A Few Screws Loose

A Few Screws Loose

A lonely man, Stuart, enters a world of junkies, porn stars, and serial killers. Every scumbag in LA is out for his head. Will he survive?

A lonely man, Stuart, enters a world of junkies, porn stars, and serial killers. Every scumbag in LA is out for his head. Will he survive? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jasmine S (it) wrote: 1?2>?(TM),?"~

Julio C (mx) wrote: Hace mucho que no veia una peli mexicana que me gustara. Tecnicamente es muy superior a lo que estamos acostumbrados, el guion es brillante, mezcla 3 lineas argumentales de una forma sorprendente, la edicion es impresionante, y una puesta en escena muy descarnada. Pero sobre todo, lo mas impactante es la historia, perturbadora, espeluznante, y principalmente triste y desconsoladora, ese Mexico que no queremos ver, el de la corrupcion, la violencia, la inseguridad y la pobreza. Vale la pena

Shane D (nl) wrote: The box was covered in 4 star ratings for this movie and comparisons with the intriguing "Don't Look Now". Well, the comparisons are at plot level only. This is an attractive but quite dull movie where nothing of any consequence happens after the first 5 minutes. The credits role and you feel short-changed. "Is that it?" Unfortunately yes. The basic ingredients are good, the acting performances are worthy but the plot doesn't bear any scrutiny. The flixter results bear this out. Users (who must like this kind of movie to rent it) were disappointed wheras critics liked it.

brooklyn Man things a (nl) wrote: watch it every chrissy

Toni S (ag) wrote: Rather brilliant treatment around the making of Nosferatu. Somehow captures the magic that the original film conveys in a rather eerie way.

Michael W (jp) wrote: As a young teen in the 90s and a fan of the horror movies at that time, I found this spoof to be the perfect balance of absurd and funny.

WS W (mx) wrote: Watched it finally... 18 years later.Quite funny, in a way; but rather boring indeed. Nevertheless, still surpasses the 3D version made in 2011.

Robyn M (de) wrote: Seriously! What's with all the Hate against Goodman? This is a childhood classic... perhaps you were born in 2000... the 80's were a tad strange.Ralph (John Gooodman) is Hilarious, delightful, charasmatic and down to earth American style. after a freak accident, as a long distant relative who must agree to take thrown. For England and all..... It's a never ending joke with crack up stunts, spit fire lines of screw ball humor and a lady love that makes everything so complicated. Ralph is put to the test of high sociaty and given the history of no class and manners, he become englands joke and a surprising host to royalty around the world.

Matt H (us) wrote: I'm all about visually atmospheric films, and it appears that Besson's initial directorial effort w/this 80's cult classic qualifies....now if only I can secure a reasonably-priced copy of the Columbia/Tristar disc....($33 @ BestBuy -- wth?!)

Mary Beth P (de) wrote: Not as good as the orignal, but it is worth watching.

Matthew D (ru) wrote: An average yet watchable romantic comedy that while has some great acting somehow stays a run-of-the-mill "comedy"