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A real estate agent tries to sell a 7-room house with kitchen and bathroom to a young couple even though he had previously sold it to its former owners.

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Muhammed S (es) wrote: The story wasn't that well thought over. Utterly failed ending.

Ralphie N (ag) wrote: Important, powerful documentary.

Dicky A (ru) wrote: One of the better, straight to Netflix action movies. Actually enjoyed it. Reminded me of a poor mans First Blood...

Sarah W (es) wrote: Best Scary Movie Ever!!!

Snorre S (kr) wrote: Litt soet, litt morsom, ganske forutsigbar. Norske "Bare Bea" var det litt mer futt i.

bill s (jp) wrote: A lightly flaked offering mildly entertaining crust of a movie.

Natasha B (jp) wrote: With the budget they had, I guess it's the best they could do. Marc Blucas was the best actor in it, but the direction could've been better.

Tracey Coyle T (us) wrote: richard dreyfuss is great in this movie....sad and funny film

Steven R (kr) wrote: I remember seeing this when I was a kid. It looks pretty-dated now, but it's still a good flick from almost 3 decades back...