A Film with No Name

A Film with No Name

The Kosovo region of Yugoslavia near the Albanian border is the scene of political unrest and a modern Romeo and Juliet romance in this satirical political drama. A film director (Meto Jovanovski) gathers information for his documentary about the Serbs being forced to depart by Albanian Moslems. As the region heads towards ethnic warfare, the young Albanian woman Nadira (Sonja Jacevska) falls in love with the Serbian Miloljub (Cedo Arobabic). He is captured and castrated, and the private lives of Milobjub and Nadira become part of the director's story in his film. He must answer to the financiers and producers who believe his film was to be a comedy. The events foreshadow a long and bloody conflict between two factions, a battle that has not abated in the ten years since this film's initial release.

A famous director wants to shoot a film about forbidden love between a Serb and Albanian woman from Kosovo, but the religious, traditional and mentality differences prevent all three protagonists to make their dreams come true. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed M (mx) wrote: Just boring, a story that's bad, barely interesting, only the acting, somewhat of the story and songs have saved this movie from being a disaster.

Tristan M (kr) wrote: Seal Team 8 is definatly the best of the Behined Enemy Lines series, but it still sucks. The beginning was not off to a bad start compare to the rest of the movie, and I was a little suprised but then it all went to hell during the boat chase. Stuff like that dosent happen in the military, or ever for that matter. Two times one guy should have died, but nope he somehow survives and can still fight. Holding on to the top of the dam after his boat exploded? Really that's like 007 or Indiana Jones stuff. Then right after a guy gets hit by a RPG and exploded in body parts. Why is this part suddenly brutal and realistic? Then the ending was dumb, the girl was a double-agent bad guy the whole time (of course) and the American soldier dresses up as just a regular guy and kills the bad guys. And the bad guys are retarded, they just fire all their rounds when they can't hit the American and when they reload he shots them. If this movie was 007 it would make sense of everything that is happening but it isn't 007. Its supposed to be a war movie. It reminded me more of the movie Sahara than any other war movie I've ever seen.

David L (fr) wrote: Kudos to Al Pacino for delivering such a spectacular performance (and wigs!) Mamet's adaptation, esp. many of Spector's soliloquys seem ridiculous, but we get it --here's a legendary producer, the little Jewish kid who was beat up in school, insecure & thought of himself bigger than God and suffered a martyr complex. The same could be said of so many Hollywood celebrities. Leaving you feeling vacuous, yes, but watch it for Pacino & Mirren.

Justin P (au) wrote: This movie looks so awesome

Akash S (it) wrote: Priyadarshan has been on a downstream with his last few films.. the story lacked, the performances were okay and there was no mention of any dhol in the cool opening sequence.. the comedy was fresh and new, which got the 1.5 stars.. Sharman Joshi and Kunal Khemu were naturals.. Rajpal Yadav was amazing and Tushar needs to go through puberty.. cnat stand tanushree and om puri could have had more snap.. other then that a okay watch and a decent time pass!

Joanof A (mx) wrote: sean o' brien is a fugitive on the run after being involved in a terrorist bombing. with the help of the three man he erase his past and create a new identity. sean trying to find a way to disappear in america.should have been better if they includes the detailed information how sean got involved in bombing.the editing was bad and the camera's shot as well. and what i did notice there's a lot of scene that they did not use any background music. ei thats weird and kinda bit boring.

Joshua H (gb) wrote: Sooooooooooooooo booooooooooring

Andr D (gb) wrote: La directora colombiana Patricia Cardoso va al punto con esta sencilla pero fantastica historia protagonizada por Ana (America Ferrera), una mujer que esta cansada de ser identificada como hija, hermana, esposa, empleada, puta y gorda y que tiene deseos de aprender, amar, ser amada y en ultimas, de vivir. Lupe Ontiveros es fantastica en el papel de la madre hipocondriaca, martir, obsesionada por los chismes y por la gordura y la virginidad de sus hijas, quien sobreprotege tanto a sus hijas como a unos periquitos a quienes tiene encerrados en una jaula. Cardoso logra una sorprendente obra maestra que nos muestra lo lejos que todavia estamos de la "liberacion femenina" en una sociedad donde madres e hijas viven obsesionadas por un cuerpo esbelto, por los peligros del sexo, por el matrimonio como finalidad ultima y por ser reconocidas como victimas y martires. La escena de las mujeres desnudandose para compartir sus estrias y celulitis ante el rostro escandalizado de la madre, no puede ser mas elocuente. Mujeres, por favor, liberense!!!!!

Alex C (nl) wrote: Un film qui passerait Canal Vie tellement l'intrigue est bidon! Patrick Swayze est un tolard qui correspond avec 4 femmes en mme temps. Celles-ci l'apprenent et l'une d'entre elle part en vendetta contre les autres femmes. Come on! L'histoire est dnu d'Intrigue, les scnes d'action sont molles et les acteurs sont bidons comme dans des films Nanars. Kim Myers l'air de la doublure de Meryl Streep! Bref, un film de fail!

Liam A (au) wrote: this has virtually no real plot or explaination on the "neon maniacs" in question, they are a group of weird creatures each with their own defining weapon who come out at night and kill partying teenagers in the park, which leads to one of the survivors of this massacre being stalked by them. very entertaining and a very unusual method of killing the maniacs too 7/10

Nathan C (ru) wrote: Despite relying on atmosphere rather than blood and gore, this film does not quench my thirst for a good horror/suspense movie. There may be fine acting, but the film's prone to horriblathermia: Stage 1 - poor characterization; Stage 2 - bland chemistry; Stage 3 - its inability to scare or create feelings of unease; Stage 4 - complete boredom (this is also known as the stage in where there's no hope for this movie now); Stage 5 - predictable ending. The music failed to make it any better. Instead of trying to find a plot (or watch this movie), actually hike through the desert, but bring a lot more water than the idiots in this film did (They only brought 2 bottles, which wasn't very smart).