A Flying Jatt

A Flying Jatt

Jatt is a reluctant super hero that fights crime and protects people. He meets his match in the evil Raka who he must face off to save the day.

Jatt is a reluctant superhero who fights crime and protects people. He meets his match in the evil Raka, who he must vanquish to save the day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Flying Jatt torrent reviews

Larry S (jp) wrote: Sentimental romantic comedy drama. Filmed in Danish with Pierce Brosnon speaking English. Stars Pierce Brosnan and Danish actress Trine Dryholm make the film worth watching.

Daniel E (us) wrote: Not a bad movie and funny too.

Rose B (it) wrote: Plot was not interesting. Could not hold my attention. Disappointed.

shawn o (kr) wrote: incredible drama..love the sound of the rocks being dropped all the way thru the movie..great foreshadowing

Klara K (es) wrote: Jag tycker att den var medryckande. Men talande kycklingar vet jag inte om jag r s frtjust i. Farfarn var dock underbar och ppel med salt lt rtt gott nr han frklarade.

Dimitri C (nl) wrote: The big problem with "Wolf Creek" is that the original story is way more interesting than the movie itself, trying to be just a copy/paste to "Texas Chainsaw" without any other pretentions.

Critic M (de) wrote: "Blood Work" absolutely drew me in within the first few minutes. I was so intrigued by the storyline that I was actually late for an appointment because I just had to find out how it ended. Clint Eastwood is comfortable with his age in this film and fits the lead role perfectly. His direction is flawless as per usual and the addition of Jeff Daniels as a co star was an excellent and unique choice. This film keeps the audience guessing and is very thought provoking.

MEC r (us) wrote: A bit slow at getting to the point in some scenes.