A Common Man

A Common Man

A terrorist plants several bombs throughout the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka and threatens to detonate them unless prisoners are released.

Another action's film of Chandran Rutnam is starring Ben Kingsley, Ben Cross, Patrick Rutnam follows a hero's quest to overcome terrorist plot. After the terrorists create several bombs, they threaten to detonate them until the prisoners is free. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda W (ca) wrote: Different/Scary/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...

Steve R (de) wrote: It has got Tony Soprano and Dr. Who in it ... fast paced, funny, and spot on as far as explaining how first world countries fool themselves into eternal war.

Thasa d (de) wrote: a vampire Hamlet movie! Serieus,

li w (ca) wrote: hmmm, the writing was interestin... there should be a sequel called "Snow in the Mountain..." The main guy wasn't too great... but nick did good...

allicia s (gb) wrote: this is a nice movie

Matthew M (gb) wrote: Please tell me this is going to happen

Graham M (fr) wrote: Not as funny as the premise might suggest.

Margarita S (ag) wrote: This movie packs a powerful punch. It covers a heavy topic and the dialogue is thick with ideas. Brandauer's performance as the torn Hoefgen is magical. What a wonderfully layered performance! It's a very thoughtful movie - sometimes the speed at which the ideas come at you is head spinning and this manic energy can be exhausting at times. It is though an incredibly engaging movie and worth watching more than once.

Private U (au) wrote: Excellent film noir piece. On of the first to use forensic evidence. Ricardo Montalban is excellent as the detective trying to piece it all together. Worth a look.

Nicholas G (kr) wrote: "Bridge to Terabithia" is a story about friendship and imagination and has one hell of a twist(if you can call it that) that I didn't see coming but totally made sense for the story that it was trying to tell and tied things together beautifully. If you plan to see this movie do not read any review or watch any trailer, it would make for a much more rewarding experience if you know nothing about this movie(I didn't know a thing before watching this).

Sean L (it) wrote: A big hearted, quick-tempo biopic with as many personality quirks and oddly-charming eccentricities as the subject himself. Ed Wood, widely regarded as the king of the pointless, meaningless, hacked-together nonsense picture (aka the worst director who ever lived), is both blessed and cursed to not comprehend the depths of his own awfulness. Forward he endlessly marches, procuring has-been celebrities and clueless investors through sheer force of will and personality, all in the quest to become the next Orson Welles. Which, of course, is like buying a can of bug spray and expecting it to serve as a dessert topping.Johnny Depp is a great, big, overinflated bag of optimistic energy in the title role, half carnival barker and half renaissance man, but he's overshadowed by a heartbreaking turn from Martin Landau as a struggling, drug-addicted, late-life Bela Lugosi who somehow gets wrapped up in Wood's little world. Landau won a surprising Best Supporting Actor award for this take, well-deserved as he projects all manner of emotion to an unsuspecting audience and towers over every scene in which he appears. Bill Murray is also fabulous in a very small, nearly-pointless role, which surely deserved further exploration. Alas, at just over two hours, there wasn't time to get to everything.One of Tim Burton's best, most restrained films, bubbling and churning with his own brand of black, twisted humor, but also much more controlled and traditional than his more definitive films (say, Beetlejuice or The Nightmare Before Christmas). Energetic, entertaining, funny and poignant and tolerant, it touches a whole lot of emotions with impressive delicacy, and its deep ruminations on acceptance remain particularly relevant in a modern setting.

Toivo K (br) wrote: Quite an enjoyable film that starts off as a naughty comedy but ends up dealing with the rights of women. The romantic side of the story felt a little forced and formulated.

Nadia P (kr) wrote: " Love actually" ?? Nice film that I will recommend to my friends who have not already seen it... In general, I'd like to say that I find this movie realistic enough. Somebody can think that the film is exciting just because the plot is well-developed, but I consider that such a " love net" can exist in life. As for me, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. You know that the stories were so different and I tried to follow each of them and I had different guesses concerning the ending. I can certainly tell you that the most fabulous stories for me were the stories of Jamie and Aurelia; Mark and Juliet. The most sensational story was Daniel and Sam' s one. The scene when Sam was in the airport trying to say " goodbye" to his love girl was really nail-biting. I worried if he could do it. The weepy moment for me was when Mark came to Julia with Christmas cards. I wished they had been together! ?? Colin' s story was feeble. I can' t say it was atrocious but it was completely extra. Harry is a wooden hero for me. He didn' t feel his wife at all. He was mediocre. An aged man wanted his secretary Mia, while having a perfect family... Finally, if I were I a judge in a film Academy, I would say that " the Oscar for " Best picture" goes to... Mark and Juliet! " ???????????????? I hope everybody would enjoy this film as I did!!!!??

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: One of the many Tarentino rip-offs of the 90s, but definitely one of the good ones. Good work from all involved, especially Aaron Eckhart and Michael Jeter, the always underappreciated character actor. The script and storyline had strong elements of black comedy, and the multiple storylines were put together pretty cohesively, though some were definitely stronger than others. The violence was incredibly graphic, yet it was consistently so, and seemed befitting of the tone. It certainly doesn't have the same polish of a Tarantino vehicle but has enough good elements to make it an interesting ride.3.5/5 Stars

Kevin R (br) wrote: A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.A strict, up tight, and rigid banker hires a nanny to take care of his two children over the summer. A mysterious nanny appears, via a flying broom, and reluctantly takes on the responsibility. She pairs with a local singing alcoholic to give the children their most amazing summer ever!"I think a trial period would be wise."Robert Stevenson, director of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Love Bug, Jane Eyre, Herbie Rides Again, Old Yeller, Johnny Tremain, and Dishonored Lady, delivers Mary Poppins. The storyline for this picture is very well done, interesting, and a solid children's settings and feel. The acting is also first rate and the cast includes Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Reta Shaw, Glynis Johns, David Tomlinson, and Arthur Malet."You didn't jump in the river...how sensible of you."My daughter received this blu ray DVD for Christmas from her grandmother and we finally got around to seeing it...it was awesome (I had not seen it in a long time). My daughter enjoyed it in and out, she was mesmerized one moment and bored the next (she is six) but it is still a timeless, worthwhile, family picture that I strongly recommend. This is worth having in your DVD collection."I brew what I like and I like what I brew."Grade: A