A Casa das Tentações

A Casa das Tentações

Saul and his lifemate Monica return to São Paulo after three years of wanderings only to find the colonial mansion of his family full of all kinds of temptations.

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A Casa das Tentações torrent reviews

James B (ag) wrote: It could have been much better!

Carlos T (nl) wrote: this movie is really cool

Rania I (ca) wrote: This movie sucks! The actors play like schoolchildren and the whole plot is so superficial that it barely has any connection with the real Jacko and his life.

Justin B (jp) wrote: It's got certain monster movie charms and I always appreciate a movie that uses mostly practical effects but it never reaches the badass-ness of the poster. In fact there's no scene even remotely similar.

Lewis R (gb) wrote: It wont take a critic long to spot every single flaw with this film, from the lame acting to the awfull script, however the problems with the film run far deeper, the distasteful jokes about dead natives and the social commentary so far shoved in your face it feels patronizing. It would seem this movie does not have one redeeming factor, and yet somehow I still found myself enjoying it, as with many 'bad' zombie films the simple battle between the living and dead is enough to make me like the film, classic zombie gore and some badass zombie kills make it worthwhile for any fan of the genre

Jason E (nl) wrote: Most of the film seems to take place around the dead and graveyards. Too bad they didn't bury the script.

Charlie G (us) wrote: Unique humorous skits that make it N entertaining movie.

Nathan H (kr) wrote: This is a great movie if you're a girl. It's like a starwars for ladies. People who slag this film off have to remember when it was made & who the target audience was. Very enjoyable with a great soundtrack. You can't expect the best acting or the best plot as it's a teen movie but a classic of it's time nonetheless.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Caught it on opening day at my local cinema and i'm glad I did it was brilliant, Based on a true story about a small team of Marines whos mission behind enemy lines goes wrong and quickly turns into a survival mission, All the cast were great, It starts slow but when the very realistic action kicks in there's no rest bite and is very gripping, A brilliant film that's not to be missed.

Mark N (nl) wrote: The horribly average production seems especially wasted as Alec Baldwin turns in a performance far greater than the movie asks for or deserves. The movie lacks a single memorable scene, character of piece of dialogue to raise it beyond the TV-movie level and is just as forgettable. If it wasn't for Baldwin there would be nothing to recommend and its tribute to his commitment that the movie is recommendable at all.

Daniel T (mx) wrote: Goodness, gracious ... is it over with? The first three films were excellent and the fourth was pretty good. Beyond that, we started the steep decline into mediocrity. There is absolutely nothing to see here that wasn't already done better in previous installments.

Chris C (ca) wrote: Horrible. This is the type of movie that makes me rethink my love of zombies on film (or video). Where do I begin to recount the atrocities this "movie" as committed? How about right from the beginning where some random guy sort of stumbles into a zombie and rather than run away just sits there screaming as his flesh is eaten. Or the next scene where a couple listens to reports of chemical warfare occurring halfway across the globe (which naturally creates zombies in North America) being aired on the RADIO so of course we're treated to clips of TELEVISED news footage! How about random people that suddenly appear in the ever growing group of survivors when we cut to the next scene? This thing is chock full of actions that make no sense coupled with the faintest semblance of a plot brought to life by mediocre to bad actors with only the merest hint of direction. The best part of Zombie Night? The make-up effects were pretty good, and while it can be pretty forgivable in a movie like this for the zombies and gore to make up for any other shortcomings... the bad here outweighs the good by a few tons. Ugh, I can't say enough bad things about this movie and I've already said all the good I can. Don't watch this even for the joke factor... go watch House of the Dead instead. Yes, that's right, House of the Dead is better than this.