A Better Tomorrow II

A Better Tomorrow II

A restaurant owner his ex-con brother and a policeman team up to avenge the murder of his old friends daughter by the Triad.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Mandarin,Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   police,  

A restauranteur teams up with a police officer and his ex-con brother to avenge the death of a friend's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Better Tomorrow II torrent reviews

Shuaib Y (de) wrote: A movie with a powerful storyline and impressive acting which deserves all the applause it is receiving....MUST WATCH

Mark A (mx) wrote: An excellent treatment of a difficult subject that was all the more personal for this viewer because of the recent suicide of someone he thought he knew fairly well. Gregoire Canvel (Louis-Do de Lencquesaing) is a somewhat successful movie producer who has made some questionable decisions that have left his empire vulnerable. The first half of the film sets up the situation so that the audience understands why he would find himself in such a dark place, but he keeps all of this somewhat hidden from his wife, Sylvia (Chiara Caselli) and his children. The last half of the film shows those affected by this ultimately selfish act dealing with the fallout. Of particular note was the performance by Alice de Lencquesang as his eldest daughter, Clemence. She managed to make the audience feel her pain without resorting to melodrama. One gets the feeling that she suppressed her rage and despair in order to appear brave for her mother and her sisters, yet her pain was evident in the smallest of gestures. All of the actors were marvelous in this and quite believable. The scenes in Paris evoked life in a vibrant city, while those at the various shooting locations of the films Gregoire was producing helped the audience feel his world shutting down on him. The action is slow, but purposely so. This is not a subject that lends itself to rapid-fire jump cuts and action sequences. Only by allowing the story to emerge as it did here can we find anywhere to attach the strong emotions this created. This was a sad story, but it never wallowed in the sadness. One gets the sense that life goes on for those who remain, as it must.

Paul N (de) wrote: If you like a good ghost story then check out this film, it went relatively under the radar but it does hold its own. There are a few questionable moments in the film but nothing that detracts you from the enjoyment and fear that this film throws at you almost all the way through. A good film for a quick scare

Alex R (de) wrote: Why did part 2 come out before part 1?

Jimmy D (de) wrote: suspensful, but funny

Manal S (jp) wrote: Well, God knows I'm not into this kind of movies, but this one was really cute. Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, and Josh Duhamel were all just great and amazing to watch.

Michael A (br) wrote: Like most Disney straight to video sequels this one has subpar animation and a weak story...but it's nice the same voice talents from the 1996 movie return.

Adam U (gb) wrote: was his funniest and cheesiest movies by far . but had a good plot

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Interesting murder mystery - particularly interesting is what happens when it is solved.

Dann M (nl) wrote: An exciting and visionary take on the DC Universe, Justice League: New Frontier delivers a bold and unique adventure. The story follows an ancient evil known as the Centre that rises to threaten mankind; meanwhile several superheroes emerge to meet the challenge. The '50s setting adds an interesting aspect to the story, and is enhanced by the retro animation style. Additionally, an all-star cast that features David Boreanaz, Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Lawless, and Kyra Sedgwick has been assembled. However, the film feels fragmented and the villain isn't developed very well. While there are a few flaws, Justice League: New Frontier is an ambitious feature that's quite entertaining.

Lewis E (ca) wrote: Can't shake the feeling that we are unecessarily going through the same thing for the fourth time but sprinkles of good humour in addition to imaginative elements revolving around Rumpelstiltskin may just about validate this entry. It is definitely better than the awful 'Shrek the Turd'.

Nicholas S (fr) wrote: A film that keeps you guessing. No clear answer is given the whole movie but that is the point. It is all an experiment and yet the line between real and fake is blurred. I enjoyed it very much