A Fighting Man

A Fighting Man

Two men meet in the ring for a fight that will change their lives.

Two men prepare for a boxing match that will change their lives. One fights for redemption, and the other fights for change and hope. It’s a brutal five rounds, filled with cuts, bloody eyes! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter R (gb) wrote: This inspiring and touching documentary reviews the missions and people of the US space program emphasizing the 12 men who walked on the moon in the Apollo missions. Numerous times throughout the film, I got goosebumps and hair stood straight as the music, images, and interviews combined into a deeply touching inner experience for me. I highly recommend this film to everyone as these people made history and shared their science, their time, and sometimes their lives--in a spectacular display of awe and wonder.

Camille B (nl) wrote: Worst movie of the year Just an insult to Belle de jour...

Chris S (au) wrote: I wanted to see this movie.

Amber P (mx) wrote: Another great gay sports film. This time about football not volleyball. A gay bakers son gets kicked off the local football team when they find out he's gay. Thus follows a lot of stereotyping and gay bashing from nearly the whole village. Ecki goes off to form his own 100% gay football team to prove that gays can and will kick some serious ass. Great group of characters, great film.

Brian K (it) wrote: For the last time Hollywood, computer generated snakes are not frightening. Especially when the film is so badly written.

Renee F (jp) wrote: He plays the part of what I would like to see in a man--very fiesty--ornery--romantic and right to the point--

Dale E (jp) wrote: This film is so crazy, loved it!

Anthony P (es) wrote: Loved this movie from begining to end, this shows what true friendship is all about, Awesome performances by Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage, no wonder these two men became such great actors.

Carrie T (nl) wrote: The Boxtrolls is beautiful to look at, from its characters to the set itself. The story is fairly original, but the villain's motivation was cliche and the last act was too forceful on its message.

Charles S (us) wrote: actually a pretty funny parody of The hunger games.