A Deal Is a Deal

A Deal Is a Deal

A comedy about ordinary people with unique dilemmas. How far will they go? Will the cocktail of desperation, friendship, loneliness, love and even a brush with cannibalism derail their intent?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   fight,   ring,  

A comedy about ordinary people with unique dilemmas. How far will they go? Will the cocktail of desperation, friendship, loneliness, love and even a brush with cannibalism derail their intent? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul J (br) wrote: Amazing documentary about Buck the fellow that they based the horse whisper on. Really good story.

Isis B (ca) wrote: Can't believe I've been spinning around on this rock, and not seen this film sooner it's like a flip coin sequel to Seven, John Doe Vigilante made me stop and watch, where most films I'm just impatient for to finish, even ones I've really enjoyed. Glad I found it.

Private U (gb) wrote: shut up u patrick t reardon ,micheal waldrop this not tha hong kong on tha country

Jason V (jp) wrote: This movie made me think a few things: 1. Why did the movie end like that and make me mad? 2. If you want a scene to be a so-called "good-lookin' scene," put Piper Perabo in it and just see what happens. 3. I wish they had shown more of the "Snow." 4. Did I like the movie or did I not like the movie? 5. I'm thirsty. 6. Am I? Could I possibly--? Yep, I'm in love with Piper Perabo. None of this means that I'm recommending the movie, though I wouldn't not recommend it, especially to people who like only a little snow and Piper Perabo and movies with endings that make me mad. It's kinda slow, in parts, but in an interesting way, and it builds a subtle, creepy suspense that's very effective and causes you to get all worried that something might actually happen to Piper Perabo (her character, I mean, but somehow that's just as bad...or good, if worry's what you're looking to feel). And then, toward the end, you begin to wish they'd show more snow, and maybe five or ten (perhaps a hundred?) more "good-lookin' scenes," maybe with a light snow swirling in the background. And when it ends (when you're mad about how it ended and you turn off the TV and sit quietly for a while, staring blankly into the darkness, looking back over your life and wondering, How can I make Piper Perabo mine?), you get real thirsty for pretty much any kind of juice. Sound good? Well, then I guess you might wanna rent it.

Kellen L (jp) wrote: Slow moving..sad..The ending is predictable but it wasn't a total waste of film.

Bagus S (it) wrote: one of disney sequel that went well

NansiLouise M (br) wrote: wicked get involved!!!

Ryan V (au) wrote: Goofy heist film that seemed to be on HBO every day I got out of school from 4th though 6th Grade. Harmless and kind of fun, but ultimately forgettable.

Wang S (ag) wrote: It is quite interesting to make this topic into a movie. It is really enjoyable to watch their performances. However, I really don't quite get what Tom Hank's speech was trying to convey. :(

Jason F (nl) wrote: I have to default to the 3 star rating because i neither liked nor hated this film to any extent. I just... didn't really watch it. Er, i did WATCH it, but i don't know what happened. I went into a trance or something and came out not knowing what I was doing (note to self: stop taking lsd)... honestly, i must have taken something because I didn't recall a thing that happened by the end.Not sure what my deal is. So i'll have to watch it again at a later date and re-review. Or maybe the movie is just so boring and bad i forgot about it, like a rape victim puts the trauma out of mind to go on with life.Yes, i was raped by 110th street. and it was not just a hell of a tester.

Bleak M (it) wrote: Oddly enough -- painfully unfunny. Even director Billy Wilder disliked it.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Filmed back to back with the first film ('King Solomon's Mines'), the continuity is spot on with all surviving cast members returning for the new adventure. Like before this plot is VERY loosely based on the Haggard novels, this time 'Allan Quatermain' which is the sequel to 'King Solomon's Mines'.The plot is pretty thin, 'Quatermain' goes off to find his lost brother deep in the African jungle (where else?). His brother is suppose to have found the long lost 'City of Gold' so that is what 'Quatermain' (and Sharon Stone again) search for. Alongside them they have James Earl Jones in barbarian mode again, well tribal African barbarian mode, a spiritual guru who is suppose to be the comedic relief and some tribal warriors (booby trap fodder).Problem with this film is its pretty much the same as the first one, there is nothing much to get your interest going as you've seen it all before. Also, and strangely, the visuals are much worse this time around with even more god awful bluescreen, hokey props, repeated stock footage, fake sets, tonnes of revolting natives and faceless booby trap fodder tribesmen. Location work is still the only plus point really, although James Earl Jones is clearly having a blast hamming it up in his over the top costume.Stone is even more terrible in this film as well! god knows how she became big after these films, shes a total drip!. Chamberlain still looks the part and offers some nice light touches but he's no Harrison Ford lets be honest, he doesn't really look like he could be a hero or fighter, ladies man yes but not a tough adventurer. Cassandra Peterson has a non dialog role as the sexy evil Queen, she merely stands around looking hot with her large boobies.So yeah its pretty much the usual African jungle safari stuff all over again. There is nothing really original or exciting here, the last part of the film which is set in the 'City of Gold' looks like it was filmed in an African hotel complex in the wilderness somewhere. The plot makes no sense as we move towards the finale and the way 'Quatermain' defeats the main baddie and his tribesmen is utterly ridiculous.Both films aren't taken seriously and extremely hokey all round but the first film is clearly the better one. I guess the money must have been tight for the second part as it seems a much poorer production. Its still reasonable old fashioned swashbuckling type stuff but definitely moving towards B-movie territory.

Rob B (au) wrote: Clever take on contemporary issues, however I was left feeling rather uncomfortable about what I was seeing and that overall hindered my enjoyment. I feel that awkwardness was intended, as it is essentially a movie about murdering innocent people. However I found the dark side of this film too over powering.

angela c (de) wrote: really funny comedy movie