A Arte de Amar Bem

A Arte de Amar Bem

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   remake,  

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A Arte de Amar Bem torrent reviews

Nadhira A (au) wrote: a pure lovely story between a human and werewolf :') really touching my heart. all about 'love'. if you like romantic story, i think you should watch this one. my favorite

Francisco A (kr) wrote: As emotional as smart, the congress is a unique masterpiece.

Nancy C (ca) wrote: 3.5/5 --- Started out a bit bumpy and innocent, then developed more into a drama about growing up, finding yourself and discovering who your friend(s) are...and that no one's family/history is perfect. Beautifully shot landscapes of torn down yards, railroads, barns etc. Wonderful colors used, really wide pans of scenery in and out of focus. A film very well done about that age of discovery and exploration...Juno Temple is the go-to actress for perfecting young angst. Intro of Kay Panabaker as the subtle quiet moral friend to wild child Temple's character, of course. Was hoping for an even more emotional ending than it already had :) Nice supporting cast too!

Nathan Y (ru) wrote: Probably the most important documentary of this century.

Nikki W (gb) wrote: I finished watching this today on Netflix. Very interesting documentary. It really amazes me how some people can be so sick (in some cases you can physically see it) and it's so obvious that something is not right yet doctors still tell them it's all in their head. Absolutely ridculous. This shows patients dealing with Lyme disease, the doctors who treat them and the ones that refuse to.

Anthony G (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. A very sad ending though.

Dave B (it) wrote: Although not without flaws, I love a movie that will take the time to focus on a profound extended dialogue especially when delivered by Christopher Walken.

Ollie W (mx) wrote: A fascinating and bleak little film from Ulrich Seidl that explores the tense relationship between the barren and poverty stricken border-neighbors Austria and Ukraine. Seidl's self-proclaimed admiration for Haneke is immediately evident in his quiet, observational lens, slowly following the frustrating tales of his protagonist's, both bound on journey's that lead to the kind of tragic, disturbing and sometimes uplifting exchanges one has come to expect and admire from Eastern European cinema. The desperately bleak outlook of the film is well contrasted by Seidl's attention to character development and a rye and dark (and much appreciated) sense of humor.

Tom F (de) wrote: This movie is even creepier the third time you watch it. I think BECAUSE you know what's gonna happen, and the first couple of times, you're just kinda overwhelmed by the sheer brutality of it. TRULY twisted.

Divyansh S (kr) wrote: outstanding music great acting by SRK good direction perfect belend of emotion drama mr yash raj's amazing direction...........loved the movie

Zbigniew Z (ag) wrote: Give it a miss. If you've seen the first two, you'll hear the same jokes in this one.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: A great movie amped up to a hard R rating. A rookie gets more than he ever expected from the questionable veteran cop training him on his first day on the street.Suspenseful, psychological thriller and cop adventure in one. Brutally violent, harsh, and vulgar - beware.I gave the movie to my brother as a gift, but was chided for the content when he thot he could watch it with his fam that includes my young nieces - not good.3.5 bloody gunshots out of 5

Trinity C (mx) wrote: 80s horror flicks are cool.

Michael K (de) wrote: Mifune and Shintaro Katsu, THIS IS THE GREATEST SAMURAI CINEMA EVER!!!

Michael M (ca) wrote: Probably my favorite Jack Ryan movie as it was all downhill from here. Sure it's a little long and there are some cheesy lines, but Harrison Ford is a king and there's some solid action.

michael b (fr) wrote: Two words..."hated it"

Randy P (au) wrote: It's almost as good as the first.

John M (ca) wrote: At its best a great revenge movie, at it's worst a fantastical stretch. Still a good ride.

Craig M (au) wrote: Good but not amazing, I still prefer the Longest Day when it comes to D-Day movies.The use of archive clips was clever, but the movie appeared to lack something. You don't really get to know the main character before he suddenly dies on the landing craft.Not a stand-out great but its half-decent and worth watching on a Sunday afternoon.

Anthony S (ag) wrote: Portrays the CIA's false narrative regarding how they tracked down Bin Laden. The protagonists are disgusting fucks who torture prisoners, making it extremely difficult to root for them, even when they are trying to track down a mass murderer.