A Decade Under the Influence

A Decade Under the Influence

Documentary on the effects of 1970s filmmaking.

A documentary examining the decade of the 1970s as a turning point in American cinema. Some of today's best filmmakers interview the influential directors of that time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Decade Under the Influence torrent reviews

Paul K (es) wrote: BEST movie EVER!!!!!

Omar E (de) wrote: msh merakez ma3a awy

Mitchell G (ru) wrote: What are any of us hiding? This kind of movie would never be made in the US.

Gordo d (ca) wrote: A tender mercies rip off.

Felix M (au) wrote: Must see PBS documentary.

Danielle F (ag) wrote: its not b rated, its a good one timer i guess

Buggy B (kr) wrote: I can't quite put my finger on why this was only an okay movie, I just felt like I'd seen it all before, even though it was based on real events (and pilots) it still didn't feel original. It tries to be episodic but falls short. The dog fights are well done and exciting, the romance so-so, and there were also some moments of utter cheese. I did enjoy the battle weary pilot Reed and the ongoing show down with his German nemesis. Pretty poor odds of making it home alive for these boys. 06.13 (2)"A high-flying adventure, about valiant American pilots who flew for France's famed Lafayette Escadrille in World War 1. James Franco stars as the thrill-seeking son of a Texas rancher who falls for a lovely mademoiselle."

Aaron B (jp) wrote: It's good, but loses everything after the first watching, when you can remember the jokes.

Dan S (br) wrote: A brilliant, subdued near-masterpiece concerning feeling lost and numb to one's marriage, as seen through the eyes of different people who are all connected through various odd coincidences. The acting across the board is terrific, especially Anthony LaPaglia as a cop with emotional problems and suffering from guilt after cheating on his wife (Kerry Armstrong). Certainly a very depressing and hard-hitting film that is not afraid to get its hands dirty, but the way it analyzes different situations with such perception and tender care is certainly admirable and impressive. Hard-hitting and not for everyone, definitely an adult movie, but a genuinely fascinating look at marriage and the careless decisions people make in order to find happiness that only proves to be fleeting in the end.

Michael M (br) wrote: It had everything I could want in an Ultraman moive.

Brett W (ag) wrote: Definitely one of the more off-the-wall Scorsese pictures along with After Hours and Hugo. Cage is magnificent as the weary, self-destructive and brooding medic who's passed the burned out stage and heading towards spontaneous combustion. Great supporting turns all around, and the music is more hit than miss, although sometimes the soundtrack does distract form the images, but maybe thats the purpose here.

Wade W (au) wrote: An unforgettable comedy filled with real feelings, heart, genuine laughs, a great cast, and a well-written story.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Nem o Bruce Willis capaz de salvar esse filme...