A Bullet for the General

A Bullet for the General

El Chuncho's bandits rob arms from a train, intending to sell the weapons to Elias' revolutionaries. They are helped by one of the passengers, Bill Tate, and allow him to join them, unware he is an assassin working for the Mexican government.

El Chuncho's bandits rob arms from a train, intending to sell the weapons to Elias' revolutionaries. They are helped by one of the passengers, Bill Tate, and allow him to join them, unaware... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (ru) wrote: 160903 170311: I had to pause this film to get writing about how nasty it is. A twisted tale, Outlaws and Angels is neither for the weak spirited nor theatres apparently. This film pushes the limits of good taste and, using what appears to be a smaller budget, contains some unique art. Loved the scene where the group is walking towards the pond for a bath. Surrounded by violence, and under the impending threat of sexual assault, the piano music added just a touch of dark humour. The special effects are a bit weak but what can you expect from a smaller budget. Features a wonderful cast of known and lesser-known actors with some great costume design. My favourite characters included Esther (Frances Fisher), Alonzo (Steven Quezada), Forence (Francesca Eastwood), Henry (Chad Murray), Josiah (Luke Wilson), Augustus (Luce Rains) and Samuel (Marty Lindsey). Special mention to the despicable duo of Little Joe (Keith Loneker) and Charles (Nathan Russell), two of Henry's closer gang members. The film wouldn't have been the same without them. A hidden gem, Outlaws and Angels keeps you guessing, and wondering, where and how far it will go. This film is full of creepy characters and gratuitous acts of violence. Upgraded to four stars upon second viewing. Fantastic independent art.

Alex K (br) wrote: I Don't Like Film Director Rob Cohen.

Rachana N (au) wrote: Nice concept, but really didn't get most of it. The stories were good at making an effect on the viewer, but some of them didn't quite give much of a message. Stories like "High on the Highway", and "Lovedale" were either far-fetched, or somewhat messy. I did like "Matrimony", however

Miguel T (ru) wrote: Tiene sus momentos de excesiva quietud. No obstante, a mi me pareci muy sonoro el sufrimiento de Hanna, su verg 1/4enza de sobrevivir, y su casi imposible encuentro con alguien tan solo. Habr que seguir a Coixet

Alex T (gb) wrote: Original, edgy material. Comatose delivery and annoying voice. Cringy singing.

James L (es) wrote: Not up there with the best of Shane Meadow's work but still an enjoyable yarn nonetheless. Rhys Ifans delivers an hilarious performance!!

Tim F (it) wrote: A bit meandering, and several performances that I was tempted to skip over, but worth it for the good bits. I especially liked the Townes Van Zandt footage and the Christmas Jam Session with a very young Steve Earle near the end of the film (and there are several nice outtakes in the 'DVD extras' worth a look).

Scott S (mx) wrote: To Each His Own (1946) -- [6.0] -- Olivia de Havilland won her first Oscar for this sudsy soap opera about a woman who gives up her infant son and spends the rest of her life trying to reconnect with him. The melodrama may be an acquired taste, but no one can steal audience sympathy better than de Havilland. I went with it, happy ending and all. In a neat (and slightly creepy) bit of casting, John Lund plays both de Havilland's ill-fated lover and her grown-up son.

Kenneth S (jp) wrote: 1993 was a year when Gangsta Rap started to evolve and was the same year Menace II Society was released. A gritty, exceptional and critically acclaimed movie about an 18 year old kid named Caine who thought terrorizing the streets was whole lot better than getting on with his life. Great movie.

Jessica H (it) wrote: Actually a bit creepy and I could see it being remade.

Margarita S (br) wrote: A great trio of stars in a light, fluffy, funny film!