A Double Life

A Double Life

A Shakespearian actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character's jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.

Anthony John is an actor whose life is strongly influenced by the characters he plays. When he's playing comedy, he's the most enjoyable person in the world, but when he's playing drama, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wiebke K (nl) wrote: Slow going, but with some interesting historical context for Hong Kong

Carlos M (it) wrote: Anderson's grandest film to date is a thrilling ride and a visually dazzling pastiche that is deliciously preposterous, entertaining and hilarious in the same measure, with a fantastic soundtrack and a phenomenal production design like nothing he has ever made before.

Tim R (gb) wrote: For those looking for a thrill!

Tommy D (br) wrote: Not sure why I watched this...not as bad as I thought is was going to be but not really that good either

Saquib R (gb) wrote: Hillariious..!! a must watch

irin T (it) wrote: Definitely worth a watch and worth to think about.

Angela H (ag) wrote: they almost lost me in the beginning, but i got there. now i have as many questions as answers, but isn't that the point? i just wish i could ask the creator if Jason has cancer. i suppose not, or he couldn't have met future jason...

Alig G (au) wrote: Muy probablemente Robert Rodriguez no se caracterice porque todas sus pelculas tengan un estilo diferente, porque si nos fijamos bien en sus pelculas toda tienen el mismo ritmo, estilo, y hasta podemos decir eso con los personajes, pero la manera en la que estn ejecutadas con dosis de accin muy divertidas y unos cuantos detalles en la trama bastante cmicos que de vez en cuando llegan a ser interesantes, as que por ms innecesaria que te parezca "Machete" hay ocasiones en las que no puedes negar que es bastante graciosa y emocionante por las cargas de accin que conlleva la pelcula que cumple lo que promete, aun as no pasa por pena ni gloria en el cine de Robert Rodriguez y no es lo ms innovador del siglo veintiuno aunque se puede ver agregando que Danny Trejo nos trae una actuacin digna al personaje que es Machete que nadie lo puede negar o hay mejor actor para interpretar a este personaje que Danny Trejo. Interesante stira que no te dejara indiferente.

Jasenko P (fr) wrote: This movie was forbidden in Usa, Israel, Germany and England..... And now you ask yourself why, let me tell you why... WATCH THIS MOVIE! This is not a movie you see everyday, 60 percent of what happens on screen is factually true. Its an action movie taking place in Iraq - a movie shot from a different view then the american point of view! This movie paints a different picture much different for that Bushregime picture you have seen so far.

Ryan L (ru) wrote: Your favorite bad guy from Kindergarten Cop plays a ridiculous bad with precise bad guy acting. its a shame this is pure B-horror, because overall the script is solid.

Derek M (jp) wrote: Great story, Great ending, Just a tad bit boring to watch. But if you can get passed the poor acting. Its worth the ending.

Bat T (mx) wrote: I'm a huge Tenacious D fan, I love this film. That's my review."You are the Devil, we are the D!"

Judge L (jp) wrote: Very well done flick! Just kept getting better and better. One I will for sure go back and re-watch.

Justin S (nl) wrote: Dubby is annoying, not as good as I recall. Snake chamber was cool, ghost girl stupid

bill s (ru) wrote: Interesting watch with interesting performances.....can not believe some of the negative reviews I'm seeing.

Anonymous A (de) wrote: +0.5 star for a childhood movie

Joel S (kr) wrote: I love Mickey Rourke, and know he hates this movie. Still, I'd like to see it.

Mihai M (nl) wrote: Not as much a vampire flick as an artsy study of suburban ennui.

Jerome S (br) wrote: Excellent documentary! Music of course is superb.

Allan C (it) wrote: Terrific Sam Peckinpah western stands as his most elegant westerns and one can certainly make the case that this may be his best, though I'm sticking with "The Wild Bunch" as his best among several brilliant films. The film tells the story of two old timers living in a world that's past them by and doesn't appreciate them (a reoccurring Peckinpah theme). Perfectly cast with western veteran actors Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott, the two take on a beneath them job of guarding gold from a mining camp to the town bank. On the way to camp, they pick up Mariette Hartley, a young woman running away from her religious fanatic father (another familiar Peckinpah theme) played by Peckinpah stock company actor R.G. Armstrong. Hartley wants to hook up with a miner boyfriend up at the gold camp, so they agree to take her there. Future stock company actors L.Q. Jones and Warren Oates also appear as a couple of very uncouth gold miners. Things get complicated when Hartley is nearly raped on her wedding night and wants to leave with McCrea, Scott and their younger partner back down the mountain to town. Things are further complicated when Scott and his younger partner decide to double cross McCrea and plan to make off with the gold they are supposed to deliver, all with the Hartley's hillbilly family on their trail to get his bride back. Although this film doesn't break with western tradition as Peckilnpah's later revisionist westerns would, he does push the boundaries in terms of grit (the mining camp is disgusting) and some of the violence has a tougher edge (there's a chilling moment during a shootout where McCrea locks eyes with a man he's just fatally shot) that you really don't see in Hollywood films outside of a Samuel Fuller film. Peckinpah didn't receive a writing credit, but looking at screenwriter N.B. Stone Jr.'s other credits there isn't anything nearly as good as this film, with the only standouts in his filmography being the very average Disney "Zorro" and an average Robert Mitchum oater, "Man with the Gun." There's no way this mostly TV western writer came up with amazing scenes like the mining camp wedding that includes prostitutes for bridesmaids, a drunken judge officiant and a near rape of the bride by the passed out groom's brothers. That's not to mention the thematic elements that run through nearly all of Peckinpah's films. Peckinpah's frequent director of photography Lucien Ballard provides picturesque photography (even disguising the soap bubble doubling as snow in the mining came, which I never noticed until I read how pissed off Peckinpah was about that). If you had had to boil down this film to one over arching theme, one one that you could likely apply to nearly every film by Sam Peckinpah, it comes from the moment that McCreat utters the phrase, "All I want is to enter my house justified." That was true of Peckinpah in his own life and was the driving force behind and drama crux of a nearly all of his most significant films (i.e.. The Wild Bunch's suicide march to save Angel or Dustin Hoffman's pacifism driven out by the need to protect his home, etc.). But overall, this is among the finest westerns ever made and wa s fitting movie for McCrea and Scott retire on (though McCrea later decided to un-retire).