9 Days

9 Days

A dark, twisted retelling of "Dante's Inferno," done in the torture-porn style of "Hostel" and "High Tension." To escape her abusive foster home, headstrong 18-year-old Danielle Hitches a Ride with an affable psycho who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his warped religious beliefs. She realizes she hasn't quite found her knight in shining armor when she awakens half-naked, chained to a post in Virgil's basement. As Virgil, puts Danielle through a sadistic "moral cleansing" of debauched torture sessions that could kill her at any moment, she must choose either to fight back or to become as inhuman and deranged as Virgil himself. What Virgil doesn't know is that Danielle may be more than up to the challenge of his psychotic head games.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:psychopath,   panties,   gore,  

The saying goes that love means never having to say you're sorry... This is especially true when you're being held in a religious madman's basement with your neck chained to a wooden post. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


9 Days torrent reviews

Rahul B (us) wrote: Not sure if it actually triumphs over 'The Lunchbox' ... but keeping the controversy aside.. this is indeed a good watch from a first time director... beautiful cinematography and folk music alongwith the choice of local photogenic faces as central characters do score the highest. Mediocre in parts and in parts Great... definitely worth it :)

Line C (ag) wrote: mye forvrengte ansiktsutrykk og lite action! bra historie, men for stillegaaende!

TingTing W (it) wrote: I don't get it... he still didn't attend her opening night.

chanadh c (gb) wrote: baguss bangetttt !!! .. film india terbaik yg pernah aku tonton .. ga ada nyanyi2 n nari2..

G S (br) wrote: Right up there with Hana-bi as far as Kitano's existential, oneiric modern-day yakuza flicks go. While Hana-bi was more linear, this film's greatest moments are not concerned with the plot at all. Those playful sequences on the beach are almost more surprising to see than any of the sudden violence that occurs in the film. A smart and stylish flick that offers many interesting characters apart from the lead (played by Kitano himself). The fireworks fight is one of the best things ever put on film.

Kale W (mx) wrote: 2.86 --- Taking place in the 60's with 80's music. Having an identity crisis there, Dirty Dancing?

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Average Clint Eastwood western.

Joshua R (nl) wrote: Mission Impossible is full of special effects and some really well made tension sequences.The plot it's kind of hard to follow unless you're really paying attention, this is one of those movies that really ask you to pay attention or you can get lost, but if you can endure that, this movie have something great to give,

Tank J (es) wrote: The movie so true. I make myself watch it agin

Joaquin G (au) wrote: esta pelicula me encanto , las actuaciones son buensimas no se por que no hicieron una secuela

Christopher L (ag) wrote: This is a film, right alongside Carpenter's, that will become traditional viewing every year on All Hallow's Eve.