A Children's Story

A Children's Story

The story focuses on the life of an 11-year old boy surrounded by criminality and poverty in the suburbs of Naples.

The story focuses on the life of an 11-year old boy surrounded by criminality and poverty in the suburbs of Naples. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (ru) wrote: This was a great Netflix find! You didn't really know what to expect at any turn. I only remember Selma Blair as the stuck up preppy gf in Legally Blonde. Her acting was good in this, and an odd surprise with a bit part was Benson. Even the dude from My Name is Earl was in it but he was good. I liked the storyline and it was my kinda "thriller".

David S (jp) wrote: Sweet, smart coming out story, with a nice twist.

Barney o (au) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: It's very funny, right from the quirky intro it keeps you entertained and keeps you on a rollercoaster of sadness and humour in a really great plot. There's some great acting too - this film exceeded all expectationsWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It's just a little bit of fun overall, and might not appeal to global audiencesVREDICT: It's a great mix of humour and emotion. 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging,' is a lovely bit of fun British film.

AmyLouise G (au) wrote: Anything with 'Blood' and 'Gnome' in the title has got to be good...right?

MF J (jp) wrote: An interesting film with a very original concept! Nic Cages behing the camera is doing quite a good job. The cast deliver strong performances and it's all nicely put together even though this film is probably one of the most unusual i have ever seen coming from Holywood.

Jess G (br) wrote: Comforting and well-written, with good characters. Not much depth, but it's nice to have something light once in a while.

David L (br) wrote: Slow, boring, & not very humorous...the Patagonian Argentina setting is authentic but there is little to the storyline & no climax.

Michael S (jp) wrote: Walter Hill's stab at a Wild Bill Hickok biopic is a muddled mess. Littered with annoying flashbacks, it presents a watered-down and fictionalized account of Kickok's final days. One positive is that Hill would revisit this material again with the excellent HBO series "Deadwood."

Jesse D (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved this film,it's not perfect but it's the closest I've seen to the Tarzan I imagined as a kid.

Dani P (gb) wrote: Beautiful and touching story about a family who must run away from the police because of an event of the past that went wrong. The performances are amazing and that song by James Taylor, "Fire and Rain", is one of the most moving songs I've seen in a film. Oh, River Phoenix is brilliant, I forgot to mention. If you are a fan of cinema, please watch this masterpiece by Sidney Lumet.

Greg W (au) wrote: creepy good gr8 chemistry between Lupino & Ryan

Markku R (ag) wrote: Nice cozy feelgood comedy. Veronica Lake is charming.

Stephanie F (ag) wrote: Fanciful, to be kind, version of the history of General Custer; love Olivia de Havilland of course!

Steve W (br) wrote: A cheesy action adventure movie in the vein of Indiana Jones or The Mummy. Too bad the adventures the characters talk about are better than the movie. The action is very little and there should be more elements of the genre present. Also, the last scene should have been expanded on to make the movie better with one more action scene.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: If Kubrick's earlier 1950's films were very much of their time, this was his first timeless piece, but certainly not his last. A mockery of the idea of glory and a demonstration that in war a soldier's worse enemies are by no means those arranged along the opposing line.

Ethan B (br) wrote: Acquired taste is a perfect term for this niche market film. As far as sex comedies go, this is one of the better ones of the last 15 years or so. It combines a little American Pie with John Hughes-like characters. Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is a nice boy who longs for a girl to like him. He finally finds one on the internet and travels halfway across the country with his best friends Lance (Clark Duke) and Felicia (Amanda Crew) to meet up with her. Of course, along the way he rediscovers himself and comes to grips with his own identity. It's not the most original story, but what road movie is? It's all about the incidences that take place along the way.James Marsden often steals the scenes with his hilarious antics and dead-on portrayal of Ian's bullying pseudo-redneck brother, Rex, whose prized 1969 GTO Ian steals for his trip.As aware as the script and the direction is, it isn't perfect. Is Felicia really dumb enough to believe that Ian is really driving across the country just to see his grandma? If you intend to go on an 18 hour drive you don't just accept badly done lying. But it makes her presence on the road trip work and we ignore it.It never crosses the line of being too offensive--like many sex comedies try to be these days in order to separate themselves from the pack. It's amazing how we've entered into a new era of teen comedies in the last 5 years where most of them try so hard to be original that it ruins its natural charm. This one was made right around those turning-point years, but manages to remain mostly unfazed.I'm not usually a huge fan of this genre, but I enjoyed it's 80s/90s feel and great characters. I'd watch it again.Twizard Rating: 82

Maksim B (ru) wrote: A weird concept with a huge diversity of social, racial and political commentaries, Chi-raq is an ambitious piece of film-making by Spike Lee, which stumbles in its own lack of coherence and messy content. Dramatic, emotional and quite thought-provoking, this post-modern adaptation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata is a hard-to-chew blend of serious topics and dilemmas mixed with bombastic dances, kitsch and elements of an unfunny comedy.When a young girl is shot dead on the streets of Chicago, the girlfriends and wives of the gang members decide to take action and stop the bloody violence. Led by Lysistrata (Teyonah Parris ) the ladies organize a sex strike against their partners with the hope of stopping the gang war. The whole adaptation is actually a finely crafted period drama that takes on issues such as gun violence, racial violence, sex, crime and politics. With several razor-sharp messages and comments Chi-raq has the potential to provoke you and to make you feel uncomfortable while watching it. Unfortunately, the sharp social-political theme is mixed with kitschy visual approach, melodramatic pleas for change and at moments mildly annoying unfocused preaching on basically everything you can image, from violence, racial issues, sex, to social and political question. All of this results in a mess that is not hard to follow, but hard to process and to enjoy. With so many issues and topics tackled, the main topic of Chi-raq: the gun-control one gets somehow lost amidst all the kitsch, preaching and dancing. While many among the fans of art-house film-making will probably enjoy Spike Lee's delivery and consider it probably his most mature movie, I could only conclude that Chi-raq could have been an extremely sharp and gut-wrenching social drama if it had stuck to the topic of gun control and if it had not gone in such an unfocused manner towards preaching and melodrama.