9 Souls

9 Souls

After discovering a hole in their crowded cell, nine prisoners escape their confinement to track down the key of the universe, which a fellow prisoner known as the Counterfeit King said he had hidden.

Nine convicts escape from prison; most are convicted murders. They commandeer a van from a strip club. Their plan is to find a stash of counterfeit money that a deranged cell mate told them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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9 Souls torrent reviews

Michael P (es) wrote: Horrible, simply horrible

Patrick W (au) wrote: This franchise couldn't have needed a more fresh breath of air than this gave it. Justin Lin and Dwayne Johnson both saved this franchise. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel turn in their usual bland performances, but Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs character is what the franchise needed as Paul Walker was never really that menacing as "the guy on the side of the law." Vast improvement over the 4th installment, although that's really not that high of a bar to jump over.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: This is a good movie. The story is very interesting and you instantly feel for the main character from the beginning. The acting is really good. Definitely worth the rent.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Another awesome sequel. Lots of great action, good gore, and more balls than most action movies. Scott Speedman needs to come back though. never thought I'd be saying that...

Scott A (it) wrote: Not bad, but seen it before. Had a nice twist in the end. Warren is so cute, so I hate when she plays the psycho bitch role!

Lori B (ag) wrote: Terrible script improved greatly by the unexpectedly excellent performances. I can't recommend it, but it isn't a terrible film. Just not a great one.

Shawn T (br) wrote: Sounds a little too creepy for me.

Daniel C (it) wrote: This movie is exciting and visually thrilling. But more importantly, I think it should be defended on the front that poor writing brought about the constant "professional wrestler" quotes. Many of those one-liners are real, historical quotes--humorous and simple, profound but quick words shared by the Spartans who believed that the Athenians were not the only Greek philosophers. 300 is based on an excellent comic book--literature with at least one subtle foreshadowing and metaphor (more than many of the movies that have a higher RT score). I don't think this is the greatest movie of the year, but it is certainly more than pulp film.

Scott R (au) wrote: Painfully true, the England Manager's dilemma. I had a good laugh, I love that his claim to fame was winning at Norwich.

Missy M (mx) wrote: This is the first Kung Fu movie I've ever seen and I didn't have very high expectations. But I LOVED it! The English dubbed over Cantonese is hilarious! And the skills of Jackie Chan and that Thunder Leg guy, amazing! Plus all the 70's hair is... perfect.

Ted W (es) wrote: I was really wanting to like this more. Reeves is the Thalberg of low budget 1960's horror. This however was too much humor and not enough scare. His next two movies are both outstanding, unsettling and very well made despite limited budgets.

Guanfranco A (br) wrote: As a young movie goer I had yet to see a Harrison Ford film I haven't liked...Until I saw Air Force One. They bent every law of physics and geopolitics to make this movie. I am disappointed. 78% on RT is a travesty.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A gem of a deep-south drama from the 50's where this kind of localised social setting was rarely depicted by the cinema. The colloquial script is pleasurable but demands attention.