A Brighter Summer Day

A Brighter Summer Day

A boy experiences first love, friendships and injustices growing up in 1960s Taiwan.

Set in Taiwan during the year 1960, a talented but self-centered student refuses to compromise his moral standards with anyone - teachers, friends, parents or girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ariel R (ca) wrote: La pelcula es buena, tiene buenas actuaciones, buen guin, el problema es... su desarrollo, es lento y a algunos les puede parecer aburrida. Buena pelcula y ya, slo eso.

Luby B (it) wrote: This was a great movie. It was socially significant. Very well done.

Robert I (nl) wrote: The cover is a woman in a tasteful sexy dress and the movie is called: Revamped. Either it's about transvestites or vampires. Thankfully, the latter. However, what I really got was a movie written, directed, produced, and starring no talent Jeff Rector. But he is helped by some cool notable cameos, namely Reggie from the Phantasm movies and the Giant from Twin Peaks!!! :D

Juan R (ag) wrote: Quien me consiga esta pelicula hara mucho por mi !!!Con leer la review se entiende perfectamente...Tremendo Ethan Hawke dirigiendo...

Tino F (de) wrote: ugodno iznena?enje, ni malo dosadno, precizno, ali i matovito.. Kinematografija je jednostavno monumentalna.

Yanie B (es) wrote: Riveting. Simple cast but heart-wrenching, soul-grabbing story. I love the Coke scene: 2 cans for 1 teacher, 1 class.

Heather M (br) wrote: Gory, strange, and required watching for any horror movie fan. This movie does not hold up after all this time so maybe an updated remake is called for...

Jon W (br) wrote: A movie that kinda just coasts along with a cool concept, but doesn't really nail the execution. Some decent atmosphere, but not a whole lot actually goes on. I do like the box art, it's pretty cool. Could have been called "Spooky People Standing in The Distance".

Matt R (ag) wrote: Nearly the ENTIRETY of the film is concerned about Heston's "right of the first night".. will he or won't he? Barely any action. Bleh. Not even Richard Boone's awesome voice could keep me interested.

Ben R (br) wrote: He's back with more of a loud mouth. This is one of the best in the Chucky series with cool kills a chilling ending and a pretty good story and great suspense.

Jon C (kr) wrote: Morgan Sullivan (Jeremy Northam,) tiring of his dull suburban life, gets a job as an industrial spy for a huge software house, but quickly finds himself in a bafflingly complex and perilous web of deception involving a rival corporation, brainwashing, a sinister, inaccessible Mr. Big, and a mysterious femme fatale (Lucy Liu) who appears at crucial moments only to vanish.Cypher is an intelligent sci-fi/espionage/thriller, stylishly filmed and well acted. It's the type of science fiction that depends more on ideas than special effects, though those it employs are convincing. (It seems to be set in a near future -- at any rate, the technology used seems a bit beyond what currently exists.) It's a low-budget film that doesn't look low budget thanks to the the skill of director Vincenzo Natali (best known for Cube,) and features one of the more clever surprise endings you'll find. Lucy Liu, as usual, is a joy to watch, and the other actors are generally good. Idiotically rated R for a few profanities.

KJ P (gb) wrote: From Top Gun to Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise is no stranger to big budget action films. Before the release of his most recent franchise starter in 2012 (Jack Reacher), fans of Cruise became very excited to see him take on yet another big budget action film. That being said, this film was far more mixed that one would have hoped, according to reviews and general audience reactions. Personally, I love Tom Cruise and I look forward to every time he is on screen. Whether it be for a great film like Edge of Tomorrow or a failed attempt in Knight and Day, his charisma has always brought me into the theatre. Upon its initial release, Jack Reacher did not do much for me overall, and even though I feel about the same, I have a few more thoughts on this film than I initially did as well. In light of its sequel coming soon, lets revisit this action film that really doesn't need a continuation. Beginning on a very engaging opening sequence, setting up a puzzle for Jack and the police to figure out, Jack Reacher starts off very strong, before becoming a little too convoluted in its own premise. Introducing many side characters and setting up twists that may or may not come to fruition, this film plays with its audience. Rather than letting the audience figure out certain clues on their own, I feel as though this film spirals fairly quickly into a generic thriller that treats its audience as if they are not as smart as the writers. This film is already a very slow-paced one, so the fact that it has to dumb itself down in the third act really takes away from the great aspects. That being said, the very few action pieces presented here, are definitely top-notch. While many people may have gone into this film expecting something overblown, the end result is actually much classier. Each action scene is placed very far apart from one another, making statements as the film progresses. There is not a single exciting moment that does not help the film along. There are very few blockbusters that come out nowadays that don't rely on spectacle for the sake of spectacle in order to get people into the theatre. For that reason alone, Jack Reacher felt like a breath of fresh air; However, even though this film takes much more care with its action and pacing than anyone could have hoped for, it does rely on the star-power of Tom Cruise to keep the audience engaged. This is definitely a Tom Cruise film, but it also wouldn't have been as enjoyable without him. Director Christopher McQuarrie helms this film with ease, as every single frame seems to have a purpose. Thanks to an incredible cinematographer and editor, this film has some very tense pacing, along with some very unique camera movements. Adding all of these elements up, you'd think that an action/thriller starring Tom Cruise would be a sure hit. While all of these aspects truly are superb, this film takes no chances in doing anything special with its characters or story and the ending of this film could not have been any more generic to set-up a franchise if it happens to make money. It may seem like I am being overly harsh on this film for being incredibly generic in its third act, it is without question that with all of the talent involved in front of and behind the camera, Jack Reacher should have been a revelation. Instead, it is just a moderately entertaining action/thriller that has just enough action and character development to keep the most average of moviegoers engaged. There are some people who love this film, some people who hate this film, and others that fall right in the middle. I am the latter part of that statement. I do not mind this film, in fact, I quite enjoy it, but its potential annoys me throughout its entire duration. Overall, Jack Reacher is fine, but the whole film displays missed opportunities in my opinion.

Johannes J (ru) wrote: Eddie Temple: "England. Typical. Even drug dealers don't work weekends."

Anders A (br) wrote: Brilliant thriller, realistic as few others. Gut ripping disappearance, and a man left with millions of unanswered questions. A calculation monster of a sociopath carries the answers.