A grown man is still caught in the crossfire of his parents' 15 year divorce. He discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.

A grown man caught in the crossfire of his parents' 15-year divorce discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick T (au) wrote: genika apexthanomai ton ilithio, epanalamvanomai diaskedastiko k kirios prostixo elliniko kinimatografo opote afti edo i tainia itan mia xara diaskedastiki, me ton simpathestato vassili xaralampopoulo kai prosferetai gia ena poli xalaro vradaki... episis m arese apistefta to soudtrack... [eidika ena tragoudi meta ti mesi tis tainias (sto simeio pou i kopela siniditopoiei oti o xaralampopoulos einai kleftis k to kserei k aftos) ta spaei-katevasa to ost k den iparxei mesa (kserei kaneis tpt?)]

Asa C (fr) wrote: Interesting take on the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, with a focus on Ohio. This makes Kerry and Bush look like a couple of jackasses.

Lucia S (es) wrote: A more-or-less entertaining film depicting the little talked about case of the war brides (especially those post WW II) and the drama that ensued from this transplantation. The story itself was interesting, but the execution was uneven. Anna Friel was quite charming and endearing, and her character was fleshed out, but the rest of the characters seemed a little too one dimensional, their motives never fully explored. This film also suffered from a limited budget. Had it had more money and better writing, it could have been much better.

Brad H (ru) wrote: THIS MOVIE SUCKS! IT'S ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN! This move is guilty of what it is trying to make a point of: excessive violence in the media

Herp D (de) wrote: Incredibly disturbing and terrifying. A horror classic.

Michael W (ag) wrote: No EXORCIST stone is left unturned in this Italian film about demonic possession linked to a woman's past life as a witch. In typical Italian fashion, contains a few appalling scenes, not the least of which one involving a goat and Satan himself. I was confused by the servant being volunteered to be present for the exorcism when a member of the family was specifically requested.

Nikolas G (ru) wrote: painful trip throw drags

Del H (de) wrote: Character development is at a minimum, it's horribly slow, and awkwardly shot. It's a shame because the idea of a sociopathic samurai doomed by his own cruelty and violence could have made an excellent character study, instead it's a talky, boring action film with no resonance whatsoever. I'm going to go back to Kurosawa for a while if we're talking Japanese cinema.

Matt T (ca) wrote: Fritz Lang returns to the serial killer genre 25 years after his masterpiece M (1931). This time it is set in mid 1950's New York. The young male murderer is revealed in the opening sequence and quickly becomes labelled as the 'lipstick killer' due to his cryptic messages left on his victim's walls. The main focus of the film is the Kline media centre. Old man Kline is on his death bed and is concerned about his successer to his media empire. Upon death his spoilt playboy son inherits the business but decides to take a back seat. He devises a ploy for his three senior executives. Whoever finds the killer gets the big job. A race enfolds. As the murders take a back seat there is an emphasis on the dirty dealings and double crosses between the executives and their helpers, all trying different ways to impress the new boss. Ace reporter Edward Mobely (Dana Andrews), who is constantly drunk throughout, uses the tactic of taunting the killer on his TV news bulliting by using his girlfriend as bait! Another exec tries to get ahead by having an affair with the boss's wife! Anything and everything is fair game in the rat race of office politics. One-upmanship is the undercurrent theme as loyalties constantly change. There comes a point in serial killer film where an explanation for the behaviour and psychological state of mind of the murderer is revealed. Here a key scene is succesfully interwoven into the film with the interaction between the young killer and his mother. He's a 'mama's boy', a cliche perhaps but While The City Sleeps was released a few years before Psycho(1960). It's possible to identify While The City Sleeps as a Fritz Lang film because of his use of space, what with the camra flowing around the sets in a fluent and precise manner. And of course the crime genre being a Lang speciality. An impressive cast includes Vinent Price, George Sanders, Ida Lupino, Howard Duff, Thomas Mitchell, Rhonda Fleming and John Barrymore jnr as the killer. All put in good performances and help enhance the film. The only weak link is Sally Forrest who plays Mobley's girlfriend. Overall a solid crime flick that wanders into the cut throat, dog eat dog, world of the media and it's inhabitants.

Bruno V (it) wrote: Like disaster-movies , but this was on a amature-level...

Todd S (it) wrote: [font='Times New Roman'][size=4][color=#000000]I really applaud the acting work done in this film by both Roddy McDowall and Mary Steenbergen. McDowall really plays the nervous psycho well and Steenbergen plays several roles and carries them all off. The story plot is not too bad. It gives us some twists here and there and some good suspenseful moments. The music score isn?t bad but doesn?t really help the film much other than on a basic level. The few effects that there are in the film are done well enough. This one is worth at least one viewing, especially if you are into more atmospheric and cerebral horror mysteries.[/color][/size][/font]

Celestino S (nl) wrote: Probably my most favorite martial arts genre movie of all time.

Bill B (es) wrote: Finally had occasion to re-watch this one upon the big fat Blu-ray release from Scream Factory, and I dug it pretty well all over again.Plus, it's always nice to see Cronenberg as the villain.Rental!

Lady D (ca) wrote: Fairly dated yet pretty watchable. I think the main attraction for this film at the time was Tupac, but for me James Bellushi was the one that drove the film here.