7 Women

7 Women

In a mission in China in 1935, Agatha Andrews is a rigid missionary beset by Mongolian bandits led by Warlord chief Tunga Khan. With her are her assistant Jane Argent, staff members Emma Clark, Miss Russell and Miss Binns, head of the British mission, Charles Pather, a teacher at the mission and his pregnant wife Florrie. When Dr. D.R. Cartwright arrives, she agrees to sacrifice herself to the Tunga Khan in exchange for his letting the ladies go free.

Legendary director John Ford's final film involving seven dedicated missionary women in China circa 1935 trying to protect themselves from the advances of a Mongolian barbaric warlord and his cut-throat gang of warriors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Milla V (nl) wrote: Melko miellyttava elokuva katsoa vaikka olikin romanttinen draama.

Charles M (fr) wrote: This was a well-written and acted movie, but I found it to be a real downer. I was expecting this to be an uplifting film, but the ending left me disappointed.

Sean D (it) wrote: This movie was way too dramatic to be a comedy. actually, there was nothing funny in this at all. They were right in comapring it to Peggy Sue Got Married...but 16 Candles? That's an insult to John Hughes. Another film that just wastes time.

gustavmarkovic31 (ca) wrote: its a ropey drama. the actress/actor are okay, but wooden. kate hudson and joan cusack give fine performances, but don't bring the film to life. hayden patteniere as the teenaged orphan is better than expected. as she is in racing stripes also. and to those who care or are interested, she was the voice of Dot in A Bugs Life, pixar's 1998 animated movie. but yeah, raising helen was dull, a bit dragged out, and over-sentimental.

Losang S (de) wrote: I don't want to see this but I LOVE the British tv show with the same title ;)

Eric H (jp) wrote: When a visionary director meets a brilliant story, this is the result. Pure movie magic.

Lester F (ca) wrote: Overall a decent movie. It has pacing issues and lack of development, but it interesting and the acting is good for what it is. This movie is definitely a one time watch, but that doesn't mean it is a bad watch.

sophie p (gb) wrote: a very amusing movie:)

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