A Caretaker's Tale

A Caretaker's Tale

A custodian in a housing project discovers that a naked, mute woman he found in one of his apartments has miraculous healing powers.

Harsh and bitter, apartment caretaker Per despises everyone and everything around him until he comes across a mysterious naked girl in an empty apartment. She doesn't know how to talk, walk... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Caretaker's Tale torrent reviews

Thadd C (de) wrote: One of the best Korean films I've watched in a while. Shocking storyline, a few creepy moments and a lot of gore.

Mark W (us) wrote: Very creative in the myriad of ways to shoot reenactments. Really enjoyed this family searching for the truth.

Jason H (nl) wrote: This is not a bad movie. I do feel the title and write up on the box is deceiving to who's story this belonged to. Great art and good voice acting.

Kristina K (ag) wrote: I'm a big Fantasy fan, but even I can't excuse the dullness in this production. I know that it may be huge temptation to play a queen but Miranda Otto should pick her roles more carefully.

Heather M (fr) wrote: This movie was so sweet. The beginning was slow and full of battles and betrayal, but the end was wonderful.

Inesa S (fr) wrote: Quite cute plot, easy to follow, with many witty lines, and of course there is Til Schweiger... I loved the scene in the field. European movies still have that artistic flair i really enjoy!

Adam U (jp) wrote: Wonderful Movie DeNiro was priceless, Dushku is a Knockout as always, and the rest rock also. could have done with a lil more Dushku though

Matt B (us) wrote: Sleepaway Camp has one of the most memorable endings in horror history. Unfortunately I believe the ending is really it's high point with not too much else to hold on to. The suspense that is building throughout feels uneven. Some of the kills are disturbing and grisly whereas others seem almost comical (This could just be a "me thing"). Felissa Rose is very like-able as Angela. Her wide-eyed stare, given throughout a good portion of the movie, reinforces the mysterious nature of her character. You could say the clunky tone throughout helps to bring the ending home (I would), but even at the movies short length it feels tedious building to it's shocking climax. I don't mean to bash it, this movie's ending made my skin crawl. It's a must see for the ending and a great (and unusual) orchestral score.Always see for your self!

Jin T (fr) wrote: The movie is not so bad after all. It's actually not your typical horror movie but the plot is questionable. Most horror films tend to be unrealistic and this is one of them but the story is alright. You got the typical youths not worrying about anything and thinking they're doing some kind of "outing" to feel free about it, when they have no idea that they're in for a nightmare. Even though there were signs along the way that their journey is not gonna go well. I mean, come on. A strange looking gas station is not so suspicious at all, right?Anyways, the part that was really questionable was the climax of the movie. The only thing you know was that there was a needed for sacrifice to please the gods below and that was it. There weren't much explanation as to how they capture and housed so many evil monsters and spirits. They just show you that they imprisoned by some kind of box with glass that prevent them from escaping and what not. Just somehow.You get the occasional jump scares and the typical characters going stupid and everything but other than that, this horror movie somehow separates itself from the others because of its plot, otherwise. A movie that's quite good for watching friends especially.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's one big mess up , fucked up shiet movie

Marissa M (us) wrote: Absolutelythe worst movie I have ever seen awful acting, no thrills . Movie about a girl who can't run fast enough to keep up with her group, and constantly makes poor life decisions . Please do me and you a favor and don't waste your time