À force de rêves

À force de rêves


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James (au) wrote: grizly (excellent effects) story of a disturbed woman, mentally & physically put through the grinder. this film shows the possible results.

Fran C (de) wrote: Pretty funny and not for the faint of heart

Leon B (ag) wrote: A very good British-thriller with amazing acting, but Eden Lake sort of gets dragged down at the end of the movie. I think there could have been a better ending.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Some kind of explosion turning the world into a wasteland or dystopian giving factions amnesia regarding their identities or who they are.

Matthew D (kr) wrote: This movie is great. It uses found footage that has been decayed or rotten. The music was composed to reflect this damage. I had to look up the history after seeing it and the majority of the film stock was damaged in a hurricane. It is really cool to see what effects water can have on film.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: a musical prodigy's difficult journey into mature decision making, and accepting the consequences of his decisions. strange that the director should have such a large cameo role.

Larry W (ag) wrote: "Oh Lord, please don't let us fuck up." -Shepards prayer. I liked this movie, both in concept and execution, but thought the whole gun thing was stupid.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Pitt and Lewis provide performances that are both committed and exasperating. All the savagery in the world can't make up for the fact that "Kalifornia", unlike its all too similar counterpart "Natural Born Killers", simply has nothing to say.

Michelle P (fr) wrote: Man i bet this movie is cheesy

I dont know w (jp) wrote: Plan 9 was one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life, so why would I bother with this?

Cameron C (it) wrote: My fave Bela film. Lugosi develops a new aftershave with bat attractant properties. "Goodbye..."

Jake P (ru) wrote: It's not an awful sequel but its not great but it's good