A Company Man

A Company Man

Hyeong-Do (So Ji-Sub) is an assassin for a company that masquerades as a metal trading company. One day, he takes on a job partnering with a man Hyun-Yi, who is he is to kill afterwards. Hyun-Yi asks a favor to Hyeong-Do which is to give money to his family. Hyeong-Do visits Hyun-Yi's home where he meets Hyun-Yi's wife Su-Yeon (Lee Mi-Yeon). Su-Yeon is a former singer whom Hyeong-Do admired in the past. Guilt, an unknown feeling up to this point for Hyeong-Do, begins take over Hyeong-Do.

A faded pop star (Lee Mi-youn) gives a well-trained contract killer (So Ji-sub) a reason to want to quit the assassination business. But no good comes of it for anyone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Subhendu S (gb) wrote: Great performance by Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha, one of the best films of the year

Harpreet S (br) wrote: I Love You babbu Maan

Shelley S (it) wrote: loved this movie and the songs

corentin l (it) wrote: A totaly delectable movie. An original and extraordinary movie. Far from the modern realisations, this one seems to come right from a lost country. Never speaking of politic or social problem, a simple wonderfull story, with excelent actors. Take an afternoon to see and like this absurd journey.

Luke V (ca) wrote: An interesting comic anti-war movie. Basically about the commercialization of war and the true reasons for US involvement in the middle east. Unfortunately, it fails in most of its cleverness and just comes across as a little slow and boring. But if you want to see Hilary Duff in a somewhat "adult" role then this is it.

Audrey D (es) wrote: une merveille visuelle

Deondr P (us) wrote: Great movie!Powerful story that could've been initiated better.the ending was a let-down, although they had a great plan to get even!It's sad to believe homophobia is still alive in some crazy christians.Overall, I loved it.

Simone D (ag) wrote: Wonderful, touching story.

Samantha S (jp) wrote: I just couldn't get into the movie. Tried twice.

Ka Hay C (jp) wrote: could have been better. Interesting idea but 'too much action'?

Dan S (ca) wrote: A well-done, gritty drama about addicts led by a charismatic young man (Matt Dillon) who rob drug stores along the West coast in order to clinch their drive to be high at all times. Dillon is sensational in the lead role as a man whose aimless life keeps on taking turns for the worse that he somehow gets out of each time due to sheer luck, and instead of squandering his chances to start his life anew, his character battles to find redemption despite his clinging urges to stay on the path he is on. Gus Van Sant's direction is phenomenal, striking a nostalgic tone to this film as he shows the characters dancing and goofing around below bridges, unaware and uncaring about the path their lives are on. Van Sant gives us a convincing, harrowing look at the lives of people addicted to prescription drugs, and despite the somewhat predictable turn his story ends up taking, it still gives the viewer hope that not all is lost amongst the drug-addled bodies of these characters. An experimental film with an indie vibe, and not for all tastes, but a very good motion picture.

Kimmo H (es) wrote: Quite boring story about the girl who don't know what she wants; passion or real life.

John A (es) wrote: Hong Kong's Comedic Martial Arts Trio, Return For What Is Another Extremely Enjoyable Martial Arts Comedy Flick. This One See's The Trio Causing Trouble In Barcelona As Private Dick Moby (Sammo Hung) Has Been Hired To Find A Woman And Her Daughter. While Fast Food Chefs Thomas & David (Jackie Chan & Yuen Biao), Clash With The Daughter, Who Which Moby Is Looking For. What Ensuses Is A Great Comedic Martial Arts Film With Some Great Sequences. The Film Was Originally Going To Be Called "Meals On Wheels" But After The Failure Of 1982's "Megaforce" Studio Head Raymond Chow Vowed Never To Produce A Film That Began With "M".

Craig L (gb) wrote: Ask the question and you get Richard Dreyfuss yelling at you that each should decide their fate.

Nilufer R (br) wrote: I remember kids talking about this movie when I was in high school but I had no idea. It's very slow and simple. The theme song was great.

Lauren B (gb) wrote: the creator's of charlies angels have credited this movie as an inspiration- so has quentin tarrantino for the kill bill series. has that 60's feel- cool movie. fun to watch. not spectacular or innovative, but worth a watch.

Ella H (mx) wrote: Did the set decorator's deparment have fun!

Robert B (it) wrote: If the original "Fast and Furious" movies are already stupid, this manage to be even worse - actings are exagerated, effects badly done, jokes aren't funny... 3,0 / 10,0

Bradley J (br) wrote: Im sort of confused after this doc. It didn't amaze me like other ones, but it isn't horrible, because it did present me to different creatures i've never seen before. It just doesn't compare to any of Disneynature's films. Keep in mind that I saw the 48 minute version not the 96 minute one. Overall Rating:48