A Breath of Scandal

A Breath of Scandal

Once Upon a Night She Started More Than Just a Breath of Scandal

You'll Find Yourself in a Whirlpool of Wine, Women and Wonderful Fun! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kavusigan S (ca) wrote: Ok I shouldn't be in 1,5 I should give 1,75

Gareth D (au) wrote: Sadly no warmth from the likes of Roy Kinnear or Gene Wilder. Acting isn't that great. Lacks performer personality. Gave up half an hour in. Despite visual colour, it's an unlikeable effort. I overdosed on Honest Trailers whilst it played on mute. Yuk. Read the book, people. Now that is fun. I love the square sweets that look round. The film is a big nope.

Luca D (mx) wrote: Le tematiche trattate sono interessanti, pero' manca quel tocco di "romanticismo" e la regia in questo non aiuta. Non c'e' mai una scena ispirata, l'attore principale non convince particolarmente, la storia procede velocemente ma senza mai essere un minimo analizzata. Un'opera poco matura a mio avviso; ci sono film magari non riusciti ma dove si vede che qualcosa di buono c'e' e che il regista puo' esprimere di meglio, in questo caso e' il contrario, sembra che il regista sia una mezza sega e che oltre non puo' andare.

Mark H (ru) wrote: A film of two halves. Almost two films. The first half is utterly horrid. A sort of low-rent B movie. The secondhalf is utterly amazing.

Chad R (it) wrote: Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot playing a couple of my favorite book characters The Sacketts from Louis La'Mour novels. Decent 2 part western made for TV movie. You like westerns, you will like this one.

Angelina C (it) wrote: The storyline is plodding however it was beautifully photographed and Shileds shines in title role.

Erik T (de) wrote: Oh my. This is an oddity for sure. A man (and woman) eating bed spends 77 minutes, er... eating men and women - all narrated by a ghost trapped behind a painting. Hilariously under-acted by all involved, this quasi-horror/comedy is a treat for those looking for something left of centre.

James L (it) wrote: Men behaving badly. Very seventies, very French, rather adolescent but certainly a long way from dull.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Better than the last sequel; it held my interest, but I can't say its that good.

Greg W (au) wrote: a taunt thriller with a love story mixed in also NYC and the whole free love era are almost another characters in this.

Van R (de) wrote: The second western collaberation between director Anthony Mann and actor James Stewart, BEND OF THE RIVER qualifies as a sprawling oater about a reformed Missouri border hellion who leads a pioneer wagon train west into the mountains when they plan to start a new settlement. Glyn McLyntock (James Stewart of WINCHESTER 73) scouts ahead of the wagon train and stumbles onto a lynching party with Emerson Cole (Arthur Kennedy of DESPERATE JOURNEY) about to be hanged for horse thievery. McLyntock, who remembers his moment of truth with a noose around his neck, takes pity on Cole and rescues him. They become fast friends and help the pioneers defend themselves from the Native Americans. Later, in the woods, Cole saves Glyn from getting scalped. This western has a little bit of everything, including a Southern riverboat, complete with none other than legendary Stepin Fetchit as the first mate and Chubby Johnson as Captain Mello who constantly observes that he should never have left the Mississippi. When the settlers arrive in town, they are welcome with open arms by the most influencial businessman in town, Tom Hendricks (Howard Petrie of ROCKY MOUNTAIN), who sells them supplies and promises to deliver their food stocks later. However, extraordinary things happen, chiefly a gold rush, and Hendricks refuses to deliver the settlers the goods that they had paid for in advance. Glyn and Cole hire men to load the supplies onto the riverboat and they head up river with Hendricks and his men at their heels. Before they leave town, our heroes get some help from a well-dressed gambler, Trey Wilson (Rock Hudson) who is rather handy with a six-gun. Aside from some obvious studio interiors, most of the action was lensed on location in scenic Columbia River Gorge and around Mt. Hood in Oregon. Veteran western writer and Mann collaberator Borden Chase penned his excellent screenplay from a novel by prolific author William Gulick.

Well A (ru) wrote: Por isso que adoro filmes de baixo oramento. Tudo se resume a uma direo competente e atuaes idem. Sem pirotecnia que distraia suas falhas. Notvel por prender a ateno por tanto tempo numa locao to limitada.