99 River Street

99 River Street

A former boxer --now taxi driver-- gets mixed up with jewel thieves.

Cab driver and ex-boxer Ernie (John Payne) discovers his wife Pauline (Peggie Castle) has been cheating on him. But when she is murdered by the jewel thief she was having an affair with, Ernie is then framed for her murder and must hide from the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


99 River Street torrent reviews

Jeffrey C (de) wrote: Such an emotional, beautiful and saddening movie. It was amazingly good.

Mert Y (ru) wrote: mizahn yerelli?ini gsteren bir film.

Julius S (jp) wrote: This is one of the best Filipino films I have ever seen. Very realistic and human!

Jeffrey B (ag) wrote: Why is this movie only 59% approved? It should have been at least 65% FRESH instead. If two more critics LIKED this movie, then it would be 60% FRESH on the Tomatometer.

Dave H (ca) wrote: Not much of a rollicking adventure or discovery story, but instead a slight, sedate morality tale about community, a bit like "Local Hero" but with plesiosaurs. Well cast and performed, with some lovely domestic moments, but very disposable, with some questionable resolutions. But the absolutely stunning location scenery (and Richardson) make this well worth a look.

Devon W (us) wrote: A cast of 3 respectable male actors, and 4 porn stars. Porn acting ensures, complete with laughable dialogue. Of course with a movie like this, any time you see a woman introduced you can rest assured you will see them naked.

Ethan L (au) wrote: The movie earns minor points for the last 15- 20 minutes that makes up for the rest of the DOA film. D+

Brendan F (nl) wrote: Ultimately the whole movie just feels like a mess. With confusing storytelling and sequences that remain unexplained, the movie provides very little tension and a very illogical plot line. Channing Tatum is one of the key points that I even bothered to watch this movie and not even him, Al Pacino, or Ray Liotta can save this mess of a movie.