A Captain's Honor

A Captain's Honor

In einer TV-Sendung bezeichnet Professor Paulet den im Algerienkrieg gefallenen Capitaine Caron als Folterer und Mörder. Dessen Witwe zieht mit der in Kriegsprozessen unerfahreren Anwältin ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   torture,   trial,  

In einer TV-Sendung bezeichnet Professor Paulet den im Algerienkrieg gefallenen Capitaine Caron als Folterer und Mörder. Dessen Witwe zieht mit der in Kriegsprozessen unerfahreren Anwältin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rick r (es) wrote: Chad Crawford Kindle's "Jug Face" is a sort of neo-primitive/folkish horror film steeped in a supernatural presence and superstitious stereotypes. This somber tale as twisted as the Supplejack and as pervasive as the Kudzu holds a lot of what it represents in superficial representations of Hill folk and magic. "Jug Face" stars Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum, Larry Fessenden and follows a secluded community of mostly kin, completely superstitious, worshipers of supernatural pit which heals life but also takes life. The decision is made by the turning of the potter's wheel and the face that soon is revealed in the kiln. My feelings on this film-I have to be really honest- are mixed at best. I lean more toward not wanting to like this film because quite frankly a lot of the character portrayals just came off more offensive than amusing but I also found so many small aspects about this film so cool and original-not to mention slightly taboo!The story is a pretty original folk-legend styled story that has some questions, that manage to linger just far enough out of reach to warrant watching the whole movie, hoping for small morsels of information to let you know more about this clan of hillbillies. Why the hell were they out there anyway. How did the come to find the pit? History - sh*t like that drove me to pay attention to this movie's story-line. I was not rewarded in that aspect but during the course I was given moments of uncomfortable, cringing accents, twisted family dynamics and enough gory moments to make the discomfort acceptable. The pit and the fact that faces of sacrifices form on jugs is the biggest thing that I loved about this film-oh and the gore!"Jug Face" runs a bit low in the adrenaline department instead flowing in a more melodramatic, lethargic wave of communal depression. I didn't find anything connectable with too many of the characters and Sean Young's character done more to irritate my viewing experience than accentuate it. So that was disappointing. However like I said-this story is pretty original and slightly outlandish enough to make anyone really want to watch it at least once! Don't expect much and if -like me you are southern and from the hills- some elements may come off a little offensive or clich but over all "Jug Face" holds steady at a mildly entertaining WTH? sort of movie viewing experience. Basically I was curious so I watched it-now that that is out of the way I can move on to other things.

Tom B (ru) wrote: Perhaps this movie is too full of the reality of the disappointments of life, but I found it ultimately depressing. Its message seems to be persevere in the face of blow after blow. Some people will let you down or try to kill you, but if you survive you'll find some people to help you. Fair amount of fairly gratuitous nudity. Good performances, even of some unlikeable characters by Jane Alexander, Radha Mitchell, Billy Burke, Fred Ward, and Greg Kinnear. The normally reliable Morgan Freeman seems too passive in this central role. Toby Hemingway seems doomed from the start.Good set direction in having the environments tell a lot about the characters.

Tony Y (de) wrote: i's pirate dang it I need to see it.

Spencer S (br) wrote: This film is very morbid but easily whimsical as well. Utilizing the culturally significant magic realism, the film deals with the beautiful concept of resurrection through familiar ties, but also brings up a lot of unsavory subjects. Just to name a few there's murder, incest, rape, and arson. Even though the pit of your stomach roils in waves at times, much of this feels very loving. The film is about the language of death, and how it can be translated by the living. Aiding in this interpretation is the way the dead are celebrated and remembered at their graves by their loved ones. The very beginning of the film starts in a graveyard, and throughout the film the imagery of morbidity strengthens itself by showing ghosts, white haired poltergeists, and bold colors that look an awful lot like blood. The main characters are sisters Raimunda (Cruz) and Sole (Duenas), who have different interpretations of their parent's deaths so many years ago. While one only wants to remember and sympathize with her mother, the other wants to romanticize the past rather than feel the pain she has buried for so long. The characters keep the story lively as they speak about their pasts, about how they see themselves through their descendant's eyes, and how their futures could be brightened through their own fates. Raimunda finally takes charge of her life after being smothered by the influence of her husband Paco (de la Torre) and Sole finds herself leaving her hardened shell and embracing her mother for the first time. The links between the family are interesting, but it's the twist ending that really cements this as an impressive study of life among Spanish women. Besides the mood of the film, it's really an interesting visual experience, and that lends to its rural atmosphere and ability to show the lives of women who have lost it all, but gained so much more.

Brian K (ag) wrote: What a delightful film - not to be confused with the horrendously trite 'Flyboys' starring James Franco - 'The Flyboys' is fresh, original, exciting, and touching. A joyous adventure that sucks you in and holds you in its grasp, 'The Flyboys' is an out of body, out of this world experience. Jason(Jesse James) and Kyle(Reiley McClendon) are two 12 year old boys who spend their school time avoiding bullies(and their hideously ugly brothers) and escape to an airport after school. Jason's uncle, Ed(Dallen Gettling) is a pilot and he takes the boys flying in his open cockpit plane. Well, when the boys sneak into a private plane, owned by a wealthy client, they are shocked when the client actually gets into the plane. They hide in the cargo hold and are surprised, yet again, when the plane takes off. They are in the air an awfully long time, so Kyle, looking for food, opens one of the bags to find a bomb. The boys enter the cockpit to find that there's no passengers and no pilot. Getting rid of the bomb, the boys - minding what Ed has taught them - land the plane safely on a desert highway(with cars driving on it!). Well, what the boys don't expect is that now, they are involved with the Italian mob. The rest of the film is an adventure unlike anything else! The film is written and directed by Rocco DeVilliers, whose love for the 'Star Wars' films led to his becoming a filmmaker(George Lucas gets a 'special thanks' credit). His sense of adventure and youth is reminiscent of 'E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial'. This film ranks among those films as a purely entertaining and sophisticated movie that children and adults alike can appreciate and participate in. Just like 'E.T.' the film never talks down to kids. The kids are intelligent, fun, good spirited, and act like normal 12 year old boys. They swear on the school yard, and moon each other out of victory. Also, the film never shows the kids playing video games or watching television. These kids are out riding their bikes and shooting each other with toy guns that carry foam bullets. It is fair to say that the movie may be a little dated. Having just been released, the film's stars, both about aged 12-14 when filmed, are now about 18 years old. If you're asking yourself what took so long, let me be the first to tell you that the budget for the film was 2 million dollars, barely a dent in the usual cost of a film of this stature(about 30-50 million dollars), and yet, it looks like a big budget Hollywood picture. The special effects are seamless and the cinematography is gorgeous. There's, what I can only imagine is, a blue screen shot that looks like Lucas himself shot it. The scope of the film, and in particular, the editing(by none other than DeVilliers himself) moves the film along at a spectacular pace. It's never slow, yet never feels rushed either. The kids are well written and give fine performances, but the adults don't get pushed to the sidelines. The usual problem with a so-called 'children's film' such as this one is that the adults are portrayed as stupid charicatures. Not this time. The adults are just as fun, well written, and portrayed as the two stars. My only regret is that this film has a very limited release, it hasn't been advertised well, and it's probably doomed to becoming a hidden, buried treasure. I can't recommend the film enough. It is deeply touching and a wonderful film for the entire family. Please, support and see the film. Advertise it as much as you can. There are people who need to see this movie. I count myself lucky at the oppurtunity I had to see it. Don't miss out on your chance.

Ellen S (ru) wrote: It was exactly what I had expected it to be. It was an easy watch without too much thinking involved. I really liked Ellen DeGeneres's character, it was interesting to watch her be attracted to men when we all know she's not. It was decent, but nothing to write home about.

Robbie M (br) wrote: It's surprising that I am enchanted by Guy Maddin. In theory, I despise his pretensions, yet in the celluloid worlds he creates, I find myself a willing believer--there is honest beauty behind the fakery. And there is aesthetic beauty in this one, too--a pollen-saturated sylvan dreamscape that is an elegant candy-colored homage to Max Reinhardt's 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' You wanna completely win me over? Throw in Shelley Duvall. This is silly, yes, but it's also lovely.

Lady D (au) wrote: Recommended by Scotty

Orlok W (es) wrote: Bed, Breakfast ... and Deadly Purification--Atmospheric Spanish horror shocker!!

Sam M (it) wrote: Good effort for a directorial debut, the intrusive stalking was quite over the top.


Amy W (es) wrote: Fun movie for the whole family

Chris D (ru) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid.

Michael R (br) wrote: Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth is certainly not as strong as the first two installments of the series, but still manages to feel satisfying. Overall the film works, even if it does lack the timelessness and intellect of the previous films.

Oliver S (es) wrote: Iconic americana. A darker side of Happy days, Grease American Grafitti et al. A tragedy.