A Dark Truth

A Dark Truth

In the jungles of Ecuador, blood taints the waters. A multinational conglomerate's unholy alliance with a bloodthirsty military regime has resulted in a massacre. Only the rebel Francisco Franco and his determined wife Mia can prove the truth. To settle a personal debt, former CIA agent Jack Begosian takes on the freelance assignment to rescue Francisco and risks everything in a brutal battle to expose the cover-up.

A former CIA operative turned political talk show host is hired by a corporate whistle blower to expose her company's cover-up of a massacre in a South American village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (gb) wrote: Drags out its premise a little too long, but has its fair share of funny moments.

Brandon Y (us) wrote: Pure visionary words that I may find myself referring back to later in my career. Truly inspiring.

Tim W (gb) wrote: It really loses its magic when we know movies are so very fake. If it was a live performance sure but its just too easy. Kind of boring, Catch Me If You Can meets Oceans 11 meets The Illusionist. Cardboard cutout characters. Kind of neat but I'm not sure what the tone was supposed to be. Ending was too long. I already forgot it.

Jack G (ca) wrote: Had more potential than it used. I was actually impressed by Pattinson's performance on a physical level; he got the voice wrong (British dude trying poorly to do a Spanish accent, albeit I don't know what Dali sounded like in real life but it still sounded fake) but he did add an awkwardness and freakish glare that made him ideally Dali on the outside. That part was ok. The rest of the movie, however, is just too much like so many other bio-pics that have been made - gloss over history, make sure the characters are 2-dimensional, and in this case throw in a gay love story between Dali and Lorca. The acting, aside from Pattinson, is pretty weak too, with Beltran barely doing much to give his character much life aside from either star-gazing at Pattinson or whining that he doesn't love him enough or whatever (I also had a big pet peeve that Paul Morrison chose to do, which was having Beltran real Lorca's poetry in Spanish and THEN have a translated English portion read over it. Why bother? Why not have the poetry being read in its language and have subtitles? I'd rather hear it read however it is in its original language than how it comes off here, wherein I'm not even sure what he's saying). Also, McNulty as Bunuel- who is WAY too good-looking for how Bunuel looked in real life, Pattinson too but I can kinda let that slide- is very one-note, like "hey, I'm all brilliant and look down on people and am an asshole to my friends and run off to Paris, blah blah." I'm still waiting for the movie on just Bunuel, played by another actor. I bet Brad Dourif could do it. Best parts: a delirious montage showing Dali and Bunuel in Paris, Un Chien Andalou clips, and a few feverish sex scenes. Otherwise, a disappointing meh.

Muntasim T (fr) wrote: A small budget indie that proves again that a script is what makes a film, not huge marketing budget or over the top special effects. I was shocked to know that this movi was shot in two weeks! When movies seem to thrive on human misery and darkness of the soul (SAW, anyone?), this movie banks on the kindness of strangers and how chance encounters can profoundly change and impact ones life. Those looking for a simple story of an older man falling for a young woman would be disappointed, as things are not so simple. The relationship between the two protagonists is not easy to define, it seems ethereal and complex as both help each other to overcome emotional obstacles and grow stronger as human beings. Veteran Morgan Freeman plays off nicely against the Spanish actress Paz Vega, nicely complementing world weariness with the wide eyed hope of the youth. Not much ~happens(TM) in the movie in the actual Hollywood sense, but when reach the end, we can observe with surprise how much has changed in the emotional landscape of the two central characters. It could have turned out as an ego trip as Morgan Freeman plays an actor, but that pitfall has been avoided as we discover the vulnerability and fragility his character. Recommended for those who enjoy sprawling character studies and can be patient without twists and turns every minute.

Evan M (au) wrote: A tremendous take on an already tragic event. The film is great but the book & documentary 'One Day in September are masterful. Start there.

Ilja S (de) wrote: Three Kings is a brilliant mix of a war film, drama, comedy and action film, all based on real events and masterfully directed by David O. Russell.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Hadn't seen this since I was a kid, barely remembered it. Pretty funny, if unlikely movie. In the 80s, you really to suspend your disbelief in order to watch something like this. lol

Raouf T (it) wrote: 3 hours of greatness, enmity, envy, sorrowfully about mozart's tragedy life.and a hell of performence from F. Murray Abraham and creative dircting from Forman and i believe that Amadeus is the best bio-film have ever made

Raji K (br) wrote: Jessie Eissenberg and Kristin Stewart costar in Greg Mottola's Adventureland. Eissenberg is James Brennan a smart high school that has high ambitions and is ready to go to a good college. When his parents move back to where he group up Pittsburgh, he Is forced to get a summer job. He is under or overqualified for all the jobs he applies for except for the local amusement park Adventureland that welcomes him in without even looking at his resume. He starts in the game department and is taught about all the tricks and trades of each of the games by Joel (Martin Starr). He is warned by his two bosses Paulette (Kristin Wiig) and Bobby (Bill Hader) that he must not lose one of the coveted Giant pandas or he will lose his job. Not far into the job he is threatened at knife point to give up the panda, and a fellow ride worker Em (Kristen Stewart) assures him that it's not worth getting knifed over. The two become connecting and James falls for her, and when they kiss the first time he is electric. She has a bit more sexual experience, and she is having an affair with the maintenance man Mike (Ryan Reynolds). The two clearly like each other, but move at different paces and because of many the surrounding circumstances, they don't ever seem to quite touch base romantically. Adventureland is one of my favorite coming of age movies. Anyone who has worked a job similar to that of Adventureland can relate with this movie. Any job that sucks it is about the people who make the job borderline tolerable. Along with this comes great friendships and in this case relationship. Eissenberg and Stewart capture the difficulties and excitements of a new potential relationship. The other characters totally represent many of the co-workers that tend to exists in such environments. It because of these types of bonds and relationships that we fondly look back on some of the worst jobs we have had, and how they were somehow the great times of our lives. This movie made be undersold as a comedy even though Bill Hader steals every scene he is in. The film really shines as a coming of age romantic drama that really encapsulates how we all have been with somebody else at one point or another in their lives. -3.19.2017

Laura M (au) wrote: I liked it, but I will admit I do prefer Die Hard (1988) to it, but that makes sense because I prefer Willis to Gibson in general. I liked Glover's performance too. I'm totally going to end up watching the rest of the Lethal Weapon movies I'm sure

Darren C (gb) wrote: Greatest film opening ever