80 Hussars

80 Hussars

The film tells the story of a regiment of Hungarian hussars stationed in Poland. The hussars, mostly ordinary men, have heard news of the uprising and wish to return to the homeland to defend the newly independent country. The Empire, on the other hand, is firmly resolved that all Hungarian troops in the imperial army should be kept as far away from the trouble spot as possible, knowing that most soldiers would be loyal to Budapest rather than Vienna.

Mail author for translation. 1848. Európa forrong. A Lengyelországban állomásozó, osztrák kötelékhez tartozó magyar huszárok egy csoportja a szabadság- harc kitörésének hírére hazaindul. A ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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80 Hussars torrent reviews

Clinton T (au) wrote: I freakin love this film. So politically incorrect and that is why it wins.

John H (jp) wrote: This is one film that should never have been made. I love B movies even bad ones, but this film really sucked from start to finish Keep well clear of it, its 89 minutes of my live i cannot get back.

Andrey B (us) wrote: Brilliantly acted by the leading ladies. Cate Blanchett is a miracle, beautiful miracle you can't look away.

Jeff L (br) wrote: While the characters are genuine and complex, the plot yields no such complexity, existing disappointingly as a terribly linear cinematic exercise with no great surprises or drama.

Maria M (nl) wrote: I'm happy to have seen this epic pirate adventure movie again on TV. It's been over a decade ago. It's still exciting to watch. If it was shown today, it will still be appealing. I don't remember every single detail (again, as always) except for Jack Sparrow's classic "savvy!" so it's fun to recall how everything Jack's adventures unfold from this movie to the next ones. This is also the same film when I started watching Keira Knightley's movies soon after (Atonement, King Arthur, Love Actually and so on).

Stefania P (mx) wrote: I haven't read the novel yet and this is my first approach to Mansfield Park: I liked the plot and the actor palying Edmund too. But I 'd rather see someone else for the role of Fanny.

Robyn M (jp) wrote: INTERESTING... Not your average relationship between Daughter and father, but one has to make up for lost time some how. Gerald is funny and a father with no parenting skills. His daughter young, impressionable but a pathological lier. When her dream guy gives her time of day she makes up her age, name and life posing her father on the spot as a pimp daddy. The movie only gets weirder. Talk about twisted tangles when the truth is unravelled under any BIG lie holds the reasons why people lie: for some attention or to make thier lives more intersting. she's pissed that he lives across the world and skipped her birthday for a flusy. A daughters with raging hormones make up for the built up bitter resentment, i guess?!

Joshua L (de) wrote: this is a good movie, Ray Liota is real creepy in this

Todd D (ru) wrote: why doesn't any critic, point out the most ridiculous part of this film? in part 2. Daniel, fights for his life! against a master. in 3, he is scarred, just because he's taking a beating in his tournament defense? painfully stupid.

John F (au) wrote: Gleason and Hanks are a father son combo that many can relate to. How they come together is the exception not the rule

Brian S (ag) wrote: really not too fond of this film, though that's not a knock on its overall quality. solid direction from Ford and an exceptional performance from Fonda--simple, yet refined. I'm not crazy about the script--I think it's much too saccharine with not much dramatic potency or humour. just because a courtroom full of people finds Abe Lincoln hilarious doesn't mean I do. I didn't see much character development either. Lincoln always had that "country boy/small-time hero" quality and never really shakes it. this is an ok film, I suppose, but it just didn't pull me in.

Steve H (br) wrote: This is a film with a story capable of inspiring the world. All this movie managed to do, however, was disappoint me to the point of near anger. The acting was horrendous, the script almost as bad, and the production is nothing to be proud of. This movie isn't capable of much more than causing its viewers to start dreaming themselves, in their sleep. I sincerely hope someone makes a movie about Walt Disney that at least attempts to be at par with the amazing story itself. 'As Dreamers Do' consists of actors who can't act and a story that focuses on Walt's struggle rather than his achievements. This usually isn't such a bad thing, but as someone wishing to hear a story about a man with nothing rising to greatness while helping people at the same time, I only got half the story. This film is an enormous letdown. I would have been more entertained reading about Walt Disney on Wikipedia. Justice has not been done to Mr. Disney's legacy whatsoever.

Stephanie G (it) wrote: Not good. Avoid if you want to enjoy what you are watching. The effects were last century, the acting was pre- school and it was painful to watch. Funny to watch after a few beers, but quite shit!

Frode M (kr) wrote: "Scariest movie ever"? Not even close. There wasn't a scary scene in it!!

Peter M (ru) wrote: Don't ask me what it means, but it makes you think and it makes you feel!

Andrew D (us) wrote: Some of the worst acting, editing, sound, and soundtrack I've seen. Couldn't even finish it. And I loved Suspiria.

Mark D (fr) wrote: Its good but not great. You can really tell what films are influenced by this. The narrative lets it down somewhat.