A Backyard in Nowhere

A Backyard in Nowhere


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:52 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A Backyard in Nowhere torrent reviews

Ricardo A (fr) wrote: Aside from the guest riffer this was another very solid outing. So far all of the live shows have been great (there were technical issues with the Christmas Shorts one so I can't speak for that one) and this is no exception (Guest acts in previous ones have also been the least funny part of those shows. Guest shorts and animations have been good though). The shorts (Grocery Store Witch and Creepy Paper Bag ones) were utterly bizarre and had great jokes added and the main feature was another gem with also some great performances by Nelson, Corbett, and Murphy. The special effects were cheesy and ridiculous, the plot filled with contrivances and odd dialogue, and the overall plot was nonsensical which made it all the much easier to make fun off. Not quite as good as Plan 9 From Outer Space but on par with Reefer Madness.

Mark G (ag) wrote: Excellent Film These are the films the UK is very good at.

Jim A (fr) wrote: Another pointless Disney midquel. Well I miss George Carlin as much as anyone even his comedic talents can't save such a lazy script. The animation is good for a direct to video production a step up from previous Disney efforts but the story does nothing but retrend the first movies same themes but done with more childish point of view. No point to it all in the end as it leaves the characters in the same place as we left them before

Joana F (gb) wrote: an amazing movie..a completly alternative musical

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Carla H (gb) wrote: Though not without its flaws, Russian Ark is a seamless play staged in 33 of the chambers of the Hermitage as a phantasmic tour of its history. The culture enthusiast shall marvel at its intricacies as the tourist shall find himself lost in blissful bewilderment.

Darla W (ca) wrote: I wanted to like it more...

Kameron W (ca) wrote: A very good crime thriller, with great direction and performances from all of its leads. The town is definitely worth watching.

Tyler J (fr) wrote: I Totally Forgot About This Movie Yeah It Was Kind of Okay ?? I Loved the New York Idea That Was a pretty good Idea Making a Sequel Was probably a good idea!

Dan D (it) wrote: Much better than people give it credit for. It may not be Kevin Smith's best movie, but far from terrible.

Gimly M (kr) wrote: A pretty prime example of horror comedy. Dumb as Hell (as is anybody who was expecting anything else) but lots of fun. Takes what people were laughing AT in the 70's and 80's, and makes you laugh WITH it.

Elena (kr) wrote: A forgotten story about an amnesiac rediscovering and redefining his identity while wandering the streets of an urban jungle, trying to make sense of what he sees, unable to relate it all back to himself. Classic existential modernist themes of memory, identity, time and place are explored in a patient, subtle, and delicate way. An interesting, very thick atmosphere pervades the film. Some of the lines from the dialogue still linger in my mind after all this time.

Kris C (jp) wrote: [size=2][size=4][color=deepskyblue]I remember watching this film on TV when I was a kid.[/color][/size][size=4][color=darkorchid]In the 1990?s I grabbed it the minute it was released on video tape.[/color] [/size][size=4][color=magenta]Where the heck is the DVD of this for Disney/Disneyland fans?[/color][/size][size=4][color=lime]The first film at Disneyland.[/color][/size][size=4][color=plum]Story a simple 1960?s film. I liked Suzanne?s character.[/color][/size][size=4][color=darkorange]Interesting to see old casinos.[/color][/size][size=4][color=cyan]Disneyland fan I am seeing the park in color early 1960?s is great. Monorail & Matterhorn. Incorrect shots-getting off the Monorail & they are looking at Sleeping Beauty Castle?[/color] [/size][size=4][color=pink]Apparently Walt moved it for the film? Ha ha.[/color][/size][size=4][color=teal]The use of the park I thought was great.[/color] [/size][size=4][color=sandybrown]Whether you are a Disney fan or not and just looking for a simple, no curse words, no nudity comedy then you can enjoy this film. Films are NOT made like this today, clean cut film.[/color][/size][size=4][color=darkorchid]Disney/Disneyland fans will truly enjoy seeing the park when it was less than 10 years old & see the differences between now & then.[/color][/size][/size]

Alden S (us) wrote: 10 out of 10:Funny, wild, and all around just fun, Ferris Bueller makes itself one of the greatest teen movies.