A Gang Land Love Story

A Gang Land Love Story

The younger sister of a feared African American crime boss and the nephew of his powerful Latina nemesis go on the run in a customized Cadillac convertible packed with $20 million in drugs ...

The younger sister of a feared African American crime boss and the nephew of his powerful Latina nemesis go on the run in a customized Cadillac convertible packed with $20 million in drugs ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tory F (gb) wrote: I liked the movie overall. The only downside of this film is that it is all fighting and has no central plot. It has pretty good fight scenes though. Like I said, the movie was pretty good overall.

Jackie C (kr) wrote: My favorite movie in the world ever ever ever

Leona M (ru) wrote: This is a great movie, if you are interested in a lot of dialog. It quite literally is a walk of the mind. Sam Waterson's character is very similar to the character he play's on Law and Order. Instead of being a lawer he's a politician, its not to say he didn't pay the part well, he is the perfect actor for the part. For that matter each actor is perfect for each roles. Beautiful surroundings only add to the film's feel. Philip Glass wrote the opening and closing theme, which is all too appropriate for the subject. One of my favorate's ever...

Mo T (gb) wrote: NO MONEY TO SEE IT!!!MO.

Jenny G (br) wrote: Brilliant film. Crazy and weird, and possibly a bit dated but still a sharp satire on the society we live in, and still relevant to today. All the characters are beautifully acted and the script is full of quotable lines. Definately a film you nedd to see more than once to fully appreciate.

Mloy X (kr) wrote: Jones (Walter Connolly): "Yen was crazy. He said we never really die... we only change. He was nuts about cherry trees. Well, maybe he's a cherry tree now. Maybe he's the wind that's pushing that sail. Maybe he's the wind that's playing around in your hair. Ah... its all a lot of hooey! I'm drunk. Just the same... I hope when I cool off, the guy that changes me sends me where Yen is... and I bet I'll find you there, too."It's fairly disappointing that the lead was played by a non-Asian actor but one must realize how old this film was and it is ground-breaking enough that the story revolves around a bi-racial love affair, so I guess I can give this film an A for effort, at the very least. Barbara Stanwyck was gorgeous and was an awesome protagonist; she was very Jane Eyre in her belief and moral code, which made her such an interesting heroine. Nils Aster, played General Yen well and gave credibility to the character. Also being such an obvious antagonist in the beginning, he does show that we can sympathize with the character; that he's not a complete monster as Megan initially thought, nor as Mah-Li seemed to portray him. He's just different and although his methods seemed barbaric, they are not without merit and within the context of his surroundings, made absolute sense. Walter Connolly's Jones was the most perplexing character of them all because he seemed like a stereotypical villain at first but ends up being some kind of Jiminy-Cricket-esque, sage-like, voice-of-reason. I think the boat-ride home with Jones talking to a silent Megan was the best scene in the entire film and was worth sitting through the whole movie. This was a uniquely engaging film and I can honestly say, there might not be another one like it, 'The King and I' comes to mind but this film was a little odder, in a good way.

Jenn M (ru) wrote: hmmm, this is a tough one. Parts of it, I liked, found creepy and other parts were irritating. The casting was wrong. This had the possibility of being excellent but just failed to meet the mark.the veey end was cool though