9-Month Stretch

9-Month Stretch

Ariane Felder, a judge of strict morals discovers she's pregnant by Bob Nolan, a criminal wanted for murder.

Ariane Felder, a judge of strict morals discovers she's pregnant by Bob Nolan, a criminal wanted for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toysorama (it) wrote: Honestly, talking about everything wrong with this movie would take me three hours. I'll just review this movie someplace elseGrade: F+

Barry T (nl) wrote: A sweet story of an elderly man living in Paris and his freindship with a younger girl. Posey is excellant but Caine has an odd accent. interesting if not a little slow

Brandon B (jp) wrote: The plot fell off for a period of time. The film sometimes felt uninteresting. Its strong ending is what mainly kept it all together. Some of the characters were really fun to watch, others not so much. Overall, this movie was slightly above average.

Tenderly S (au) wrote: I don't know if it's because I had a hard time paying attention, but I think the movie ended really abruptly. Besides that, I really enjoyed the acting along with the choice of casting. The cinematography was on point and so was the music. All in all, it did a very lovely job at depicting John Lennon's wild youth.

Rebecca E (nl) wrote: Interesting premise and style. The fighting is exciting although sometimes goofy. The ending was unsatisfying, but at the same time it hints that so much more great things will happened that they cant all be shown, and thats somehow impressive.

Lori B (ru) wrote: What a terrific movie, a document of the people, the culture, the time, surrounding the Famous "Rumble in the Jungle" title fight between Ali and Foreman. Great soundtrack, well developed narrative, excellent footage and photography.

Siddharth S (br) wrote: Such run of the mill nonsense. Terrible direction.

Pavel S (mx) wrote: Funny as hell, moronic nonetheless.

Gabe A (us) wrote: Tommy lee jones's two face is the best reason to watch this movie

Rem R (br) wrote: Good movie about love, family, religion and politics with an interesting historical background! The story is adapted from one of Alexandre Dumas' novel of the same name. I didn't read the book but I presume the movie is a summary of the novel. Since I knew french history, it helped me to understand what is happening in this movie but you don't really need to have any knowledge on this time period to understand it because there is a good written introduction to the historical situation. So the movie is set up in 1572 in a dark and difficult time for France. Wars of religion are dividing the country between Catholics and "Huguenots" (which are how the french called protestants back then). The royal family are having trouble with the stability of their kingdom so they are planning a wedding of one of theirs with a protestant in the hope that it will ease relations with the "huguenots". But everything is not what it seems... The emphasis is on the theme of love with a sad tone to it like most old love stories. The theme of family is very present too. We see a portrait of a royal family that is controlled by a murderous mother ready to sacrifice a lot for the control over the young king which is her son. This creates a situation where siblings are pitted against themselves and they all suffer because of her destructive nature especially the young king which is on of the characters that gets a lot of attention in this movie and he is indeed a very interesting one although a very special one too. I find the story very well done and well structured. What actually happenned in history is retold with more details, those that history didn't tell us. Details that have been invented by the author so he could make a magnificient and complex story out of them mixing history with fiction. It creates a very believable story not like most hollywoodien modern movies where there's big holes in the scenario. And there are a lot of character development and the relations that they have between them. In this paragraph I talk about my impressions on the movie as a historical buff. First of all I find the love story taking too much space especially with Queen Margot's real lover which seems to be a fictious character. I also think that Henri IV looks too weak. His personnality doesn't shine enough. Then, we also don't see much the "Duc de Guise" which was a pivotal character during this historical period. Meanwhile, I love the costumes. Renaissance and age of reason movies are always full of beautiful costumes. So that's it folks! Overall I highly recommend this movie if you like a love story in a historical context which explores ties between royal family members. After whatching the movie maybe you'll even read Alexandre Dumas' novel :)

Chris G (br) wrote: Zombie Nightmare is about a softball player who is hit by a car and killed. He is then brought back to life by a voodoo priestess. He takes out his revenge on those who killed him. There are cops involved and some stuff. Zombie Nightmare is a film more terrible than the description I just wrote, a film so poorly executed, written, directed, and acted that it has become the stuff of legend for almost thirty years. When I stumbled on this film I didn't know MST3K had riffed it long ago, which the filmmakers should be thankful for because that means it shall live forever, if not in the way they wanted.Adam West gets top billing. He's in the film less than 10 minutes. Motorhead get a major credit for music. The Ace of Spades plays over the credits with the rest of the soundtrack being mid '80's death metal of the blech sort. Tia Carrere, pre Wayne's World is in this and actually gets screen time, but is not the vixen on the cover of the film. So now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's actually talk about the movie. If you like your movies padded then this is the one for you. We get some driving, some more driving, a mediocre chase in a gym, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's the typical stuff that pads a movie from student film to feature length. The acting? Well, when Adam West is your best actor, that about sums it up.Ugh, this movie is so bad I don't even want to talk about it anymore. The writing sucks, the plot twist is predictable, and the only meaningful experience you can have with this film is making fun of it. I think I've written a review as terrible as the film.

Steve R (au) wrote: Way more fun than it had any right to be.



Mrten E (jp) wrote: Inte det bsta kameraarbetet, men den har sina ponger och en del grepp som r intressanta rent filmiskt. Bde Bilbo och Hannibal Lecter r med i varsin biroll.

Van R (au) wrote: The co-production between an American studio--Warner Brothers--and a Japanese studio--Toho--exemplified not only director Frank Sinatra's liberal attitude but also a major World War II film that presents the Japanese in a sympathetic light. Indeed, "None But the Brave" qualifies as an anti-war film largely because two groups of opposing soldiers find themselves marooned on an uncharted Pacific island and wind up have to live with each other to survive. Three years later director John Boorman made a similar World War II feature with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune called "Hell in the Pacific." "Parachute Battalion" scenarist John Twist and "Attack Squadron!" scribe Katsuya Susaki based their script on Kikumaru Okuda's story. They filter this politically correct saga through the diary of the Japanese officer commanding the troops on the island. Initially, the Japanese and the Americans are at each other's throats until they call a truce. No sooner has the tension between the two armies dwindled than they play a game of deception to mislead each other about their respective strengths. Mind you, this was the only feature film that Sinatra made. Although Sinatra received top billing, Clint Walker and Tatsuya Mihashi are the leads commanding the soldiers. Sinatra casts himself as a liquor guzzling medic and Tommy Sands has the best role in terms of character arc. He is the only person in the action who changes his mind. He goes from being a die-hard, kill-all-Japs lieutenant in the Marine Corps to a soldier reluctant to kill his mortal foe because he likes them. Meanwhile, Walker and Mihashi have the most developed, flesh-and-blood characters, even though they don't change. Lieutenant Kuroki (Tatsuya Mihashi) feels that the war has left his men and he behind as they soldier on a forgotten island in the Solomon Islands because they have lost contact with their own forces and nobody has come to relieve them. Lt. Kuroki writes about their tribulations in a diary to his wife. Kuroki's second-in-command, combat veteran Sgt. Tamura (Takeshi Kat) has little respect for him because Kuroki hasn't seen as much action as he has. Nevertheless, Kuroki maintains a firm grip on his command. He has ordered his men to construct a boat so they can leave the island. A storm destroyed their radio so they cannot contact outside help. One day a Japanese Zero fighter plane tangles with a Navy fighter escorting a C-47 transport plane. The Zero shoots down the C-47, but both planes knock each other out of the sky. Captain Dennis Bourke (Clint Walker of "Gold of the Seven Saints") manages to crash land the two-engine cargo plane on the beach. He is transporting a squad of Marines and a chief Pharmacist Mate, Francis (Frank Sinatra of "From Here to Eternity") when the plane crashes. Among the Marines is a hot-shot, gung-ho lieutenant, Lieutenant Blair (Tommy Sands of "Ensign Pulver"), who thinks that he is in command until Captain Bourke informs him that he is in command. Blair has about as much respect for Bourke as Sgt. Tamura has for Lt. Kuroki. The two armies square off against each other in a game of cat and mouse until Kuroki offers a truce to Bourke. Since the Americans are starving and Kuroki has a seriously wounded soldier, the Japanese commander approaches Bourke with an offer to share food if Bourke will let Francis tend to his soldier. Of course, Francis hasn't amputated a leg before he lays eyes on the Japanese soldier who will die from gangrene until Francis cuts off his leg. The two commanders cleverly try to deceive each other as to their strength. Eventually, they give up the pretense and share the island in harmony until Bourke's radio man, Air Crewman Keller (Tony Bill of "Come Blow Your Horn"), repairs the damaged transmitter and establishes contact with the U.S. Navy. Up until this time the two armies have lived in harmony, but when a Navy destroyer shows up, the soldier dispense with the truce and resume war as usual.Oddly, Sinatra doesn't appear in every scene and his role is more of a supporting character than a lead. Virile Clint Walker is well-cast as the captain. The special effects look good except for a fake mountain in the Japanese back story scene. Nevertheless, this is a thoughtful and provocative drama that doesn't pull any punches. "None But the Brave" was lensed on location in Hawaii. Future "Star Wars" composer Johnny Williams provided the orchestral score.

James H (gb) wrote: 73/100. Great fun, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland are so much fun to watch. The highlight is Mickey Rooney imitating Carmen Miranda! It is hysterically funny and a must see. Great musical numbers and of course Judy Garland's magnificent voice would enhance any film. Great score, well written. It's a little overlong but I was never bored.

Kevin H (mx) wrote: Funny and entertaining

Tim S (kr) wrote: A low budget campfest that actually manages to give me the creeps.

Heather M (ru) wrote: Jackson and Harris were great in this movie. This story was very good and well paced. This movie is definitely worth a watch.