to DVD sequel. Poor special effects are laughable, but Kate Mara gives a better effort than you could imagine.

Olatunde A (fr) wrote: A lot of things I didn't know that I know now ;)

Yifan C (us) wrote: Weird as fuck but it was actually interesting to watch.

Rajneel S (ru) wrote: Easily Stephen Chow's best film by far, this is an absolute cavalcade of clever moments, original parody and laugh-out-loud, "oh-my-god-I-SO-didn't-see-that-coming" jokes that will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. Too bizarre to accurately describe in such a short review, this one is worth the price of rental and goes down well with Chinese takeaways and a few glasses of beer.

Tammy R (fr) wrote: The song at the end gets me every time. My all time favorite movie. Keanu is brilliant.

Stephen Z (kr) wrote: Everyone loves a good love triangle. Especially when it involves a man, a woman, and ... a 25-foot gorilla? That's right, I'm talking about the one and only "King Kong", or at least Peter Jackson's remake of it.Of course, over 70 years after the original was released, it is worth mentioning the advancement of technology since then. The visual effects of "King Kong" are top notch. Everything looks great: Kong, the landscapes of Skull Island, and even dinosaurs that would make "Jurassic Park" jealous.The cast of "King Kong" is likewise fantastic, resulting in some very interesting characters. Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow and Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll are both excellent leads, though I don't entirely buy their whirlwind romance. Also, it's refreshing to see Jack Black in a role where he isn't making fart jokes. But seriously, he does deliver a good performance as the sly, deceitful Carl Denham. And of course, I have to mention the excellent motion capture work done by Andy Serkis, which brought Kong to life.This film suffers mostly from its slow pace. For example, it is 70 minutes into the film before Kong makes his first appearance. While the slow pace allows for plenty of character development, it makes certain parts of the film drag on.Peter Jackson's overlong remake of this Hollywood classic is certainly a beautiful work of art, but it is a loooong 3 hours to sit through. That said, it is well worth it because this "King Kong" pays great homage to the original.

Alex K (us) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Gavin D (ca) wrote: I assumed that the secret of Komoko involved some sort of government conspiracy. I didn't realize how mundane it would be, considering all of the hush hush and the lengths at which our hero goes to uncover it. Bad Day at Black Rock is a fine movie. I thought it rather dull at times but there isn't really anything technically wrong with it.

Alanjohn J (mx) wrote: If my life could be like this!?... I would swap it in an instance...

Paul D (au) wrote: This movie has some of the worst acting and directing to come out of the 80's. The overall story isn't great, but I feel it could have been if it was in the hands of better filmmakers. Didn't hate it, but I can't see myself watching it again anytime soon.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: She ran off with your balls, kid.The son of a slain cop has also decided to join the police force after years of thinking it wasn't for him. He impresses quickly and is identified as a potential candidate to join the same special unit his father was on. He discovers the special unit is corrupt and will need to decide to play along or bring it down."Pick a girl. Have some fun."Jessy Terrero, director of Soul Plane, Gun, and the upcoming Pursuit, delivers Freelancers. The storyline for this picture is fairly clich and straightforward. The action is okay and the script is very mediocre. The characters aren't overly well written or interesting. The cast delivers mediocre performances and includes Robert De Niro, 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker, and Anabelle Acosta."Sometimes it's a woman that kicks you in the balls the hardest."I recently came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. This is a clich picture within the genre with a very straightforward and unimaginative plot, like a poor man's Training Day. I don't recommend this and would probably skip it unless nothing else is on."I'll leave the light on for you."Grade: D

Thierry H (it) wrote: Stupid and pretentious.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Saw it last evening - it was realy good !!

Carlos M (kr) wrote: I don't like that some actors/characters are wasted and disappear without explanation (like Benedict Cumberbatch), but still this is a riveting film based on a real story that is so horrendous (a huge stain in the history of the UN) that it is even hard to believe it happened.