A Dot and a Line

A Dot and a Line

The story of a young Colombian recruit who, while patrolling his country's border, is befriended by a Venezuelan adversary, and the tragic consequences of their relationship.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish Sign Language,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   explosion,   boat,  

"Punto y raya" is the story of a young Colombian recruit who, while patrolling his country's border, is befriended by a Venezuelan adversary, and the tragic consequences of their relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Dot and a Line torrent reviews

Alan L (it) wrote: The disappointment began at the second half,over dramatic and cared too much on nationalism.A bit wasted on the great fights and solid acting.However,I'm quite happy to see the two main leads without just showing off their martial arts background,they do can act.The female actress,Huang Yi will get the chance to add in my favorite actress's list one day,she is gorgeous and talented ,should deserve more roles.Eventually,the overall film still can consider as a good one,just less drama,it could be better,I believed.

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Maybe seen the a bit of the same in Happy Feet , but the new story and some new swimming animals make this as good then the first one ! SOMDVD

Manny C (ag) wrote: Miral, director Julian Schnabel's incendiary Middle East drama, is bursting with contradictions. It's at once open-eyed, yet narrow, it's made with incredible skill, but still wanders at times, and it tells a story concerning Israel through the eyes of Palestinians. It's a perfectly valid way of going about things, but the drama is lost in the many stories of victimization.The main focus is on Miral (Frieda Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire), born in 1973, but from there the film meanders all the way back to Israel's founding at the war that tore the region apart in 1967, all of it shot as a rundown of abuses suffered by Palestinians. Fast forward back to Miral, who is radicalized by the intifada in 1987, torn between her more conservative father (Alexander Siddig) and a rebel leader she fancies (Omar Metwally), which only clutters the film's attempted focus on Palestinian anger. Most interesting is how things shift when the radical leader embraces moderation. The movies then does as well. Miral is many pieces of the Palestinian experience, often brought to searing and brilliant life. But it's still a mess. I expect better of Schnabel (Basquiat, Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly), but this is no failure. Why hate on a film with real ambition?

Amanda D (de) wrote: I wasn't a fan of this movie at all

Steven L (br) wrote: It seemed too forced at the beginning, but the performances and cinematography rescued this film for me.

Ky K (kr) wrote: The story may lack of credibility, but it's undeniable the fascination that it creates thanks to the breakthrough performance of Ellen Page.

MEC r (au) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Tyler S (br) wrote: This movie is downright creepy and eerily original. Bettis absolutely killed it as May...someone described as very alone and troubled. She wants to create a special friend and by doing this she murders people, cuts off one of their limbs, and proceeds to stitch them all together. Bettis is the star here as she is very believable as a troubled young woman.Definitely recommend.

Andres G (nl) wrote: Classical Woody Allen movie, script and performance. Funny at times, but not one of the best ones.

Greg W (mx) wrote: felt cheap production values but good story and based on actual events.

Chris L (gb) wrote: Danny Dyer is Awesome for playing a Gay role, and I cried watching this movie.

Paul A (jp) wrote: Death Race 2000 is one of those films that you know is shit. But as long as you accept that it is shit you can enjoy it immensely.The premise is simple. Five drivers race across The United States vying to not only be the first to cross the line, but also to rack up the most points, points which are awarded for killing members of the public by running them over in increasingly gory ways.Of course there is more to it than that, there is a sub plot to over throw the President of the World (being a film set in the future, the President of the United States is obviously automatically the President of the World :-/ ). To this end one of the resistance fighters has somehow infiltrated the race as one of the navigators in order to sabotage it. Worry not though, as our anti-hero Frankenstein (played by David Carradine) takes her to bed in the second act, and so she soon falls into place working with him rather than against him.The gore is of course laughable by today's standards but that just adds to the fun. In fact the scariest thing is the big hairy minge of one of the female stars who sits up half way through a naked massage. I know it was filmed in 1974, but surely someone could have CGI'd it out for the DVD release?There is also a an early appearance by Sylvester Stallone, which rather than being embarrassing, worryingly looks like he filmed it last year, so little has his acting style progressed in 39 years. More often than not the footage of the cars is sped up and at times resembles the chase at the end of an episode of Benny Hill. Also at one point the resistance positions a cardboard cut out, of the front of a tunnel, next to a cliff and a car drives straight through it and plummets to a fiery explosions. When my wife pointed out this something Wile E Coyote would do to Roadrunner I nearly choked on my popcorn.So yes it's shit, and yes it's laughable, and yes there was obviously very little budget to work with. And yes, it's a great watch. After all when David Carradine is delivering, with all seriousness, lines like "I lost my taste buds in the crash of 97" how can you not love it?

Paul D (mx) wrote: The story is a little obvious, but the music is fresh and entertaining and the script includes some nice humour.

Ryan V (br) wrote: Make Mine Music debuted during a period when Disney's animation staff was shorthanded and underfunded due to the war effort. Many Disney films of this era were cobbled together from partially completed material and this entry was no exception. All ten shorts in this package are animated accompaniments to pop tunes, crooning, big band swing jazz, light symphonic music, and some pseudo bluegrass. Make Mine Music is often compared very unfavorably to Fantasia and it certainly falls quite short of the mark set by that movie (The "Blue Bayou" segment in this film is actually a scene cut from Fantasia and reedited with new music). While a few of the bits are forgettable, it's really hard to completely dismiss "Casey At The Bat", "The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met", or Sterling Holloway's reading of Prokofiev's "Peter And The Wolf".

Nolan F (us) wrote: Liked it much more than phantom of the opera. In the 1922's I can see this scaring people out of their minds, but not in the same way as the phantom's exploitation of the gross. While the phantom only sets out to shock, Nosferatu sets atmosphere, and while the movie is no longer scary, modern audiences can still feel the dread, the gothic chill, the forces of supernatural. The framework for the plot is a bit rough, being one of the very first, so not having years of horror cinema to draw from. Innovative, chilling, beautiful, and engrossing. Too bad the characters were one dimensional.

David B (ru) wrote: the riot club is set over id say a week in the lives of these guys so if your thinking like i was that it be over all there years of college youd be wrong also the bulk of this movie is set in one room a function room in a pub just so you know. I taught it was differnt and I enjoyed it.

James B (br) wrote: This was a pretty good movie.

Hanna L (us) wrote: Really good movie, thrilling but very sad. I think it wasn't to clich and commercial, they made a good balance between the two.