A Coffee in Berlin

A Coffee in Berlin

A fateful day pushes an aimless college dropout (Tom Schilling) to stop wasting his time and finally engage with life.

This tragicomedy is a self-ironic portrait of a young man who drops out of university and ends up wandering the streets of the city he lives: Berlin. Then on one fateful day, everything changes: his girlfriend rebuffs him, his father cuts off his allowance, and a strange psychiatrist dubiously confirms his 'emotional imbalance'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bud L (ru) wrote: one of the worst movie I have ever seen, 1hr.20min. of my life I will never get back

Marc L (ca) wrote: La bande-annonce est peut-tre marrante mais comme bien souvent, les meilleurs moments du film s'y trouvent intgralement rassembls. A bien y regarder, "Case dpart" s'apparente une simple transposition des "Visiteurs" dans les Antilles esclavagistes du 18me sicle, l'efficacit en moins. Considrs dans leur ensemble, les gags sont lourdauds, et le duo de comiques acteurs, scnaristes et ralisateurs du film (Fabrice Ebou et Thomas N'Gijol) ne dgage pas de relle complicit l'cran, cas de figure un peu emmerdant dans le cas d'un Buddy-movie. "Case dpart" est donc une comdie d'un niveau assez mdiocre, comme le cinma franais en livre treize la douzaine chaque anne. En revanche, on se doute qu'une comdie sur l'esclavage, crite par deux acteurs "afro-franais", ne peut pas tre totalement dnu d'arrire-penses. tonnamment, c'est l que le film parvient marquer des points : autant ses ressorts comiques se rvlent uss, autant son message surprend par sa maturit et son refus du manichisme. Cet appel la fiert afro-franaise n'invoque le pass que pour exprimer une certaine lassitude le voir sans cesse ressass au nom d'intrts fort loigns des enjeux qui comptent pour la communaut noire de France. Et, dans sa volont de tenir un discours quilibr, "Case dpart" prend le parti de n'pargner ni celui que son rve d'assimilation conduit reproduire la relation paternaliste d'antan entre le Matre et l'esclave, ni celui qui pleurniche au racisme pour justifier ses propres checs. Dans la problmatique de la mmoire coloniale que le cinma franais se pique souvent de dcrypter, il est piquant de constater qu'une des dclarations d'intention les plus intressantes du moment provienne, non pas d'un "Grand Film d'auteur" mais d'une comdie populaire de seconde zone !

Profsrikanth P (mx) wrote: best of prabhas mooviee

Larkin R (nl) wrote: so heart felt that it made Nietzsche cry.

Countess N (ag) wrote: January 25th 2011 Really glad i only paid 1 for this movie.

Chris N (ca) wrote: One of the most hilarious and heartfelt comedies of the new decade so far. Fantastic.

Chad H (br) wrote: This movie is great for people who love to watch horror movies nonstop around Halloween or any time as a matter of fact. If this is you than you'll really be able to appreciate this Swedish film. "Evil Ed" is a flick about Ed the editor who has been promoted to the horror and slasher movie department. Now he spends his time cutting footage of gory horror films to appease the censors. However, he's a nice and simple man, and all of the exposure to these horror elements is driving him completely insane. The overexposure ultimately leads to him having horrible hallucinations such as a loaf of bread turning into a human arm, along with the devil coming and offering a race to hell. But one of the best parts is when the puppet flips off Ed. This is a very odd movie, to say the least. Some of the best parts come from the movies that we only hear, but don't actually get a chance to see. My all time favorite line from these movies is "Where in the fuck is my beaver rape scene"? I can only imagine what could be happening on the screen.The boss is my favorite character though, he's crazy. Although its a great spoof of the genre and definitely worth a watch around Halloween. Definitely falls into cult status.

Ronnie S (es) wrote: Cool cool cool ... R og brutal og det er sdan jeg elsker kampfilm. Ikk s meget at sige, historien var cheesy og bla bla, men meget intens og fed :)

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Box office smash of 1986 helped by Hogan's charisma. Decent comedy but can't help but think of short-lived WWF character, Outback Jack, when watching.

Ian W (de) wrote: This is probably the worst Hitchcock film ive seen yet. It still has its moments, but overall is too long and dull.

Tim S (br) wrote: Slow as I expected. Watched for film class.

Steve S (br) wrote: Actually pretty funny. Jason Bateman's character was easy to hate but fun to watch. The Indian kid did a great job and their interactions were fun to watch. It was pretty funny but kind of surprisingly vulgar. I recommend this movie.

Yousif V (it) wrote: Either the best movie I've ever seen or the worst movie I've ever seen. The movie is too ridiculous to not be "self aware" but even so...super ridiculous. A good movie to watch with a bunch of friends and completely laugh your ass off.

Dylan P (ru) wrote: I'm from Durham, so when they talk about certain things I understand and know what they're talking about. Hilarious and dramatic. Costner and Robbins were great together. One of my favorite movies!