A Gem of a Jam

A Gem of a Jam

The stooges are janitors working in the offices of Doctors Harts, Burns and Belcher. Some crooks arrive seeking medical attention after their boss has been wounded in a shoot out with the cops. Mistaken for doctors, the boys are forced to operate on the wounded crook, but instead they accidentally dump him out the window into a passing police car. The rest of the gang chases them into a store room filled with dummies where the cops finally catch the bad guys.

The stooges are janitors working in the offices of Doctors Harts, Burns and Belcher. Some crooks arrive seeking medical attention after their boss has been wounded in a shoot out with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isabelle W (it) wrote: Esperava algo totalmente diferente, li uma sinopse que dizia que o filme era bem violento, mas no final das contas s o final violento. De resto um filme lento, at porque busca retratar um cotidiano entediante, angustiante, de mexicanos buscando trabalho nos EUA.

diana w (it) wrote: love it! michelle pfeiffer is magnificent!

Ethan B (ag) wrote: Boy, how well does this film holds up 14 years later. Can we finally admit to its greatness now?Whatever tropes it derives from the rom-coms of old serve only to make us feel comfortable in its grasp. But don't let the formula fool you. This film is anything but cloying. It opts out of cliche and sappy--instead, giving us rompy situations that we could actually see happening in our own lives. Toula, played by Nia Vardalos, who also wrote the film, is a 30-year-old woman whose family fears will become an eternal spinster. She doesn't seem to care about her appearance, and she is very awkward when it comes to talking to other people. She is of Greek origin, and her family won't let her forget it. They're the type who only talk to other Greek people. On the other hand, Toula doesn't care.She meets Ian (John Corbett), who isn't Greek. They fall in love and want to get married, but have to deal with the wrath of her family--mostly her father, played by Michael Constantine.The cast is perfect--especially Constantine, who we are often times convinced is Vardalos' actual father playing himself.The humor is mostly made of inside jokes from Greek culture. If you're not savvy on that, you might think you won't understand. But the script does an excellent job of not making us feel like an outsider. And most of us have families with weird traditions and tendencies, too, so we get it.There are a few lulls in the narrative, but the script always recovers well with something funny around the corner.My Big Fat Greek Wedding is truly funny in the most organic way possible. The scenarios all seem real. Vardalos is believable and hilarious in the lead role. She channels the sort of uninhibitedness that Lucille Ball was known for. Almost like a Kristen Wiig before her time.But most of all, this film speaks to generations of society who can't see past cultural differences. It was relevant back in 2002, and is still very much that way now. It's a tale we've been seeing, in one way or another, for centuries now, but still can't seem to get us to change our ways. Although no one's life is at stake in this film, we could all learn a thing or two from the story. It's deceptively deep. Twizard Rating: 94

Andy P (jp) wrote: While Gus Van Sant's cult classic is darkly funny, the fragile nature of relationships within the gang of dope fiends and the doomed love of Bob and Dianne has real tragedy to it and the film's denouement with William Burroughs is sublime.

Greg P (ru) wrote: One Crazy Summer is a very funny movie with a very funny cast. John Cusack solidifies his oddball comedic presence established in The Sure Things and the fantastic Better Off Dead. The supporting cast here is great featuring a young Demi Moore, Joel "Glad brother is Bill" Murray, the always crazy Bobcat Goldthwait, and Curtis Armstrong who I love in everything. The overall story here is alright and is filled with many great scenes and lines. There is also some cool artwork that pushes the movie along and some pretty solid music. Definitely check this one out.

Jose L (us) wrote: Better than the first, some parts are too harsh to watch ...... Do you believe in Jesus??? ........ Yes ...... Good, you're about to meet him (gunshot)

Marilee A (gb) wrote: This was on while I was working today. A bit silly withWomen Sword Fighting,Hair Brush Spanking, lots of Nympho's, etc.Because he was a perfect double of a Duke(Malcom McDowell), they kidnapped him,scarred his face, & forced him to pose as as the Duke & Marry the Beautiful Duchess (Britt Ekland), who then went from Prude to Sex Crazed Nympho too.More Spoof of the all too familiar Royal Impersonator Movies of the Times, more bumbling Doofus than Duke,more silly than serious movie of any substance.Fox Movie Channel gave it 4 Stars, honestly I'm having a hard time giving it 3 stars,if not for the Opulent Sets & some Funny, Sexy Romps, I'd be giving it 2&1/2 stars cause the story was not good, nor was the acting.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Ultra stylish Mario Bava film from the 60's is great example of a European art house action film that was huge at the time because of the success of films like the James Bond franchise. Diabolik might have the style and grace of James Bond but he is on the opposite side of the law and so his appearence seems evil which the ninja get up adds to as well. The music and action pacing has everything one would want out of a 60's action flick, the cast does an okay job nothing really jumps out, and Bava's direction is a little on the reserved side as well. Still enjoyable and highly worthwhile.

Magnus W (ag) wrote: Zombiefilm? ...knappast!

Neil G (ag) wrote: Complexed story with a pointless ending