A Divina Comédia

A Divina Comédia

Patients in a mental institution see themselves as Adam and Eve, Sonia and Raskolnikov, a Philosopher and a Prophet, Alyosha and Ivan Karamazov, Jesus, Lazarus, Martha, Mary and St Teresa of Avila.

In a mental institution the patients see themselves as people like Jesus, Lázaro, Marta, Maria, Adão, Eve, Sonia, Raskolnikov, Aliosha e Ivan Karamasov, a Philosopher, a Profet, Santa Teresa d'Avila, reciting the Divine Comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent G (fr) wrote: buena idea pero muuuy larga y termina x aburrir

Yolandie G (es) wrote: wow, what a fantastic and insightful portrayal of a borderline girl - a believable developmental history, a life stripped of sensationalism and culminating with a glimmer of hope

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