83 Hours 'Til Dawn

83 Hours 'Til Dawn

A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped and placed in a box with air for only 83 hours.

A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped and placed in a box with air for only 83 hours. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


83 Hours 'Til Dawn torrent reviews

Fevi Y (fr) wrote: herkesin ok be?endim deyip abartt??? fakat s?rdan bir film olna recep ivedik tr gii?eelrinde iyi i? ?karsada dnya sinemas?nda kendine yer bulamayacak bir yap?m olmu???...art?k bole sulu ve s?radan filmler yerine dha iddal? filmler yapal?m

Mia Cullen A (br) wrote: What a f-ing B movie! I didnt even see it through. I zapped through it and god it was so bad! The actors sucked, the effects sucked, the whole movie was bad! DONT SEE THIS ONE!

Dan S (es) wrote: These events should have kept the Right out of power for a generation. How soon we forget.

Kayla C (ca) wrote: Beautiful film which is both well-crafted and well-acted. There are a number of themes presented, and everything is tied together through the use of the song "Gloomy Sunday". This has become my favourite German language film.

David H (jp) wrote: Hartley's very best film. Like David Thewlis in Naked, Henry does a lot of truth-telling about modern life. If you don't fall in love with Parker Posey after seeing this movie, you don't have a heart.

Tishka F (au) wrote: One of my favourites.

Nathaniel K (ag) wrote: Fine performances and lovely direction.

Mariana M (kr) wrote: Even as kid, after I saw this movie I felt like I'd been rip off and I didn't even pay.

Kristina K (ag) wrote: The cinematography in the preview alone is enough of a draw for me.

Moya W (fr) wrote: It started a little dreary and I felt that the beginning wasn't as strong as the first two movies. It was easy to sit through it and everything, it just lacked that little extra that I was hoping for.

Ian M (au) wrote: Even taking into account that this is a sleazy 80s vice thriller, I have never seen a film with so much smoking and shouting. Sharky's Machine consists largely of people chain-smoking while SCREAMING into each other's faces. There is also some kung-fu, and montages where people mouth exposition at each other but we don't hear what's going on because there are jazz solos laid over the soundtrack. Burt Reynolds plays Sharky as the most sensitive Tough Cop ever. When he's not being a badass, Sharky is into stained glass ("I love stained glass") and carving wood with rose patterns (Rachel Ward asks him, "Were you embarrassed to tell me you were making a rose?", to which he replies, "Yeah"). And he really loves children. At one point he gazes out the window of his rural getaway and explains, "I come here every weekend, and those damn kids are out there playing... and I can't work when they're there. I have to stop and watch them. I could watch kids playing all day long."