99 Homes

99 Homes

After his family is evicted from their home, proud and desperate construction worker Dennis Nash tries to win his home back by striking a deal with the devil and working for Rick Carver, the corrupt real estate broker who evicted him.

Around the world everyone knows that honest hard work gets you nowhere. In sunny Orlando, Florida, construction worker Dennis Nash learns this the hard way when he is evicted from his home by a charismatic, gun-toting real-estate broker, Rick Carver. Humiliated and homeless, Nash has no choice but to move his mom and nine-year old son into a shabby, dangerous motel. All is lost. Until an unexpected opportunity arises for Nash to strike a deal with the devil - he begins working for Carver in a desperate attempt to get his home back. Carver seduces Nash into a risky world of scamming and stealing from the banks and the government; he teaches Nash how the rich get richer. Living a double life, Nash hides his new boss and job from his family. He rises fast and makes real money; he dreams bigger. But there is a cost. On Carver's orders, Nash must evict honest families from their homes - just as it happened to him. Nash's conscience starts tearing him apart... but his son needs a home. In a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martijn B (fr) wrote: Dutch cinema at it's best- by arguably the best director- Alex Van Warmerdam. Also Absurdity at its best although perhaps it's not that well understood by say American or Asian viewer it is humour!). The well-to-do get mocked in this film which begins by a hunt, involving a Catholic priest, who, armed with iron stakes (made in a shed in the country, and where the maker of these weapons devours pickled herring.Then the hunt starts on a bunch of people that had spend a considerable time in self-digged schacks and alarmed, they leave and one persons that seems to be the leader, rings at the door of a quasi-modernist and expensive villa saying "can i have a shower please? i stink". After a beating by the husband, the wife lets him in to give him a bath. And that's where it starts: slowly but unstoppable, the man asking for a bath and its associates, slowly take over the property. Don't ask why they do it. Nor who they are or where they come from. This is what more films should contain imo; no fixed plot and ending that explains all. Hollywood's influential enough and alyough it make good films too, little experiment is seen. Thence i rate this film so high but it might be because i am Dutch and grasp certain cultural nuances better than many foreigners. Go see it!

Colin R (kr) wrote: An okay B movie. Nice fight sences and thats all she wrote.

Erno K (ag) wrote: Ah, those lowest of the lifeforms in Hollywood hierarchy. Those poor mistreated victims that everyone else bosses around. Welcome to the world of screenwriters.It is always fascinating to get any info on how the movie industry works. Screenwriters have some of the best stories, as they have usually been through the most hardships, so there are some great anecdotes here.Not really a new revelation, but it's still surprising how much sheer luck is involved in getting a picture made. What I didn't know is that the screenwriters really have to think about stuff like not being taller than the producers in the room. That is some fucked up shit, and I guess producers have pretty low self-esteem.It is sad to hear the writers themselves admit that there is no way today to make the same kind of movies than in the seventies for example. Even if the masterpieces of that era were the reason they became writers in the first place. Things have changed, and not for the better. Money rules and risks are being avoided like the plague. And yet we still get shit like Meet the Spartans.Very interesting documentary about what goes on with the writing process. I have never had any aspirations to write scripts, but after watching this I would never even try anymore.

Ashley M (gb) wrote: It's an alright movie

Sherree M (ru) wrote: Wow not exactly exciting in an action flick way. But interesting that it's a true story about Cibc bank fraud. Also makes you realize how scary a gambling addiction is. You think you have debt?

James F (mx) wrote: A brilliant sequel that really holds up to its predecessor the movie really does its story well it has moments when you start tearing up moments that make you fear for the characters and moments in which you just get overcome with joy. even though it is a good movie I believe that the dark moments are not suitable for children especially the scene where the pit bull almost drowns in the river. overall it is definitely a good predecessor however it is a bit too dark for children of young ages.

Stephen W (us) wrote: what makes this different from a hollywood treatment of the same idea is that the children are not airbrushed. They are playful and spiteful in equal measure. They get frightened when they get lost in the woods and then they boast to their friends that they weren't frightened at all. They read the arabian nights together because it is 'naughty' and one has a secret crush on the mother of the other. They are growing up and learning about life. All through this you are aware that the events of the second world war are raging around them and when these finally intervene into their lives the result is genuinely devastating and immensely moving. the final scene is one that lives in the memory.

Robin M (ru) wrote: I love dance movies and this 1 is good.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: The ultimate cinematic love letter to a given city. Woody Allen talks about the city life with an almost reluctant love at times. For all his neurotic tendencies, Allen loves this city, because he sees exactly as the audience does. Thanks to the lensing of Gordon Willis and the great writing and directing of Mr. Allen, we see New York like a grand cityscape filled with impossibly weird and complex people, and a painterly landscape that moves and breathes.This is also a celebration of unrequited love, missed connections, and ambiguity. For all his musings on how pointless life ultimately is to him, Allen is a man who keeps coming back to "fate" or purpose, and that's all over this film.

Giathinh H (it) wrote: A masterpiece from Sergio Corbucci. A forgetten treasure.

Ilona V (fr) wrote: When we lived in Mozambique we only had about 50 Betamax-cassettes of cartoons and a selection of films my aunt had taped for us. Every one of them is a classic in my family and this is one of them. "You got it made, you got i made, Mr. Successful,you got it made"

Ramn M (nl) wrote: Tiene buenos momentos pero tambien se pone pesada en muchos otros