A Ducking They Did Go

A Ducking They Did Go

The stooges, tricked by some con men into selling memberships to a phony duck hunting club, sell all the memberships to the police department. When the crooks skip town, the stooges are stranded at a duck-less lake with a lodge full of cops.

Con men hire the Stooges to sell memberships to a phony duck hunting club. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arpita M (ru) wrote: With the exception of a few lines and one great song, a lot more of the same. Prabhudeva - why don't you make a musical?!

Paul J (fr) wrote: And I sort of liked the earlier movies in this franchise...why'd they have to go one too far again?

Stephanie S (gb) wrote: Super charming french film.

Angel M (ru) wrote: luv thi movie u to Mary - Kate and Ashley

Annaleena H (nl) wrote: The acting is just horrible. :(

Henrita R (ag) wrote: Very funny! European movies rock! I love Ibo. It truly is the german "Jalla! Jalla!"!

Hunter W (jp) wrote: It's captivating to behold Middle Earth for the first time on the big screen thanks to Peter Jackson's superb direction. Furthermore its large but wonderful cast brings life to its timeless characters that seem to spring right off the pages.

Deadly V (ru) wrote: One of the Most Emotionally Involving Films I've Ever Seen

Ryan G (br) wrote: This is actually one of the better horror films I've seen but I have seen very few. I'm also not surprised by the low approval rating though.

Ronan F (mx) wrote: An insane book by an insane author translated, albeit roughly, into an insane movie by an insane director...I love it! :)

Private U (de) wrote: A psycho killer is slashing beautiful strippers in New York. Tom Berenger tries to stop him! "Fear City" is pretty good, but it's obvious that scenes of violence were heavily cut. The urban setting of New York and story reminds me a little bit "Maniac"( 1980)and "The New York Ripper" (1982). There's plenty of sleaze and tons of nudity (even Melanie Griffith is naked in a couple of scenes!). If you like Abel Ferrara movies ("Ms 45","Driller Killer") check out this vastly underrated film.

Vincent N (es) wrote: Decent martial arts movie.